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This page lists all companions in the original Fallout.
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  • For companions in other Fallout games, please see "Companion".
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Permanent companions

Permanent companions require that a few requisites be met in order for them to join the player's party. For a few non-player character's, there is more than one possible way to have them join your party. The possible conditions that must be met for each companion are listed below their names. Their locations are listed next to their names.

  • Player convinces him to tag along with a Speech check.
  • Player gives him 100 bottle caps.
  • Player asks her to join them.

Companion controls

Once an non-player character becomes the player's companion, their dialogue menu changes to a list of tactical and combat-oriented options. Unlike Fallout 2, there is no "Combat Control" menu added to the Pip-Boy interface. In Fallout, the controls are rudimentary, at best.

There are no controls whatsoever for Dogmeat. For the human companions, the options are shown as follows:

You can leave now.

  • This orders the companion to leave the party, and return to their original location in the game world.

Draw your best weapon next time we go into battle.

  • At first, this doesn't do anything, because the companions originally only carry their default weapon. However, the player may so gift them with a better weapon (and ammunition, for guns), then the non-player character will make use of that weapon instead. Alternatively, the companion can pick up weapons found on the ground.

I need to change formation.

  • Stay close to me. - non-player character stays within a 2 hex vicinity.
  • Keep a moderate distance. - non-player character stays within a 4 hex vicinity.
  • Move out to longer range. - non-player character stays within a 4-6 hex vicinity.

In order to get companions to use equipment, the player has to either use Steal on them (it does not give experience and always succeeds, but can turn non-party witnesses hostile) or Barter with them (they will accept all deals).

Companions stick with whatever armor they were wearing when recruited, thus surplus armor can be sold.


Companion Default Armor Default Weapon S.P.E.C.I.A.L. HP Notable Skills Usable Weapons
Dogmeat Leather armor Unarmed ? 50 Unarmed 91% N/A
Ian Leather jacket 10mm pistol 7 6 6 5 6 6 5 50 Small Guns 85%, Unarmed 90%, Melee Weapons 85%, Throwing 51% Knives, pistols, SMGs
Katja Combat armor* Throwing knife 4 8 5 6 8 6 5 39 Small Guns 80%, Unarmed 120%, Melee Weapons 110%, Throwing 110% Knives, spears, SMGs
Tycho Leather armor Shotgun 6 7 6 5 6 7 5 60 Small Guns 65%, Unarmed 80%, Melee Weapons 85%, Throwing 50% Spears, pistols, rifles, shotguns

* Katja uses a leather jacket sprite, despite her armor.

Temporary companions

Like permanent companions, there are a few conditions that must be met to have temporary companions join the player's party:

  • The player must complete the quest Stop the Radscorpions.
  • After passing one week of in-game time, the player must return to Shady Sands and initiate the quest Rescue Tandi from the Raiders.
  • She will automatically join the player once she is free of her jail cell.
  • Nicole, the leader of the Followers, must be asked for help destroying the Children of the Cathedral
  • The four companions will be awaiting the player just outside the Cathedral building and will follow all the way into the Los Angeles Vault.
  • They are dispersed, rarely remain stationary and constantly move around the player at a longer range.
  • Are comprised of two male and two female fighters wearing metal armor.

Companion Controls

Tandi or the four Followers have no means of control in their companion forms; Instead of having a dialogue menu, they only display floating text.


Companion Default Armor Default Weapon S.P.E.C.I.A.L. HP Notable Skills Usable Weapons
Tandi Clothing Knife 5 6 6 8 6 7 8 35 Small Guns 42%, Unarmed 101%, Melee Weapons 81%, Throwing 47% Knives, SMGs


  • The unofficial patch/mod, Fixt, allows your companions to use all weapons except grenades and flares, wear armor and adds minor control improvements such as a step aside command. The armor fix in particular allows one to make use of the 3 extra Power armor suits the game allows you to obtain.
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