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This page lists all locations in Fallout 76.
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General information

There are several hundred locations in total within the base game of Fallout 76, spread throughout West Virginia, as part of a map that's four times as big as the one in Fallout 4. For an interactive map of locations, see here.

The most notable characteristic of the map is that the game is divided into six distinct regions. While the borders between them were largely diffuse in previous games, Fallout 76 features starkly divided, distinct regions with unique challenges, fauna, and flora. The threat level outlined below describes the difficulty of enemies encountered. A threat level of 1-10 means enemies will spawn at levels ranging from 1 to 10 (Exceptions being special legendary bosses encountered in eg. hordes and location bosses, which can exceed the threat level).

  • The Forest: Starting region, with a threat level of 1-10. A lush, mostly calm region that allows players to dip their toes into post-nuclear Appalachia. The region cannot be targeted with nukes and has a general low level of difficulty.
  • Toxic Valley: Threat level 10-25. The highly polluted stretch of land north of the Forest, easily distinguished by the pale white contamination of the soil. Irradiated bodies of water are very common, making waterborne disease likely and investing in survival mandatory.
  • The Ash Heap: Threat level 25-35. Surrounding the ever-burning Mount Blair, the Ash Heap is a moderate challenge, complicated by the underground fires that belch toxic fumes in the air. Gas masks or other respiratory protections are recommended to avoid contracting diseases.
  • Savage Divide: Threat level 15-99. This stretch of the Appalachians bisects the region, separating the three early to midgame regions from the endgame zones. The Divide has no unique environmental challenges, but offers plenty of enemies to fight and a treacherous terrain that can make navigation difficult.
  • The Mire: Threat level 30-99. The densely forested region has underwent drastic changes as a result of nuclear fallout, with conditions mimicking the unique environment of Mount Desert Island. Bring respiratory protection to avoid the poisonous swamp gas and avoid the filthy bog water to prevent disease. Beyond being wet and unwelcoming, the Mire is also a difficult terrain to fight in, due to limited lines of sight and a thick canopy.
  • Cranberry Bog: Threat level 35-99. The endgame stretch of land in south-eastern Appalachia, centering on the modern Watoga erected in place of the cleared Watoga National Park. Expect lots of cranberries, high level loot, and more scorchbeasts and scorched than you can shake a stick at.


There are also 22 locations with workbenches that can be claimed as permanent settlements. See Fallout 76 workbench locations for more details.

Locations by region

Fallout 76 features six distinct regions with their own, unique locations.

The Forest

Savage Divide

The Mire

Cranberry Bog

Ash Heap

Toxic Valley


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