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This page lists exploits in Fallout 76.
  • Exploits should be written with brevity and clarity in mind.
  • Please observe the editing guideline. In particular, do not use first-person or forum-style speech.
  • Videos should not be included unless the exploit cannot be explained without one.

Carry weight exploits

Pocketed Armor
Rapidly equipping and unequipped any piece of armor that has the "Pocketed" modification will cause the player's maximum carry weight to decrease by 5 each time. Once the value goes negative, the integer overflow situation remains until the player logs out of the server, which effectively gives the player infinite carry weight, allowing them to sprint and fast travel at any weight value, even when overencumbered.

(+5 to carry weight = 2,147,483,647 carry weight)

Power Armor Frame Stacking
Due to the way the Creation Engine handles certain assets, Power Armor Chassis (item) is treated as a container, and any armor pieces equipped to the Power Armor Frame have a weight of zero. The frame itself however, still has a weight of 10.0 units, so if you equip a power armor frame and then collect it into your inventory, you will be able to have multiple sets of power armor. Normally, these spare power armor pieces would take a very large amount of weight (57.0 units for a full set of T-60) of the severely limited 400 unit STASH (scheduled to be increased to 600 units on December 11th).

It should be noted that it is as of yet, currently impossible to rename items, so the only way to differentiate between the completely loaded chassis in the inventory is to place them down in the gameworld, or to paint a set of armor which will give it the "custom paint" icon, in the inventory only.

(+47 units to stash size per fully-loaded frame)

Pocketed Power Armor
Similar to the pocketed armor exploit, this exploit requires at least one pocketed armor piece and a suit of power armor that increases carry weight. While both wearing and having a full suit of power armor equipped, logging out of a server and joining another one will cause a temporary carry weight increase (100~+ carry weight, depending on the pocketed armors being worn). Leaving the power armor will, however, reset the carry weight to its normal value.

Workshop-related exploits

Ignorance Building

Placing down an object using the C.A.M.P editor which has multiple styles or paints available, such as an Airplane Chair in the Category: Chairs, and then storing it will subsequently allow you to re-place down any item in that category style, even if you don't know the plans for it, such as a Victorian Red Leather Chair, in lieu of the Airplane Chair. This works for all other workshop categories that the player knows at least one plan in.

C.A.M.P Over-Budgeting

Each player's personal C.A.M.P only allows a certain number of items to be placed down as seen in the upper right "Budget Bar", similar to the Workshop Budget from Fallout 4. It's a fixed set of items/assets (estimated to be currently around 65), which takes into account everything in the green zone, including corpses, flowers, natural plants and other lootable items/containers.

One of the ways to trick the budgeting system is similar to the Workshop Scrapping that was possible in Fallout 4, by placing down an object, then looting a container or plant, such a blackberry bush, which will temporarily raise the budget by +1. Scrapping stored items in the "STORED" section will also do this. This may not seem like much, but since the system tracks each asset/item in the workshop/CAMP as its own entity, this means that removing a blackberry from a naturally spawned (not player placed food item) will let you place down, say, an additional Machinegun Turret, or a Fusion Generator, and those natural resources will continue functioning as normal on the respawn cycles. Once the object is placed down, logging out and swapping servers can sometimes force a refresh, and allow you to place down an additional item, even though the budget bar / budget for your CAMP is completely full. Your mileage may vary with this one.

(1 Blackberry = 1 Laser Turret)

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