Fallout 76 characters

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This page lists all named characters in Fallout 76.
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  • For characters in other Fallout games, please see "Character".
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DeadIcon dead.pngCharacter starts game dead.
SpawnedIcon spawn.pngCharacter only appears under certain conditions or as part of a quest.
EssentialIcon essential.pngCharacter is essential.
DoctorIcon doctor.pngCharacter provides doctor services, i.e. healing, cleansing radiation and curing addictions.
MerchantIcon merchant.pngCharacter can be traded with.
RepairIcon repair.pngCharacter can repair equipment.
CompanionIcon companion.pngCharacter is a companion.

Player character

Base game

Name DeadIcon dead.png SpawnedIcon spawn.png EssentialIcon essential.png DoctorIcon doctor.png MerchantIcon merchant.png RepairIcon repair.png CompanionIcon companion.png Base ID Ref ID Location