Fallout Tactics demo

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Fallout Tactics demo
FOT Demo.jpg
DeveloperMicro Forté
14 Degrees East
PublisherInterplay Entertainment
Release DateJanuary, 2001
GenreTactical game with RPG elements (demo)
ModesSingle player, multiplayer
System Requirements300 MHz Processor; 64 MB RAM; 150 MB of HD space; 4 MB Graphics card

The Fallout Tactics demo is a freely downloadable playable demonstration of the gameplay of Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel. There are two versions of the Fallout Tactics demo: a single-player demo and a multiplayer demo.

Single-player demo

The single-player demo includes four training missions and two missions: Dirt Haven and Devil's Graveyard. A squad of Brotherhood Initiates is sent to deal with a raider gang lead by Gargantua.

Multiplayer demo

The multiplayer demo adds a multiplayer component to the two-level single player demo. It supports both Gamespy Arcade and direct TCP/IP. Multiplayer games can be played either in "Assault" or in "Skirmish" mode.


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