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This page lists all weapons in Fallout Shelter.
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  • For weapons in other Fallout games, please see "Weapon".
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Game tile Fallouit Shelter.png


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There are a variety of weapons featured in Fallout Shelter. They are used to equip Vault dwellers who are unarmed by default, and are useful for protecting your Vault against attacking raiders and creature infestations, as well as improving the chance that explorers survive. Note that the animations have no bearing on damage being dealt. The damage is determined entirely by the sum damage of weapons wielded by dwellers and determines how fast the enemy health bar is depleted.

Weapons can be brought by dwellers sent to explore the Wasteland, obtained through cards found in lunchboxes, and occasionally Rare or Legendary Dwellers may come equipped with their own weapon. Weapons can be stored in the storage room.

It's generally a good idea to stock up on weapons and steadily upgrade all Vault Dwellers' equipment as new types become available. This is because as the levels of the dwellers increase, enemies will attack more frequently and become steadily more powerful. A high level Vault with poor weapons will not weather the damage.


  • Damage: This information comes from the Damage rating of each weapon, and denotes the maximum and minimum damage a weapon will produce, used either by exploring Dwellers or against raider, feral ghoul, or deathclaw attacks.
  • Rarity: A weapon can either be Common, Rare, or Legendary.
  • Note: The sales value of the weapon depends on their rarity. Common items sell for 10 caps, Rare for 100, and Legendary for 500 per.


Image Name Description Damage
FOS unarmed.png Fist Default 1

Melee weapons

Image Name Description Rarity Damage
FOS Pool Cue.png Pool cue Don't get into a bar fight without it. Rare 0-8
FOS Kitchen Knife.png Kitchen knife Ideal for backstabbing. Frontstabbing too. Any stabbing, really. Rare 3-11
FOS Baseball Bat.png Baseball bat Enemy head, meet Bat. I'm sure the two of you will hit it off. Rare 5-15
FOS Butcher Knife.png Butcher knife Go mete out some punishment. Get it? Rare 8-18
FOS Pickaxe.png Pickaxe This far underground, you just may strike gold. Rare 11-21
FOS Raider Sword.png Relentless raider sword Give Raiders a taste of their own bad medicine. Legendary 16-28
FOS Hydrant Bat.png Fire hydrant bat Now you can pretend you're a tiny underpowered Super Mutant Behemoth. Legendary 19-31

Small guns

Image and base type Variant name Description Rarity Damage
FOS BB Gun.png
BB gun
Rusty BB gun After 20 shots, you just might knock a tin can off the fence. Common 0-1
BB gun The best weapon in the world... for a 10 year old. Common 0-2
Enhanced BB gun Be careful! This baby may actually break the skin. Common 0-3
Hardened BB gun It may not kill your enemy. But it'll sure hurt like heck. Rare 0-4
Armor piercing BB gun Can shoot through a pair of jeans. And maybe even the leg. Rare 0-5
Red Rocket Powerful enough to shoot a Super Mutant's eye out. Legendary 0-6
FOS 32 Pistol.png
.32 pistol
Rusty .32 pistol The least dependable handgun in the Wasteland. Good luck. Common 1
.32 pistol Powerful enough to kill an attacker. Barely. Common 1-2
Enhanced .32 pistol A decent gun for killing unarmored opponents. Common 1-3
Hardened .32 pistol Just enough to keep you in the fight. And maybe even win. Rare 1-4
Armor piercing .32 pistol Serious stopping power in a small package. Rare 1-5
Wild Bill's sidearm When someone says "draw," you say "die." Legendary 1-6
FOS 10mm Pistol.png
10mm pistol
Rusty 10mm pistol Not the most reliable pistol in the world, but it'll do in a pinch. Common 2
10mm pistol The most common handgun found in the Wasteland. Common 2-3
Enhanced 10mm pistol Higher damage capacity, freshly oiled. Oh yeah. Common 2-4
Hardened 10mm pistol Lovingly engineered and modified. A mercenary's dream. Rare 2-5
Armor piercing 10mm pistol Bring justice to the Wasteland, one Raider corpse at a time. Rare 2-6
Lone Wanderer One hero. One handgun. And thus, a legend was born. Legendary 2-7
FOS Scoped 44.png
Scoped .44
Rusty scoped .44 Packs a softer punch, but still a reliable handgun. Common 3
Scoped .44 A favorite of pre-war cops and Wasteland warriors. Common 3-4
Enhanced scoped .44 All it takes is a better scope and you're blasting baddies like a champ. Common 3-5
Hardened scoped .44 They don't call it a hand cannon for nothin'. Rare 3-6
Armor piercing scoped .44 Want to blow away a Metal Armored merc at 300 yards? Have fun. Rare 3-7
Blackhawk Blow a Behemoth's head off from half a Wasteland away. Legendary 3-8
FOS Lever-action rifle.png
Lever-action rifle
Rusty lever-action rifle The lever sticks a bit, but it's still a solid long-range weapon. Common 4
Lever-action rifle When you need to take down your enemies, cowboy style. Common 4-5
Enhanced lever-action rifle A little extra oil in the lever, some fresh rounds. It's killin' time. Common 4-6
Hardened lever-action rifle Take down those black hats like a legend of the Old West. Rare 4-7
Armor piercing lever-action rifle With this beauty, they may as well not even be wearing armor. Rare 4-8
Lincoln's Repeater Abe himself used this to kill Radscorpions. Honest. Legendary 4-9
FOS Hunting Rifle.png
Hunting rifle
Rusty hunting rifle Dirty but dependable, this is a gun you can trust. Common 5
Hunting rifle Great for taking down game – human or animal alike. Common 5-6
Enhanced hunting rifle Want a new Yao Guai wardrobe? This is the rifle for you. Common 5-7
Hardened hunting rifle Once, you were the hunted. With this weapon, those days are gone. Rare 5-8
Armor piercing hunting rifle Most people don't hunt Sentry Bots. You're not most people. Rare 5-9
Ol' Painless Can put your horse, or a Deathclaw, out of its misery in a second. Legendary 5-10
FOS Sawed Off Shotgun.png
Sawed-off shotgun
Rusty sawed-off shotgun It's seen a lot of action... but is ready to see some more. Common 6
Sawed-off shotgun A Wasteland wanderer's most trusted weapon... Common 6-7
Enhanced sawed-off shotgun Better muzzle velocity and a tighter spread than the standard model. Common 6-8
Hardened sawed-off shotgun Carrying this, you don't just wander the Wasteland. You own it. Rare 6-9
Double-barrel sawed-off shotgun Half the shotgun, twice the barrels, all the death. Rare 6-10
Kneecapper Can make legs disappear... like magic! Legendary 6-11
FOS Assault rifle.png
Assault rifle
Rusty assault rifle It jams every now and then, but so what? Still great. Rare 8
Assault rifle Fully automatic, and perfect for most combat situation. Rare 8-9
Enhanced assault rifle The kind of gun that wins a soldier the war. Rare 8-10
Hardened assault rifle Perfect for a merc who wants one gun for any situation, forever. Rare 8-11
Armor piercing assault rifle This thing can punch though Power Armor like it's paper. Rare 8-12
Infiltrator Get in, get out, and leave a pile of corpses in your wake. Legendary 8-13
FOS Double barreled Shotgun.png
Rusty shotgun It sat in the barn a little too long, but can still kill with the best of 'em. Rare 9
Shotgun Get close and say hello... with a load of buckshot. Rare 9-10
Enhanced shotgun Lovingly modified to kill anything within 5 yards. Rare 9-11
Hardened shotgun Get close, get a kill. It's that simple. Rare 9-12
Double-barrel shotgun Two barrels. Double the damage, double the fun! Rare 9-13
Farmer's Daughter You'll marry anyone with this bad boy pointed at your head. Legendary 9-14
FOS Sniper Rifle.png
Sniper rifle
Rusty sniper rifle The trigger is a bit loose, but it will still drop a Mirelurk at 300 yards. Rare 10
Sniper rifle Take down your target from a neighborhood away. Rare 10-11
Enhanced sniper rifle Engineered to shoot a little farther, a little faster. Rare 10-12
Hardened sniper rifle Better scope, better rounds. You'd have to try NOT to kill the target. Rare 10-13
Armor piercing sniper rifle Kill the soldier, and the Vertibird he flies in on. Rare 10-14
Victory Rifle It's been said that snipers can single-handedly win wars. This is why. Legendary 10-15
FOS Combat Shotgun.png
Combat shotgun
Rusty combat shotgun For every misfired shell, there are 5 more that do the job. Rare 13
Combat shotgun A fully-automatic, drum-loaded shotgun. Ouch. Rare 13-14
Enhanced combat shotgun Faster shots, better shells, messier deaths. Rare 13-15
Hardened combat shotgun Every pull of the trigger is a kiss of death. Rare 13-16
Double-Barrel Combat Shotgun Close-range death dealing... x2. Brutal. Legendary 13-17
Charon's shotgun Rumored to be a ghoul merc's key to the River Styx. Legendary 13-18
FOS Railway Rifle.png
Railway rifle
Rusty Railway Rifle The odd spike may not pin a limb to a wall, but it'll kill all the same. Rare 14
Railway Rifle Shoots rail spikes that can pin limbs to walls. Choo choo! Rare 14-15
Enhanced Railway Rifle You ever see a Raider's head pinned to a wall? Would you like to? Rare 14-16
Hardened Railway Rifle Modified to pierce and pin even Power Armored limbs. Legendary 14-17
Accelerated Railway Rifle How fast can rail spikes travel? You don't want to know. Legendary 14-18
Railmaster The ultimate in weaponized rail spike acceleration. Legendary 14-19
FOS Gauss Rifle.png
Gauss rifle
Rusty Gauss rifle Time has dulled its shine, but not its effectiveness. Rare 16
Gauss rifle Shoots a magnetically accelerated projectile. Fast. Rare 16-17
Enhanced Gauss rifle Someone intensified the magnetic field. You know what that means... Legendary 16-18
Hardened Gauss rifle Out of the R&D lab and in the field, this thing is even more deadly. Legendary 16-19
Accelerated Gauss rifle Wait, the projectile can go... even faster? You have no idea. Legendary 16-20
Magnetron 4000 Magnets + Science! = killing just about anything. No really anything. Legendary 16-21


These weapons were added with update 1.4 and can be crafted within a weapon workshop.

Image Name Description Rarity Damage
FOS Pipe Pistol.png
Pipe pistol
Pipe pistol Crude but functional favorite of the Wasteland Raider. Common 1-3
Hair trigger pipe pistol Might not hit hard, but it sure hits fast. Common 2-5
Heavy pipe pistol The bigger the pipe, the harder the fall. Common 3-7
Scoped pipe pistol Can a pistol this crude really be called accurate? It can now! Rare 4-9
Auto pipe pistol Spray and pray! You might even hit something. Rare 5-11
Little Brother Like the name implies, it's more annoying than dangerous. Legendary 6-13
FOS Pipe Rifle.png
Pipe rifle
Pipe rifle If your target survives, you'll get a running head start. Common 5-7
Calibrated pipe rifle A lot more lethal than it looks. Rare 6-9
Long pipe rifle It's always more fun when they don't see it coming. Rare 7-11
Night-vision pipe rifle When in doubt, always shoot from the shadows. Rare 8-13
Bayoneted pipe rifle Because sometimes you want to get up close and personal. Rare 9-15
Big Sister Boss your enemies around. At least until mom and dad get home. Legendary 10-17
FOS Institute Pistol.png
Institute pistol
Institute pistol Sleek, portable and powerful. Rare 9-11
Incendiary Institute pistol Open fire on the Institute's enemies. Literally. Rare 10-13
Improved Institute pistol The latest lethal tech from the Advanced Systems division. Rare 11-15
Scoped Institute pistol Why settle for vaporizing only one enemy at a time? Rare 12-17
Scattered Institute pistol Every great strategy starts with a clear vision. Legendary 13-19
Apotheosis The power of the future in the palm of your hand. Legendary 14-21
FOS Institute Rifle.png
Institute rifle
Institute rifle Show them you mean business. Institute business. Rare 14-16
Excited Institute rifle There's a particle party in that power core. Rare 15-18
Long Institute rifle The Institute's reach is long, indeed. Now yours is, too. Legendary 16-20
Night-vision Institute rifle Your enemies have nowhere left to hide. Legendary 17-22
Targeting Institute rifle Locked-on and loaded. Legendary 18-24
Virgil's rifle He's had lots of free time to design this lethal laser. Legendary 19-26
FOS Junk Jet.png
Junk Jet
Junk Jet You'd be surprised how deadly high-speed junk can be. Rare 13-15
Recoil compensated Junk Jet Stand rock steady while you blast the bad guys. Rare 14-17
Tactical Junk Jet The latest in portable power and precision. Rare 15-19
Electrified Junk Jet Death by junk was never so shocking. Legendary 16-21
Flaming Junk Jet What's scarier than a lethal teddy bear? A flaming teddy bear! Legendary 17-23
Technician's Revenge They'll never make fun of a science nerd again. Legendary 18-25
FOS Plasma Thrower.png
Plasma thrower
Plasma thrower This little spitfire always gets the job done. Legendary 17-19
Agitated plasma thrower Something to get excited about, in a strictly molecular sense. Legendary 18-21
Tactical plasma thrower Place that stream of fiery green death right where you want it. Legendary 19-23
Boosted plasma thrower Double the fuel, double the heat, double the fun! Legendary 20-25
Overcharged plasma thrower The mean green melting machine that goes to 11. Legendary 21-27
Dragon's Maw Wake the dragon and turn your enemies into ash piles. Legendary 22-29

Energy weapons

Image and base type Variant name Description Rarity Damage
FOS Laser Pistol.png
Laser pistol
Rusty Laser Pistol It can light a cigarette and maybe kill a Radroach. Common 7
Laser Pistol The power of a laser at the palm of your hand. Pew pew! Rare 7-8
Tuned Laser Pistol Time to live out all your space cowboy fantasies. Rare 7-9
Focused Laser Pistol The ultimate sci-fi sidearm. The power of disintegration on your hip. Rare 7-10
Amplified Laser Pistol A quick draw, a flash of light, and all that's left is a pile of ash. Rare 7-11
Smuggler's End From dusty cantinas to the end of the line, a true anti-hero's weapon. Legendary 7-12
FOS Plasma Pistol.png
Plasma pistol
Rusty plasma pistol Its plasma may not be as hot, but its damned sure hot enough. Rare 11
Plasma pistol The most devastating handgun ever developed. Rare 11-12
Tuned plasma pistol Just a little hotter, and a little greener, than the standard model. Rare 11-13
Focused plasma pistol Yup, you just turned that Slaver into a green puddle. Well done! Rare 11-14
Amplified plasma pistol Reach out, pull the trigger, and turn your enemy into goo. Legendary 11-15
MPXL Novasurge The power of a green sun in the palm of your hand. Legendary 11-16
FOS Laser Rifle.png
Laser rifle
Rusty laser rifle Dinged up and dirty, but just as powerful as ever. Rare 12
Laser rifle A high-tech infantry weapon, used by soldiers before the Great War. Rare 12-13
Tuned laser rifle The laser emitter has been specially tweaked for maximum damage. Rare 12-14
Focused laser rifle The perfect weapon for a high-tech Wasteland warrior. Rare 12-15
Amplified laser rifle If you don't disintigrate your target, you're trying to miss. Legendary 12-16
Wazer Wifle Biwwy says you'we handy with a weapon. He's got that wight. Legendary 12-17
FOS Plasma Rifle.png
Plasma rifle
Rusty plasma rifle Even the old, discarded model can turn your target's guts inside out. Rare 17
Plasma rifle "Gooify" your enemies at range with superheated plasma. Rare 17-18
Tuned plasma rifle For when you absolutely need to turn someone into lime gelatin. Legendary 17-19
Focused plasma rifle Can transform a charging Super Mutant into a puddle of sludge. Legendary 17-20
Amplified plasma rifle What this thing does to the human body is beyond comprehension. Legendary 17-21
Mean Green Monster Possibly the cruelest high-tech weapon ever made by humankind. Legendary 17-22
FOS Alien Blaster.png
Alien blaster
Rusty Alien Blaster Left on this planet a long time ago. Still ludicrously powerful. Legendary 18
Alien Blaster A technologically advanced weapon of alien origin. Legendary 18-19
Tuned Alien Blaster Probably belonged to an alien officer, who made some.. tweaks. Legendary 18-20
Focused Alien Blaster Specifically enhanced for maximum Earthling annihilation. Legendary 18-21
Amplified Alien Blaster This much power is usually reserved for a Zetan cruiser. Legendary 18-22
Destabilizer Scatter the atoms of your foes... or an entire planet. Legendary 18-23
FOS Gatling Laser.png
Gatling laser
Rusty Gatling laser One of the laser emitters may misfire occasionally. Big deal. Legendary 21
Gatling laser It's a Minigun. With lasers. 'Nuff said. Legendary 21-22
Tuned Gatling laser It's like a disco of death, and everyone's invited! Legendary 21-23
Focused Gatling laser More power in each beam means more pain in every shot! Legendary 21-24
Amplified Gatling laser Modded emitters. Faster barrel. Higher ammo capacity. It is ON. Legendary 21-25
Vengeance Need revenge? Feeling that furious anger? Oh, are you in for a treat. Legendary 21-26
FOS Laser Musket.png
Laser musket
Revolutionary style meets high-tech power. Legendary 10-13

Heavy weapons

Image and base type Variant name Description Rarity Damage
FOS Flamer.png
Rusty flamer Shoots fire a few degrees lower than normal, but still a death dealer. Rare 15
Flamer Fry them alive with this combat flamethrower. Rare 15-16
Enhanced flamer Blasts fire farther, hotter and happier than the standard model. Rare 15-17
Hardened flamer Shoots flame as hot as the Hell you send its victims to. Oh, the irony. Rare 15-18
Pressurized flamer It's like wielding the power of a dragon in your arms. Rare 15-19
Burnmaster Excellent for charring some burgers. Or, say, a Raider compound. Legendary 15-20
FOS Minigun.png
Rusty minigun The barrel doesn't spin up quite as fast, but when it does... ouch. Legendary 19
Minigun Shred your enemies in a hail of bullets. Legendary 19-20
Enhanced minigun Today's forecast call for a rain of bullets. Legendary 19-21
Hardened minigun Shooting that many rounds may not be necessary, but it sure is fun. Legendary 19-22
Armor piercing minigun Make Swiss cheese out of any armor - and body - in the Wasteland. Legendary 19-23
Lead Belcher It just. Doesn't Stop. Shooting And. Killing. Legendary 19-24
FOS Missile Launcher.png
Missile launcher
Rusty missile launcher A little beat up, but it still works. And that's all that matters. Legendary 20
Missile launcher Shoots a powerful explosive projectile. Kaboom! Legendary 20-21
Enhanced missile launcher A few tweaks have made this baby even more deadly than normal. Legendary 20-22
Hardened missile launcher More explosive power, with faster firing. This thing delivers. Legendary 20-23
Guided missile launcher Shoots a powerful guided missle, right down the enemy's throat. Legendary 20-24
Miss Launcher She's packed with boom and va-va-voom Legendary 20-25
FOS Fat Man.png
Fat Man
Rusty Fat Man Even old and beat up, this thing can still drop a Radscorpion. Legendary 22
Fat Man A portable nuclear bomb catapult. "Deadly" is an understatement. Legendary 22-23
Enhanced Fat Man Some nuclear physicist's pet project. More atoms, bigger boom. Legendary 22-24
Hardened Fat Man Higher-yield shells for bigger booms... and a bigger body count. Legendary 22-25
Guided Fat Man Portable nuclear bombs, guided right to their targets. Yes! Legendary 22-26
MIRV Fires multiple Fat-Man shells. At once. That's a lot of fat. Legendary 22-27