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This page lists all keys in Fallout 76.
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General information


DeadIcon dead.pngOnly found if the NPC in question is dead.
DialogueIcon dialogue.pngReceived through dialogue or as part of a quest; not in the NPC's normal or death inventory.
(DialogueIcon dialogue.png)In the NPC's inventory but can also be received through dialogue or as part of a quest.
In-game spelling, punctuation and/or grammarIcon sic.pngName is spelled as it is in-game, even if the in-game spelling is grammatically or otherwise wrong.

Base game

Image Name (Creation Kit) Opens Found / in possession of Related quest Base ID

West Bridge key
Opens locked door at New River Gorge Bridge - West. Mentioned in Carl's Note Found at Camden Park. Located in a Backpack in the front seat of the roller coaster on the top rail. (not the one falling off the track) 003eb69a
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