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This page lists all factions in Fallout 4.
  • The content is not described in full detail on this page. For details, please see the respective articles.
  • For factions in other Fallout games, please see "Faction".
  • For an overview of Fallout 4 content, please refer to "Fallout 4".

Major factions

  • All four major factions can be joined in the course of the game. However, certain quests will turn factions permanently hostile:
Institute questline
Brotherhood questline
Railroad questline
  • The Brotherhood will automatically be hostile once Mass Fusion (a prerequisite for the rest of the Railroad quests) is completed.
Minutemen questline
  • To reach the Minutemen endgame one must make the Institute hostile, the easiest way of doing this is by killing an Institute scientist.
  • The Institute is also made hostile by completing the quest Pinned
Name Joining Companion Benefits Repeatable quests Locations Faction ID
Brotherhood of Steel Complete Fire Support, Call to Arms, and Semper Invicta by accepting Danse's invitation to the Brotherhood. Rank is bestowed for completing main quests (not repeatable ones). Danse
Free suit of T-60 power armor
Vertibird transport
Quartermastery, Cleansing the Commonwealth, Feeding the Troops, and Learning Curve repeatable quests
Ability to turn in technical documents and viable blood samples in for money
Vertibird Grenades to summon vertibirds
The Prydwen
Cambridge Police Station
Commonwealth Minutemen Complete When Freedom Calls and The First Step, accept the rank of General from Preston Garvey. Preston Garvey
Minutemen and artillery support
Additional Settlements
Minutemen Flare Gun to summon Minutemen forces
The Castle (formerly)
Museum of Freedom
Sanctuary Hills
The Railroad Complete Road to Freedom. Deacon
Access to ballistic weave mods from Tinker Tom
Purchasable Stealth Boys
Radiant quests:

The Switchboard (formerly)
Old North Church
Institute Complete Institutionalized. X6-88 Constant supply of radiation-free water and edibles
Player housing (Institute apartment)
Access to and from the Institute
Synth Relay Grenades to summon synths
The Institute
Federal surveillance center K-21B
Boston mayoral shelter

Minor factions

Name Services Locations Faction ID
Atom Cats Power armor parts and modifications. Atom Cats Garage
Gunners Not applicable - permanently hostile. Gunners Plaza
Quincy ruins
Random encounters
The Forged Not applicable - permanently hostile. Saugus Ironworks
Diamond City Security None. Diamond City
Neighborhood Watch None. Goodneighbor
Church of the Children of Atom Depending on player actions (usually hostile). Crater of Atom
Crater House
Kingsport Lighthouse (initially)
Cabot Family and Associates Depending on player actions. Parsons State Insane Asylum<br/.Cabot House
Raiders Not applicable - permanently hostile. Concord
D.B. Technical High School
Super mutant warbands Not applicable - permanently hostile. Trinity Tower
Crew of the USS Constitution Depending on player actions. USS Constitution
Vault 81 Depending on player actions. Vault 81
Covenant Depending on player actions. Covenant
The Compound
Triggermen Not applicable - permanently hostile. Easy City Downs
Vault 114
Pillars of the Community Depending on player actions. Charles View Amphitheater

Add-on factions


Name Services Locations Faction ID
Rust Devils Not applicable - permanently hostile. Fort Hagen satellite array
Random encounters
The Mechanist Depending on player actions. The Mechanist's Lair

Far Harbor

Name Services Locations Faction ID
Acadia Depending on player actions. Acadia
Church of the Children of Atom Depending on player actions. The Nucleus
Harbormen Depending on player actions. Far Harbor
Trappers Not applicable - permanently hostile. MS Azalea
Robobrains of Vault 118 Depending on player actions. Vault 118
Cliff's Edge Hotel


Name Services Locations Faction ID
Hubologists Depending on player actions. Hubologist's camp
The Pack Depending on player actions. Bradberton Amphitheater
The Disciples Depending on player actions. Fizztop Mountain
The Operators Depending on player actions. The Parlor
Factions in Fallout 4