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This page lists all random encounters in Fallout 4.
  • For random encounters in other Fallout games, please see "Random encounter".
  • For an overview of Fallout 4 content, please refer to "Fallout 4".

Static encounters

Also called scene markers, these are triggered on cell load.

List of encounters
Name Description Notes
Deceased Fellow

You happen upon the corpse of Billy – or some other completely random settler, among his effects is a note from Sue detailing a random "treasure" they've hidden at a random location. One they've probably stolen from John.

Raiders versus Farmers A farmer runs to ask for help as you witness a fracas.
Wounded Dog

You stumble across a wounded dog, out of the kindness of your heart you give her a stimpak and a name. Sometime later she returns to pay back the favor.

Mole Rat Ambush Whack those pesky mutations when they pop out of their holes.
Dead Meat A dead Brahmin, Yao Guai, or other carcass you can loot.
Wild Pack of Dogs During an exploration, you chance upon a resting pack of dogs.
Gene the Reluctant Dog Vendor

You happen upon Gene, dog lover, trainer and reluctant dealer. However he will only sell them to those whom can convince him they are going to a good home.

Super Mutants and Prisoner

A victorious raiding party of greenskins returns with a victim. Free the victim if you wish.

Deathclaws Duel

Two of these powerful beasts are battling.

Vicious Dogs and Farmer

Three vicious dogs are attacking a farmer ill-equipped to defend himself.

You happen upon an ill-equipped farmer being attacked by vicious dogs. Kill the beasts and the farmer will show his gratitude.

Traveling Vault Merchant

You meet a guard and merchant on their way to a vault. Speak, and the vault’s location is revealed.

Raiders and the Pink Paste

A dead Raider or two have some strange paste on them. Apparently this came from Suffolk County Charter School. Why not visit there?

You happen upon a deceased raider or two. One has a strange pink paste on their person, another an intervention note. It takes a lot for raiders to want to help a fellow junkie kick a habit, another for said intervention to end up killing them all. Want to go and explore where this all originated from? Boy I sure do... for a tasteless goop this paste sure is good! ...why are you looking at me like that?

You've Got Crabs

Mirelurks occasionally scuttle around and ambush you. Time to crack a few shells.

The Postman

Despicable foes have slain this postman, who has letters you can read. Some reveal locations to explore.

A postman lies dead, slain by despicable foes. So... you wanna read some mail? Might be some good scuttlebutt...

Stingwing versus Radscorpion

Two examples of mutated wildlife aren’t getting along.

Pickman's Prey

A pile of dead Raiders, evocatively staged, each marked with a strange calling card, and the location of Pickman Gallery.

Vertibird versus Raiders

If the Prydwen has arrived, and the Brotherhood of Steel are active, expect death to Raiders from above before the craft heads back to Boston Airport.

Vertibird Patrol Drop

If the Prydwen has arrived, and the Brotherhood of Steel are active, expect two Brotherhood of Steel soldiers, or a soldier and scribe, to be dropped off.

Super Mutant Raiding Party

Up to four greenskins are returning to a Super Mutant stronghold. Check the leader’s corpse for a note. After you kill them, of course.

You happen upon a band of up to four greenskins returning to a mutant stronghold after some raiding. On their leader's corpse are their orders.

Roving Eyebot

A still-functioning Eyebot plays a verbal advertisement for job openings as the Cambridge Polymer Labs. Why not head there?

You happen upon a wandering Eyebot, still advertising the job openings at Cambridge Polymer Labs two hundred and ten years after the Great War. Eh... why not go there and explore. *gasp* Maybe they have stock options!

Unfriendly Deathclaws

Occasionally you stumble into the frighteningly sharp fangs and claws of a roaming Deathclaw.

The Return of Manta Man!

An amateurish superhero is seen fighting Mole Rats, or a variety of enemies. Usually badly. He’s no Silver Shroud, though he only appears after you finish Side Quest: The Silver Shroud.

You happen upon a mentally disturbed gentleman. Wandering the wastes as a relatively unpopular sea-based costumed vigilante? One who frequently breaks the fourth wall, really...

Jack Is Back

If you sided with Jack Cabot during Side Quest: The Secret of Cabot House, you’ll find him with Edward Deegan and can sell him items he requires.

You stumble across Jack Cabot and Edward Deegan out in the wasteland. They are pleased to see you again and looking for some fiber optics. You can do some trading, or wish them well in their search.

Lorenzo Is Undying

If you sided with Lorenzo Cabot during Side Quest: The Secret of Cabot House, you’ll find him investigating dead Ghouls. How pleasant.

Vault 81 Dead Dweller

One example of how living underground extends your life is when you encounter a dead vault dweller with a note for Vault 81 and a mention of Doctor Penske.

Bloated Animal Corpse

A dead Radstag Doe, Yao Guai, or Brahmin is feeding a few Bloatflies, Bloodbugs, or Radroaches. Yuck.

You happen upon a group of insects feasting upon a bloated animal carcass. Ah, the circle of life....

Super Mutant versus Stingwings

Can a greenskin and his hound survive a nasty sting or two? You’re about to find out.

Mutant Hound versus Yao Guai

Two brawling and sinewy animal mutations take a distinct dislike for one another.

Feral Ghoul Ambush

A dead farmer and Brahmin are decoys for a Feral Ghoul, who lies in wait to pounce on anyone investigating.

You happen upon a recently killed pair: a scavenger/settler and their Brahmin. They are decoys for the feral that killed them. ...always remember to shoot them in the head.

Resting Radstags

Two Radstags are snoozing in a wilderness location. Unless you arrive and make noise.

While traveling the wastes the Sole Survivor happens upon two resting Radstags. Be very, very quiet... sneak past or hunt them.

Eyebot Advertisement

An Eyebot still outputs prewar advertising.

You happen across a wandering eyebot still broadcasting pre-War advertisements for packaged food products two hundred and ten years after the Great War.

Two Faces. One Synth

You stumble into two men with the same face. Each claims the other is a synth. Who do you believe?

You stumble into the nightmare of every person of the Commonwealth! Confronting their own doppelgänger. Each Art claims the other is a synth! Who do you believe?

Travel encounters

Travel encounters can be the most difficult to happen upon: They are triggered when the player enters the cell where the trigger is located and spawns characters that travel between these markers. Typically, they travel along roads, rather than overland.

List of encounters
Name Description Location
Smiling Larry

Have you bought anything from this trader? His two guards look tough. But if you’ve built a Level 3 Weapons Store at one of your settlements, you can offer to have him come live at any of your workshop locations.

You happen upon a semi-nomadic trader. Smiling Larry has a reputation of finding items for the denizens of the Commonwealth and delivering it to them for a price. He can be persuaded to settle down at one of the settlements, becoming a "level 4" merchant.

Mister Gutsy

A Mister Gutsy is on patrol, looking for Chinese infiltrators. Have you seen any?

Workshop Armor Vendor

Are your workshops impressive enough? If they aren’t, hire this chap. If they are, just barter with him. But if you’ve built a Level 3 Armor Store at one of your settlements, you can offer to have him come live at any of your workshop locations.

You happen upon a semi-nomadic armor dealer. A former Scribe of Lyons' Brotherhood of Steel's Order of the Shield he now occasionally wanders the wastes plying his trade. He can be persuaded to settle down at one of the settlements, becoming a "level 4" merchant.

Brotherhood of Steel versus Raiders

These encounters occur anywhere and typically involve two factions or enemy types that have particularly strained or nonexistent diplomatic relations with one another.

If the Prydwen has arrived, these two factions encounter each other. Diplomatic relations are strained to nonexistent.

Brotherhood of Steel versus Deathclaw

If the Prydwen has arrived, three Brotherhood of Steel scouts find themselves facing an apex predator.

The Gossiping Trader

Chance upon a trader who has some pertinent rumors regarding the some primary locations across the Commonwealth.

Super Mutants versus Raiders

These two factions are constantly battling for territory. Usually, though, the territory is a stronghold and not out in the open.

Deathclaw Hunting

My, that’s a big-clawed, scaly beast you’ve inadvertently stumbled into.

The Brahmin Vendor

Do you need a Brahmin for your workshop settlement? Then you’re in luck.

You happen upon a rather shady woman who offers to sell you a brahmin. Top notch "cowflesh" or a piece of hot bull you decide.

The Brahmin Farmer

A livestock farmer is making his way in the world.

Ness Encounter

You encounter a woman named Ness. For more information, consult Primary Location: Skylanes Flight 1981.

You happen upon a scavenger named Ness. She has an opportunity for a willing mercenary! help her secure the crash site of Skylanes flight 1981. Accepting her offer and you meet her near the site, she addresses two fellow mercenaries and together you clear the place of its raider occupants. Later she reveals that Skylanes Air was a smuggling operation from top to bottom. Mostly chems and weapons. Perhaps you should keep that in mind...

Radstag Herd

Up to four of these majestic, mutated beasts can be witnessed.

You happen upon a heard of radstag, mutated and majestic, observe them or collect resources.

"Preston Garvey"

If you finished Minutemen Quest: When Freedom Calls, some chancer appears asking for a donation to the Minutemen. Pay up, refuse, or confront him.

Some time after you save the Quincy refugees from Jared's gang as they were trapped in Concord you happen upon Preston Garvey. Or is it? ...nope! It's an impersonator trying to grift the denizens of the Commonwealth.

Feral Ghoul Pack

The Sole Survivor stumbles across a murder of ferals wandering the Commonwealth. These ferals... seem familiar... are they, your neighbors!? Mr. Donoghue, Mrs. Donoghue, Mr. Sumner, Mrs. Sumner, Mr. Parker, Mrs. Parker, and Rosa's shambling remains indeed have been prowling for centuries.

Sated Radscorpion

A mutated wildlife encounter with these vicious stingers.

Dogs versus Mole Rats

A pack of dogs chasing a Mole Rat.

Revenge of the Forged

Complete Location Quest: Out of the Fire and you may be attacked by the Forged.

Bobbi's Recruiter

You're stopped and asked to help out in Goodneighbor! there’s a Ghoul named Bobbi who needs your help starting Side Quest: The Big Dig.

One Man and His Robot

Once Side Quest: The Big Dig is over, you may meet Mel again.

Swanson's Revenge

Did you complete Side Quest: Human Error? Then you may have angered Swanson, who turns up all hot under the collar.

Vault 81 Prisoner

A group of Raiders are holding a vault dweller hostage. Can you help, and find out the vault’s location in the process?

You happen upon a group of raiders holding a Vault 81 resident hostage. Kill the raiders and free the hostage, you may even learn the location of Vault 81.

Darla Goes Home

If you finished Main Quest: Unlikely Valentine and Darla isn’t dead, you may see her heading home.

A little woman with a big personality, heading home to her family. Glad you didn't have to kill her?

Heading to Trinity Tower

Super Mutants are taking a prisoner to their highest stronghold. Side Quest: Curtain Call now begins.

The Exile

If Brotherhood of Steel Quest: Duty or Dishonor is complete, you may see Clarke fleeing from a group of Feral Ghouls. They aren’t so friendly now, are they?

While traveling the wastes the Sole Survivor spots someone running for their life. Its former Initiate Clarke, learning the hard way that ferals are not ghouls.

Gruel's Recipes

Did you kill a strange Raider with a chef’s hat on? Then check his corpse for some rare ingredients and recipes.

You happened to cross paths with Gruel, a strange raider chef with an accurate nickname and penchant for disgusting recipes.

Escaped Synth

If the Institute is still active and Railroad Quest: Boston After Dark hasn’t been completed, you spot a synth in Institute janitorial attire who requests the location of Bunker Hill. Provide this information if you’ve discovered this location, or ask for Caps.

You happen upon a stranger in a very strange garb asking for directions. Although he won't mention it, Timothy is a synth and former janitorial worker. You can point him the direction to Bunker Hill, lie, and/or extort him, whether you know where it is or not.

Radstags versus Dogs

An interesting conundrum: Which animal will be victorious?

Two packs enter (battle), one pack leaves! Who do you believe will win, Radstag or dog?

Super Mutants versus Mister Gutsy

Can the greenskins overpower the pride of RobCo Industries?

While traveling the wastes the Sole Survivor encounters some greenskins fighting Mister Gutsys. Will the Institute's rejects overpower the pride of RobCo, or will the appliances be victorious?

Kat and Gus

A child merchant named Kat and her impressively dangerous protector Sentry Bot Gus are wandering the landscape. Time to trade?

The Sole Survivor happens upon a child and her guardian. Kat the merchant and her impressive sentry bot Gus.

Predator's Lunch

Did you see that Yao Guai or Deathclaw chasing down that dog? Glad it wasn’t you!

Radscorpion's Lunch

A Radscorpion deems a Raider to be the tastiest morsel around.

Stash, Lexa, and Simon

Did you meet the merchant Stash and her bodyguards? You might want to talk to Stash about Simon’s chem addiction. A previous encounter with these folks must have been completed without you attacking or stealing.

Wandering the Commonwealth, you happen upon Stash, Lexa, and Simon again. Stash continues her wandering to help her survive the realities of being a chems dealer in the wasteland. Particularly that of repeat customers – mostly due to her clientele's life style not being the best for surviving in the best of circumstances – and thieves who would gladly pray on someone whom has so much disposable and condensed capital on hand. Needless to say, she is glad for the friendly encounter and possibly repeat business. However there is a growing threat closer to home, as Lexa warns Simon isn't doing to well...

As Stash puts it, Simon is her only steady customer, his Jet addiction keeps him sharp for guard duty so she can't complain. However Lexa is seeing the cracks in the facade and urges Stash to cut Simon off the chems before its too late. You can help the trio by convincing Stash to comply with Lexa's wishes.... or not.

Simon's Side

Simon gave in to his addiction! later you find he’s sided with some Raiders.

Some time after finding the remains of Stash's camp you happen upon a small band of raiders. To your surprise you recognize one of the attackers: it's Simon. He gave into his addiction and became a raider.... his sister is nowhere to be found.

Paranoid Scavengers

A group of Scavengers aren’t that welcoming, though the note on the leader’s corpse reveals a rethink in tactics. Too late now, though.

Scrap Rat and her crew of scavengers? letter

Wattz Electronics Protectron Barker

Have you heard about the bargains at Wattz Electronics? You will if you meet this Protectron.

You happen upon a wandering Protectron, still advertising the bargains at Wattz Consumer Electronics two hundred and ten years after the Great War. Promoting itself and detracting their main competition, Hesters Consumer Robotics. So, wanna take a flyer and check it out?

Gunner Patrol

Two gunners and an Assaultron (or two Gunners and a leader clad in Power Armor) are patrolling the Commonwealth.

Brotherhood of Steel Patrol

If the Prydwen has arrived and the Brotherhood of Steel are active, you may encounter two soldiers and a scribe on patrol. If attacked, they call for backup. A Vertibird arrives and drops off two soldiers in Power Armor. Gulp!

General encounters

You can find these encounters almost anywhere in the Commonwealth.

List of encounters
Name Description Location
The Locked Fridge

Someone is trying to open a locked fridge. Will they be successful?

You happen across a scavenger thinking of a way to open the locked refrigerator that his friend Jimmy told him about. Not surprisingly, they will defend their claim to the death.

The Hatch

A scavenger blows open the doors of a bomb shelter. Deal with him, then head inside and see what you find.

You happen upon a scavenger in the process of opening a door to a bomb shelter. After its opened, he will defend his find to the death. Inside is a different story.

Constructed by a man with a grudge against Vault-Tec,[1] this makeshift shelter became his tomb. The skeleton of an old man sits in his lounge chair, and the shelter still has a small amount of supplies.

Feral Ghoul Ambush

A rusting car is as good a place as any for ferals to test their ambushing skills out on you.

Glowing Anomaly

A type of “glowing” creature is found near some radioactive barrels.

Thirsty Guy

A parched chap hopes you have water. Offer some if you’re a kindhearted sort.

You stumble upon a dehydrated and fatigued settler in the wasteland. They will beg for any bit of potable water.

Poisoned Gal

An irradiated dame hopes you have some RadAway. Offer some if you’re a kindhearted type.

You stumble upon a settler suffering from radiation poisoning in the wasteland. They will beg for a dose of RadAway.

Vertibird Pick-up

If this faction is active and the Prydwen has arrived, you watch a Brotherhood of Steel patrol get airlifted at the end of their patrol. A battle with Gunners may be occurring. Sometimes the Vertibird subsequently crashes.

The Minefield

A cluster of mines strewn about. Instead of crippling a leg, why not gather them up?

Wandering the Commonwealth you happen upon a small, clustered minefield. Scavenge the fragmentation mines or set them off... don't break a leg!

Atomcats Scavenger

A greaser from the Atomcats Garage is scavenging for parts and invites you to this location if you haven’t been already.

Duke, out scavenging, has found himself a Chryslus Corvega in remarkably good condition. After he picks it clean he invites the Sole Survivor back to the Atom Cats garage to trade.

Tire Fire

Someone’s set some tires alight. That noxious cloud is only slightly more unpleasant than the regular air you’re breathing. Get too close and fire burns.

A tire fire... what more is there to be said?

Safe Landing

Did you find a locked safe lying in a small crater? Then unlock it!

Radioactive Barrels

A group of leaky barrels add to the already-insurmountable radiation leakage in the Commonwealth.

You stumble across a group of leaking radioactive barrels... as if there wasn't already enough radiation in the Commonwealth.

Giddyup Buttercup

A popular toy is found, along with a note from Arlen Glass, who left The Slog after Miscellaneous: Arlen Glass quest was completed.

After helping Arlen Glass work through his trauma you happen upon a lone restored Giddyup Buttercup. Beneath it is a note from him: quote "For a child who needs it."

Radio and Refuse Pile

Along with a toolbox and safe, a radio is broadcasting from a pile of trash.

You happen upon a particularly noisy treasure trove.

Vault-Tec Van

If anyone knows the whereabouts of Larry, last seen heading to a Commonwealth Vault, please inform the Documentation Department. He has a note regarding the Vault on his person.

Wandering the wasteland you happen upon the wreckage of a van and the remains of it's occupant Larry Henderson?. A Vault-Tec Corporation representative sent out on the eve of the Great War to find willing occupants for a Vault in the Commonwealth.[2]

Scavenger Guard

Sometimes, items needed to complete Main Quest: The Molecular Level are guarded by a stationary Scavenger.

Deathclaw Mother

One of these giant predators is guarding a cluster of (delicious) eggs.

Brahmin Corpse and Mines

A few items are hidden close to a Brahmin corpse, with mines to dissuade the curious.

Gunners and Tank

Some Gunners are removing scrap from a tank. They aren’t happy to see you.

You happen upon a group of Gunners salvaging scrap from a heavy tank.

Commonwealth Funeral

A group of settlers are burying a friend.

You happen upon a funeral in the wasteland. Blake is being put to rest, a preacher is giving the eulogy. Marcus female human and male ghoul...

Mac's Bar

Mac is setting up a bar. Is this a strange place for a bar? You decide.

You happen upon a traveling bartender. Mac's dream is to own a bar, a place where people can come, relax, and tell him their troubles. Only problem for him is that real estate in the major settlements are hard to acquire. So he reasoned! "Why not start out in the Wasteland?"

Campsite encounters

Campsite encounters are triggered on cell load, and take place at, well, campsites.

List of encounters
Name Description Location
Deserted Campsite

A small camp with a few beds and containers to loot. There’s a chance the Raiders who made this camp may return. Only occurs at night (20:00 to 06:00)

Dead Scavengers

A pair of Scavengers have succumbed to Bloodbug prodding. Loot the camp if you’re able to finish off the insects. Only occurs at night (20:00 to 06:00).

Merchant of Dreth

An arms dealer named Dreth and her two guards occupy this camp. Buy any armaments you wish from her.

You stumble upon an arms dealer named Dreth and her two Gunner mercenary guards as they make camp. Although she keeps to herself she is quite willing to trade.

The Walking Wounded

A wandering doctor has finished treating a patient.

Doc Anderson

Time to Party

A bartender and friends ask you to join their camp party. Only occurs at night (20:00 to 06:00).

It's night, you happen across a camp of scavengers. Ron Staples and his friends invite you to join their party. Ron, the travelling bartender, can be persuaded to settle down at one of the settlements, becoming a "level 4" merchant.

Chems Vendor

Need a little pick-me-up? A chem vendor can be found with just the wares you need.

You happen upon a chems vendor at their campsite. Want to sample some wares?

Dirty Laundry

A Raider is boiling some attire to clean them. He’s rather ill-prepared for combat. Only occurs at night (20:00 to 06:00).

Drug Overdose

Too many chems have killed these Scavengers. Now their corpses feed the Radroaches. Only occurs at night (20:00 to 06:00).

Daddy and Daughter

A father and daughter share a campsite.

You happen upon Clinton and his daughter Charlie at their campsite. The converse about what to do next... they both miss Charlie's mother.

That's Not a Sandwich

Two (vaguely idiotic) settlers argue over some food.

You happen upon two vaguely idiotic settlersMoss and Mikey – arguing over what is or is not a sandwich.

Synth Attack Aftermath

A camp of Scavengers is looking distinctly worse for wear after a recent synth massacre.

You happen across a camp of Scavengers recently decimated by synths.

Synth Ambush I

Have you chanced upon an empty camp with a container? It may be a trap! This occurs once Main Quest: Hunter/Hunted is complete and the Institute are still active.

Synth Ambush II

Three settlers are in camp. Moments later, synths teleport in and a massacre begins. This occurs once Main Quest: Hunter/Hunted is complete and the Institute are still active.

Super Mutant Camp

A group of greenskins is camping out. Only occurs at night (20:00 to 06:00).

Mirelurk Bake

A group of Raiders is eating some delicious Mirelurk bake. Why not help yourself?

Exiled Scientists

Scientists Lawrence Higgs and Max Loken may be spotted at a campfire if you exiled them during Institute Quest: A House Divided. Only occurs at night (20:00 to 06:00).

Skinny Malone, All Alone

Did you keep this guy alive during Main Quest: Unlikely Valentine? Then you might see him at a campsite. Only occurs at night (20:00 to 06:00).

Sick Scavenger. Mystery Meat

An ill Scavenger mentions some bad meat he consumed. He took it from Longneck Lukowski’s Cannery. Why not see what’s going on there?

You happen upon a sick settler. He is a displeased second or third hand customer of Theodore Collins' potted meat, and warns the Sole Survivor about the canned goods operation at the Longneck Lukowski's Cannery.

Rylee the Trader

Once you visit Longneck Lukowski’s Cannery and meet Rylee, you can barter with her again at a camp. Only occurs at night (20:00 to 06:00).


Deserted Feral Camp

This camp looks devoid of human contact. This is technically correct, as you’re subsequently ambushed by ferals.

Occupied Feral Camp

Two dead Scavengers and four feasting ferals. You probably know what happened here.

You happen across two recently killed scavengers. The ferals that killed them are feasting on their flesh.

Vicious Dog Camp

A dead Raider and masterless dog are encountered. Down, boy.

Deserted Camp with Mines

Watch your step and disarm the mines scattered around this camp, or face a crippling injury.

Yao Guai Camp

A ferocious clawing beast has wandered into a Scavenger camp. The scavengers came off second best.

Raider Camp and Dogs

Vicious dogs are gnawing at a couple of camping Raiders.

Stash and Lexa's Camp

You witness the final encounter with these two traders if you encountered them previously.

Runaway Synth Camp

A trio of travelers come to conflict: Jules's plan to make it to Bunker Hill and find the Railroad has ended in a standoff with his former friends. For he has revealed himself to Fred and Angie as a synth. The Sole Survivor can talk down the duo or egg them on.

The Nuclear Option cannot be completed for any faction.

Assault encounters

Assault encounters are triggered when the player enters the cell, placing buildings with defensive markers plus distant markers for attackers to spawn at.

List of encounters
Name Description Location
Super Mutants versus Ghouls Sit back and watch infected bony fingernails scrape against overly large green hides.

The Sole Survivor happens upon a fight between super mutants and feral ghouls. ...wanna kill the winner(s)?

Super Mutants versus Scavengers A one-sided battle, with Super Mutants already victorious and moving back to a nearby stronghold.

The Sole Survivor happens upon a slaughter by super mutants. Victorious, they head back to camp! This leaves two options return the favor now, or follow them home first.

Raiders versus Scavengers Come for the fighting. Stay for the loot one of the Scavengers had collected.

The Sole Survivor happens upon a gang of raiders attacking a group of scavengers. Don't worry, although the fight is mediocre, so is the loot.

Dogs versus Farmers Only the dogs are hostile.
Scavengers versus Robots Both groups are hostile if you barge in uninvited.
Minutemen versus [Other Faction] Once you ally with the Minutemen, you may encounter a group of them defending a settlement from Brotherhood of Steel soldiers, Institute synths (who may use relaying to ambush), or one or more Institute Coursers. Help out your chosen faction. You must have been kicked out of the faction that is attacking.
Brotherhood of Steel versus [Other Faction] Once you ally with the Brotherhood of Steel, you may encounter a group of them defending a settlement from Minutemen, Institute synths (who may use relaying to ambush), or one or more Institute Coursers. Help out your chosen faction. You must have been kicked out of the Institute if they are attacking.
Minutemen versus [enemy] Once you ally with the Minutemen, expect to see them defending random locations in the Commonwealth. These small outposts may be attacked by Raiders or Gunners! lend them a hand if you can.
Brotherhood of Steel versus [Enemy] Once you ally with the Brotherhood of Steel, expect to see them at a random location, attacked by Feral Ghouls or Super Mutants.
Institute Relay Ambush If you’ve been kicked out of the Institute and the faction is still active, you may be attacked by teleporting synths as you near a location.
Vicious Dogs versus Bloodbugs A human corpse serves as a rag doll being torn between dogs and bugs, both parties wishing to devour it.
Feral Ghouls versus Raiders A group of wandering corpses do battle against the idiotic wastrels of the Commonwealth.
Sniper - He Wants His $2.00


Absalom spawns and attacks a location, defended by five defenders.
Ricky Dalton and the Raiders Once Railroad Quest: Tradecraft is complete, you may see him fighting off Raiders.
Gunners versus Children of the Atom Feel free to watch both these enemy factions make (lightly irradiated) mincemeat of each other.
Gunners versus Behemoth or Mirelurk Queen A trio of Gunners are making impressive inroads against one of the Commonwealth’s true giants.

Treasure Hunt encounters

These follow a similar pattern! you encounter a dead person with a note on their corpse. If you read the note, you’re pointed in the direction of a (random) location, and a map marker appears to reveal where a steamer trunk is located.

List of encounters
Name Description Location
A Dead Raider's Note Caps
A Dead junkie's Note Chems

You stumble across the fresh corpse of a junkie. On their person is a note detailing the location of a stash of chems. Whether this is a wild goose chase or not it's going to be a fun afternoon...

A Dead Gunner's Note Gun and impressive mod
Three Dead Scavengers Scrap and junk.
A Dead farmer's Note A synth with an impressively modded gun, scrap, and junk in a trunk.
Hadrian's Note This starts Miscellaneous Quest: Treasure of Jamaica Plain.

You happen across the corpse of Hadrian. A very well armed, equipped, and supplied man in a life preserver. Among his effects are his invitation and flyer to a party. The most infamous treasure hunt in all the Commonwealth: The Treasure of Jamaica Plain.

Chokepoint encounters

Chokepoint encounters are loaded when the player enters the cell and, like the name suggests, are encountered in areas that are chokepoints.
List of encounters
Name Description Location
None Shall Pass! Three Raiders (or Gunners) are manning a choke point, demanding Caps for you to pass. Use your speech to reduce the amount (Easy to Hard)! this can allow free passage if you’re a good fast-talker. You’re attacked if you leave without paying or if you attack them. If you have a Luck of 8 or more and fewer Caps than the Raiders demand, choose the “fake it” option and the Raiders take whatever Caps you have.
Mister Gutsy’s Curfew This robot demands you return to your home. A speech challenge allows you to convince the robot you’re on military business, and you’re let through. Attempt to pass and you’re attacked. If you have a Luck of 7 or more, select the same questions for the robot multiple times until it explodes.

You happen upon a long functioning Mister Gutsy, keeping the curfew of martial law declared by Provisional Governor Graham for the past two hundred and ten years. Convince the unit that you're on military business, or keep asking it the same questions until it critically malfunctions.

Raiders Accosting Farmers Three Raiders are trying to extract a toll from some farmers. Help the farmers out if you wish.
Synth Relay Choke Point If you’ve been kicked out of the Institute and the faction is still active, you may be attacked by teleporting synths (and sometimes a Courser) as you near a choke point.
Minutemen Defenses A small group of Minutemen are defending a choke point, once you ally with this faction.
Brotherhood of Steel Defenses A small contingent of Brotherhood soldiers is defending a choke point once the Prydwen arrives. How they react to you depends on how your alliance is going.
Synth Defenses A small contingent of synths is defending a choke point once Institute Quest: Airship Down is complete. How they react to you depends on how your alliance is going.
Nervous Farmers A group of farmers asks you to holster any weapon you’re carrying. Comply and you can pass. If not, expect hostility.
Super Mutant Blockage A couple of lumbering green mutants are preventing your progress.
Stash, Lexa, and Simon A merchant and two bodyguards are found here, and bartering can occur.

You happen upon a chem dealer and her two bodyguards. The brother is addicted to his boss' chems and the sister has become hostile and defensive because of it. Lexa is naturally concerned Simon might rob and murder Stash in the night, with Stash apathetic to the whole situation, this could end in only one of two ways....

Choke Point Mines Disarm a set of mines at this location, or face a crippling injury.
Unconstitutional If you completed Side Quest: Last Voyage of the U.S.S. Constitution, some disgruntled Scavengers are furious that you jumped their claim on the ship.
Bullet's Ambush If you finished Side Quest: Kid in a Fridge and Bullet is still alive, he may jump you with a couple of cohorts.