Fallout Tactics derived statistics

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This page lists all derived statistics in Fallout Tactics.
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  • For derived statistics in other Fallout games, please see "Derived statistic".
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Derived statistic Description Derived from Initial value
Action Points Number of actions that can be performed in a single turn. Agility
Armor Class How likely the character is to get hit (the higher, the better). Agility
Bonus Damage The percentage of bonus damage done in all forms of combat. Based on your race, traits, and perks. Race
Carry Weight How much equipment can be carried. Strength
Critical Chance The base chance you will cause a critical hit with an attack. Luck
Damage Resistance Reduces physical damage by a percentage. Armor
Healing Rate How fast you regain health, both by yourself and by being healed. Endurance
Hit Points How much damage the character can take before dying. Race
Melee Damage Base amount of damage the character does in hand-to-hand combat. Strength
Perk Rate How frequently you acquire new perks. Race
Poison Resistance Reduces poison damage by a percentage. Endurance
Radiation Resistance Reduces radiation damage by a percentage. Endurance
Skill Rate How many skill points you get per level. Intelligence