Fallout Tactics Official Strategies & Secrets

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Fallout Tactics Official Strategies & Secrets
FOT Official Strategies & Secrets.jpg
AuthorMichael Rymaszewski
Release DateFebruary 27, 2001

Lead your squad of Brotherhood of Steel warriors to victory in the post-apocalyptic wasteland of the American Midwest. Discover how to create lethal player characters, pick recruits with potential, and mold your squad into a killer fighting machine. Whether you're equipping your squad, fighting Raiders, Supermutants, and Deathclaws, or seeking advice on overall game strategy, this official guide gives you everything you need to bring victory to the Brotherhood.

— Synopsis

Fallout Tactics Official Strategies & Secrets is the official Fallout Tactics strategy guide published by Sybex. It was written by Michael Rymaszewski.


The Fallout Tactics Official Strategies & Secrets provides comprehensive walkthroughs for all missions, detailed maps, and in-depth statistics and strategies for all weapons, characters, vehicles, and creatures.

There are several online updates for the guide, which gives exclusive pictures of almost all items in the game, as well as some additions and corrections.

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