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This page lists all Fallout 4 unique weapons and their locations.

For apparel, see Fallout 4 unique apparel.

List of unique weapons

Base game

Name Base weapon Location Location details Notes
2076 World Series baseball bat Baseball bat Jamaica Plain Found beneath the City Hall.
AX90 Fury Plasma pistol/rifle Prydwen Sold by Teagan Aspirational plasma rifle
Alien blaster  Cave Investigate the UFO crash site, then the nearby cave.
Artillery smoke grenades The Castle Found while exploring the Castle during Old Guns.
Ashmaker Minigun NH&M Freight Depot The Big Dig quest reward.
Automatic laser musket Laser musket The Castle The Nuclear Option quest reward (if siding with the Minutemen).
Big Boy Fat Man Diamond City Sold by Arturo Rodriguez. Aspirational Fat Man
Big Jim Pipe wrench Walden Pond Just lying around!
Broadsider USS Constitution Last Voyage of the USS Constitution reward.
Cryolator Vault 111 Found inside the Overseer's office, in the locked case.
Death from Above Missile launcher Prydwen Sold by Proctor Teagan after reaching the rank of Paladin.
Deliverer Old North Church Tradecraft quest reward.
Eddie's Peace .44 pistol Andrew Station Long Time Coming reward for killing Eddie.
Experiment 18-A Plasma rifle The Institute Sold by the Institute Requisition Vendor. Aspirational plasma rifle
Final Judgment Gatling laser Prydwen Carried by Elder Arthur Maxson
Furious power fist Power fist  Swan's Pond Remove the threat of Swan in Boston Common.
Good Intentions Laser pistol/rifle Quincy ruins Carried by Clint inside the freeway camp.
General Chao's Revenge Chinese officer sword Drumlin Diner Aspirational
Grognak's axe Hubris Comics In the locked display case.
HalluciGen Gas Grenades HalluciGen, Inc. Crafted at a chemistry station with HalluciGen gas containers.
Junk Jet Arcjet Systems Inside the maintenance room at the bottom of the engine core in ArcJet Systems.
Justice Combat shotgun Covenant Sold by Penny Aspirational combat shotgun
Kellogg's .44 Pistol .44 pistol  Fort Hagen Kill Kellogg.
Kremvh's Tooth Machete Dunwich Borers Found in the heart of darkness in the deepest parts of this area
Le Fusil Terribles Combat shotgun Libertalia Inside the captain's room
Lorenzo's artifact Gamma gun Parsons State Insane Asylum The Secret of Cabot House reward
Old Faithful Laser pistol/rifle Diamond City Sold by Arturo Rodriguez Aspirational Laser rifle
Overseer's Guardian Combat rifle Vault 81 Aspirational combat rifle
Partystarter Missile launcher Goodneighbor Sold by KL-E-O Aspirational missile launcher
Prototype PA77 Laser pistol/rifle University Point Inside a safe at the University Credit Union
Spray 'n Pray Submachine gun Variable Sold by Cricket Aspirational submachine gun
Railway rifle Old North Church Underground Undercover reward
Reba Hunting rifle Rook Family House Barney Rook carries it
Reba II Hunting rifle Rook Family House Barney Rook quest reward, if the player helps Barney
Reckoning Ripper Sold by Smiling Larry once assigned to a level 3 weapons store at a settlement. Aspirational Ripper
Righteous Authority Laser rifle ArcJet Systems Call to Arms quest reward.
Rockville Slugger Baseball bat Diamond City Sold by Moe Aspirational baseball bat
Sentinel's plasmacaster Plasma pistol/rifle Prydwen Sold by Proctor Teagan after reaching the rank of Sentinel.
Shem Drowne's Sword Revolutionary sword North End Graveyard Reward after completing Side Quest: The Gilded Grasshopper.
Shishkebab Saugus Ironworks Found in the Blast Furnace, carried by Slag.
Survivor's Special Plasma pistol Recon Bunker Theta Kill or convince Paladin Brandis to rejoin the Brotherhood.
The Gainer .44 pistol Vitale Pumphouse Inside the steamer trunk after solving the puzzle.
The Last Minute Gauss rifle The Castle Sold by Ronnie Shaw Aspirational Gauss rifle
Tinker Tom Special Hunting rifle Railroad HQ Sold by Tinker Tom Aspirational hunting rifle
Vertibird signal grenades Prydwen No Mercy reward, can be resupplied at Proctor Teagan or Preston Garvey/Tinker Tom once the Prydwen's been destroyed.
Virgil's rifle Institute rifle Virgil's laboratory Kill Virgil or steal it from him.
Wastelander's Friend 10mm pistol Bunker Hill Sold by Deb. Aspirational
AutomatronGametitle-fo4am.pngProtectron's Gaze Laser pistol/rifle The Mechanist's Lair Carried by the Mechanist
Far HarborGametitle-fo4fh.pngAdmiral's Friend Harpoon gun Far Harbor Sold by Allen Lee Aspirational
Far HarborGametitle-fo4fh.pngAtom's Judgement Super sledge The Nucleus Received from Grand Zealot Richter after completing The Heretic
Far HarborGametitle-fo4fh.pngBloodletter Pole hook Far Harbor Received after completing Blood Tide
Far HarborGametitle-fo4fh.pngButcher's Hook Meat hook Aspirational
Far HarborGametitle-fo4fh.pngDefender's harpoon gun Harpoon gun Far Harbor Obtained from the Mariner after completing the third part of Hull Breach
Far HarborGametitle-fo4fh.pngThe Fish Catcher Pole hook Aspirational
Far HarborGametitle-fo4fh.pngKiloton radium rifle Radium rifle The Nucleus Sold by Kane Aspirational
Far HarborGametitle-fo4fh.pngLucky Eddy Lever action rifle Far Harbor Reward from Allen Lee upon the completion of the quest The Way Life Should Be by siding with Far Harbor and destroying Acadia
Far HarborGametitle-fo4fh.pngOld Reliable Lever action rifle Acadia Sold by Dejen Aspirational
Far HarborGametitle-fo4fh.pngRadical Conversion Radium rifle The Nucleus Reward during Ablutions after returning to Sister Mai with the pump regulator
Far HarborGametitle-fo4fh.pngSergeant Ash Flamer Acadia Sold by Dejen Aspirational
Far HarborGametitle-fo4fh.pngSkipper's Last Stand Harpoon gun
Far HarborGametitle-fo4fh.pngThe Harvester Ripper Echo Lake Lumber In the steamer trunk in the attic of the main building
Far HarborGametitle-fo4fh.pngThe Striker Fat Man Beaver Creek Lanes In the upstairs office
Far HarborGametitle-fo4fh.pngFencebuster Baseball bat Vault 118 Found in the western corner of the ballroom of Vault 118, surrounded by blood spatters
Nuka-WorldGametitle-fo4nw.pngCito's shiny slugger Baseball bat Safari Adventure Received from Cito after getting rid of the gatorclaws during Safari Advenure
Nuka-WorldGametitle-fo4nw.pngAeternus Gatling laser Cola-Cars arena Dropped by the Rogue Knight
Nuka-WorldGametitle-fo4nw.pngHub's alien blaster Alien blaster Nuka-World junkyard  Received for clearing the junkyard during Trip to the Stars
Nuka-WorldGametitle-fo4nw.pngThe Problem Solver Handmade rifle Bradberton Amphitheater Obtained during An Ambitious Plan when meeting Mason; it requires passing a difficult (red) dialogue challenge telling Mason to do what he is told
Nuka-WorldGametitle-fo4nw.pngNuka-Nuke launcher Fat Man Bradberton's office Located inside the secure vault, requires euthanizing Bradberton
Nuka-WorldGametitle-fo4nw.pngSword of Wonders Chinese officer sword King Cola's Castle Reward for confronting Oswald the Outrageous
Nuka-WorldGametitle-fo4nw.pngRex's Prototype Baseball bat
Nuka-WorldGametitle-fo4nw.pngThroatslicer Disciples blade Nuka-Town market Sold by Katelyn Alden Aspirational
Nuka-WorldGametitle-fo4nw.pngSplattercannon Handmade rifle Nuka-Town market Sold by Aaron Corbett Aspirational