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This page lists all quests in the original Fallout.
  • The content is not described in full detail on this page. For details, please see the respective articles.
  • For quests in other Fallout games, please see "Quest".
  • For an overview of Fallout content, please refer to "Portal:Fallout".


  • The list only includes functioning quests (which can be completed). Broken, cut, or unused quests are listed under a separate heading.
  • Names in bold refer to main storyline quests.
  • Names in italics refer to unmarked quests.
  • Names in normal font are quests listed in your Pip-Boy, in the order they appear.

Vault 13

Name Given by Reward
Find the Water Chip. Vault 13 Overseer 7500 XP
Removes the time limit
Unlocks subsequent storyline quests
Calm rebel faction. Any upset vault dweller 750 XP
Find the Water Thief. Cindy, Lyle or the water guard 1000 XP (halved for killing the thief)
Destroy the Mutant leader. Vault 13 Overseer 10,000 XP
Destroy the source of the Mutants. Vault 13 Overseer 10,000 XP
Unlock the Armory None Weapons
Obtain more equipment None Gear
Research important information None Experience

Shady Sands

Name Given by Reward

Rescue Tandi from the Raiders. Aradesh 500 XP
500 bottle caps
Stop the Radscorpions. Seth 500 XP
+6 Reputation
Talk to Katrina Katrina 250 XP
Improve Shady Sands' Agriculture Curtis 500 XP
+2 Reputation
Recruit Ian None 100 XP, Ian as a companion
Cure Jarvis of Radscorpion Poison. Seth 400 XP
+1 Reputation


Name Given by Reward

Join the Khans Garl 500 XP
-2 Karma
Free the Slaves None 200 XP per surviving slave


Name Given by Reward
Rescue Sinthia. Marcelles 400 - 1000 XP
Free night's stay
Sinthia's services
Take Revenge on Gizmo Killian Darkwater 600 XP
500 bottle caps
Bust the Skulz gang. Lars 500 - 800 XP
Save Killian's life Killian Darkwater 400 XP, +2 or +3 Karma
Get Gizmo's confession Killian Darkwater 500 XP
One of the following: 5 stimpaks or doctor's bag or leather armor or shotgun and ammunition
Kill Killian. Gizmo 600 XP
500 bottle caps
-5 Karma
Solve Phil's Canine Conundrum Phil Dogmeat as a companion
Recruit Tycho Tycho 300 XP
+5% Outdoorsman bonus
Tycho as a companion
Help Saul. Trish 250 XP
+2 karma
Steal Neal's Urn Vinnie 400 XP
-1 karma
If urn is returned:
+2 karma
Free drinks in the Skum Pitt
Kill Neal Vinnie 300 XP
-6 karma


Name Given by Reward
Dispose of merchant. Decker 600 XP
3000 bottle caps
Unlocks Dispose of Jain.
Dispose of Jain. Decker 700 XP
5000 bottle caps
-2 karma
Find the missing caravans. Butch Harris 2900 XP
800 bottle caps
Steal necklace from the Merchants. Loxley at Thieves' Circle 900 XP for accepting
500 XP for completing
3000 bottle caps
Electronic Lock Pick
Ask Water Merchant to help None 1000 XP
+ 100 days to finding water chip
Blackmail Iguana Bob None 500 XP
Up to 10000 bottle caps
Min. -2 karma
Help Irwin Irwin (level 5 required) .223 Pistol
+2 karma
Guard the caravans Crimson Caravan
Far Go Traders
Water Merchants
200 - 400 bottle caps per course
Clean out the Loan Shark None 2000 bottle caps
+1 karma
Take down Decker Justin Greene 1400 XP
1300 bottle caps
Rescue the Initiate from the Hub Talus 1500 XP
One of the following:
Laser pistol
Rocket Launcher
Super sledgehammer
Power armor


Name Given by Reward
Destroy the Super Mutants at the Watershed. Set Combat XP
40 bottle caps
Various food and ammunition items
Fix the Necropolis water pump. Leader of the Underground ghouls
2000-3500 XP total
Water Chip
Free ghoul prisoner Captive ghoul 500 XP total
location of the Water Chip


Name Given by Reward
Turn on power for the Glow. None 1000 XP, Access to Level 5


Name Given by Reward
Become an Initiate. Cabbot 2000 XP
Access to Lost Hills
Rescue Initiate from the Hub. Talus 1500 XP and one of the following:
Wattz 1000 laser pistol or
Rockwell BigBazooka or
Super sledgehammer or
T-51b power armor
Scout the northern wastes John Maxson Weapon issue of:
DKS-501 sniper rifle or
Rockwell BigBazooka or
Ripper vibroblade or
Big Frigger power fist or
Wattz 1000 laser pistol
Convince the Elders to send help to Mariposa None 3 Crack Assault Paladins
Fix the broken T-51b power armor Kyle 500 XP
2 Dean's Electronics
T-51b power armor
Receive your weekly issue Michael Brotherhood armor
3 sets of ammunition
Dr. Lorri's Surgeries Dr. Lorri Various SPECIAL increases


Name Given by Reward

Fix hydroponic farms in Adytum. Miles 2000 bottle caps
6 stimpaks
Smitty will upgrade your plasma rifle
Access to hardened power armor
Kill Razor Jon Zimmerman 2000 - 2500 bottle caps
Get weapons for the Blades Razor 2000 XP
Exterminate the deathclaws Gabriel 4500 XP
Free Adytum from the Regulators Razor 500 - 2000 XP
Recruit Katja Katja 200 XP
Katja as a companion

Unused or cut quests


The Glow

Lost Hills


Burrows (cut)

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