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This page lists all factions in Fallout 3.
  • The content is not described in full detail on this page. For details, please see the respective articles.
  • For factions in other Fallout games, please see "Faction".
  • For an overview of Fallout 3 content, please refer to "Portal:Fallout 3".


Name Locations Add-on Faction ID
Brotherhood Outcasts Operation: Anchorage


Lyons' Brotherhood of Steel Broken Steel


Chinese Remnant
Enclave Broken Steel EnclaveFaction
The Family
The Institute
Littlehorn & Associates
Pitt Raiders The Pitt
Pitt Slaves The Pitt
The Railroad
Reilly's Rangers
Rivet City Council RivetCityFaction
Rivet City Security RivetCityFaction
Republic of Dave
Talon Company
Temple of the Union
Super mutants
Vault 101 Security


Tenpenny Security guards


Name Locations Add-on Faction ID
Apostles of the Holy Light Broken Steel
Church of the Children of Atom MegatonFaction
Point Lookout Tribals Point Lookout
Saint Monica's Church

Garden of Eden Creation Kit

There are far more factions implemented in the Garden of Eden Creation Kit and under the hood. The following tables list them and applicable information.

Raw GECK faction list

FormID GECK ID Name Hidden from player Tracks crime Evil Allow Sell
000AFC63 AgathasFaction Agatha's Faction Yes
0001B050 AndaleNoCombatFaction
0001A32E AndaleResidentFaction Yes
0004E324 AngelaDiegoFamily FF Yes
0005FF9F AnimalFriendFaction Animal Friend Faction Yes
00021471 AntFaction Ants
00074333 ArefuEwersFaction Ewers Family in Arefu Yes Yes
00003130 ArefuFaction Arefu Faction Yes Yes
00095B61 ArefuHostile Arefu Faction Hostile Yes Yes
0002AB90 BigTownFaction BigTownFaction * Yes Yes
0002DD96 BigTownRobots
0002FCD1 BlackAntFaction Ants
0009189D BloatflyFaction Bloatfly Faction
00021472 BrahminFaction Brahmin
00026C59 BrotherhoodJourneymanScribeFaction Yes
00025555 BrotherhoodLyonsPride
00088B0D BrotherhoodMQ11Faction Brotherhood of Steel
000A5EE6 BrotherhoodOutcastAllyFaction Brotherhood Outcast Yes
00033089 BrotherhoodOutcastEnemy Faction for enemies of Brotherhood Outcasts
0001D3FF BrotherhoodOutcastFaction Brotherhood Outcast Yes
00030520 BrotherhoodOutcastGenericFaction Brotherhood Outcast Yes
0001D3FE BrotherhoodSteelFaction Brotherhood of Steel Yes
00030512 BrotherhoodSteelGenericFaction Brotherhood of Steel Yes
0002415E BrotherhoodSteelInitiateFaction
0001E55B BrotherhoodSteelKnightFaction
000B737E BrotherhoodSteelKnightOneOffFaction
00019392 BrotherhoodSteelScribeFaction Brotherhood of Steel Scribe Yes
00059410 CantCommonsFaction Canterbury Commons Faction Yes Yes
0001EAA1 CantelliFamily Cantelli Family
0006DDF4 CantelliFamilySell Cantelli Family Sell Yes Yes
0007B81A CapitalBuildingTalonFaction Capital Building Talon Company Yes
00021473 CentaurFaction Centaurs
0006DC5A CG02TunnelSnakesFaction
000BB789 CG03Faction CG03 NPC faction
0006DC5B CG03TunnelSnakesFaction
000C336F CG04ButchFamilyFaction Butch's family Yes
0002A4E5 CG04ButchRadroachFaction
000230D1 CG04DoorYellFaction Faction for door yell
000C9556 CG04EllenFaction
0006B971 CG04GloriaRadroachFaction
00065706 CG04GomezFaction Officer Gomez faction
00070F8D CG04HoldenFaction Yes Yes
0002A6FA CG04RadroachEnemyFaction
0002D849 CG04RadroachFaction CG04 radroaches
0006B235 CG04StanleyFaction Stanley and Andy are friends!
0006B972 CG04StanleyRadroachFaction
00019019 ChengFaction Chengs Yes
000BDA39 ChineseGhoulFaction
000B99A2 CitadelKnightConvSystem Citadel Knight Conversation System
000179D4 CitadelResidentFaction CitadelResidentFaction Yes Yes
0001938C CitKnightFaction
00000013 CreatureFaction
0007E269 CreatureHitAnt
0007E273 CreatureHitBloatFly
0007E268 CreatureHitBrahmin
0007E274 CreatureHitDeathClaw
0007E26A CreatureHitDog
0007E26B CreatureHitMoleRat
0007E2C7 CreatureHitQueenAnt
0007E276 CreatureHitScorpion
0007E275 CreatureHitYaoGuai
00021474 DeathclawFaction Deathclaws
00019CA4 DemoMutantFaction Demo Faction for Mutants
000211CA DemoMutantFaction2 Demo Faction for first mutant
000211CB DemoRoachFaction Demo Roach faction
0009070E DoctorLiLab Doctor Li's Lab Staff Yes Yes
000251D8 DoctorsDialogueFaction Doctor dialogue Yes
00021475 DogFaction Dogs
0002B8D8 DukovFaction Dukov's Faction Yes Yes
00095982 DukovsGirls Dukov's Girls
000C3370 DukovShareFaction Yes
0001D3FD EnclaveFaction Enclave Yes
0007D408 EvergreenMillsBehemothFaction
0004839D EvergreenMillsSlaveFaction Yes
00025C70 EyebotFaction Eyebot Faction
0001C6D3 FeralGhoulFaction Faction that feral ghouls should be in Yes Yes
0007E3DC FFDCBrotherHoodInitiateFaction
000B761F FFEChemVendorFaction
00037803 FFEDoctorFaction Freeform faction for medical service NPCs Yes
000929A3 FFER01ScorpionFaction
000AE077 FFER03Faction Yes
000AE078 FFER13Faction Yes
000AB500 FFER14GhoulFaction
000AB501 FFER16PilgrimFaction Yes
000929A2 FFER17HitmanFaction FFER17HitmanFaction Yes Yes
000AB502 FFER18SlaverFaction
000AF421 FFER20GhoulFaction Yes
00036F85 FFER54TinkerJoeFaction Tinker Joe's faction Yes
000307C3 FFER59ScavengerFaction Scavenger plus robot allies
000377E3 FFER60SettlerFaction Yes
0004F791 FFER66UncleLeoFaction Uncle Leo (supermutant outcast) Yes Yes
000942BF FFER68SettlerFaction Yes
000942C0 FFER69SlaveFaction FFER69 Slave Faction Yes
000942C1 FFER70SettlerFaction Yes
000265B3 FFEU01Faction Ben Canning's faction Yes Yes
00031E21 FFEU02SettlerFaction Yes
00032103 FFEU03SettlerFactionA FFEU03 faction A Yes
00032102 FFEU03SettlerFactionB FFEU03 faction B Yes
00025DCC FFEU05Faction Yes
000458BA FFEU05RadscorpionFaction
000AE079 FFEU09Faction Yes
000929A1 FFEU15Faction FFEU15 faction Yes Yes
000456A4 FFEU17SydneyFaction Sydney and Hitman Faction
000C5D15 FFEU21EnclaveFaction
00040EF3 FFEU51CannibalFaction Yes Yes Yes
000AE07A FFEU52PreyFaction Yes
000458BB FFEU53SniperFaction Yes
000290A2 FFEU53SniperPreyFaction Yes
000474B6 FFEU54Faction FFEU54 Faction Yes
0003E544 FFHitSquadFaction Yes Yes
0004E6DE FFRadscorpionHuntedFaction Yes Yes
0004E6BE FFRadscorpionHunterFACTION Yes
0001EAA0 FlakAndShrapnel Flak and Shrapnel Yes Yes
0006DDF5 FlakShrapnelSell Flak & Shrapnel Sell Yes Yes Yes
00037136 FollowerFaction
000CAEE9 FortCEvilFaction Yes
0002F561 FreedSlaveFaction Faction for slaves that the player has freed
000C5CE5 FriendshipGalloFaction Gallo Faction Yes Yes
000711A6 GeneralIdleFaction Faction for NPCs that play general idles
0001C6D4 GhoulFaction Faction all (non-feral) Ghoul NPCs should be in
000ACD8E GirdershadeFaction Girdershade Faction Yes Yes
00025A4B GNRKnightFaction Galaxy News Radio Knights Yes Yes
0001F007 HargraveFamily Hargrave Family Yes
0007F47B HD00RoboButler Robotic Bulter Faction Yes
000C4827 HD00TenpennyHouseVendor Tenpenny Tower House Vendor Yes Yes Yes
000B69D5 JohnnyWesFaction Johnny Wes Faction Yes
0007DCF6 LamplightDogFaction Lamplight Dog Faction Yes
00071F5B LamplightGenericFaction Lamplight Dog Faction Yes
000179D5 LamplightResidentFaction LamplightResidentFaction Yes
000C20C6 LamplightSouvenirtFaction LamplightResidentFaction Yes
0001D1E9 LyonsPrideFaction Lyon's Pride
00044CCB MegatonArmoryFaction Yes
000428CB MegatonBillyCreelFaction
0004170F MegatonBrassLanternCustomerFaction
0001D8F3 MegatonBrassLanternFaction
00041725 MegatonChurchOfAtomFaction
0004285D MegatonClinicFaction
0001FEFD MegatonCratersideSupplyFaction
0004BB91 MegatonCrimeFaction Crime tracking faction for Megaton Yes Yes
000428CC MegatonLucasSimmsFaction
0001FEFC MegatonMerc
00069FF5 MegatonMoriartyBartenders
0004171A MegatonMoriartysCustomerFaction
000428CD MegatonMoriartysFaction Yes
00044CC9 MegatonNathanManyaFaction
000043F7 MegatonResidentFaction MegatonResidentFaction Yes Yes
000173EA MegatonSettlerFaction Yes
00044CCA MegatonWaterProcessingFaction
0003BEB9 MetroRobotFaction Metro robots
00021477 MirelurkFaction Mirelurks
000A01DF MisterCrowleyFaction Mister Crowley Faction Yes Yes
0007F506 MisterSandmanFaction Mister Sandman Faction
00021479 MoleRatFaction Mole rats
000213FB MQ01BrotherhoodDCFaction Brotherhood faction in DC (for MQ01) Yes Yes
000213FC MQ01BrotherhoodGNR Brotherhood at GNR battle
000B22EA MQ01SilverFaction Silver's Faction Yes Yes
000213FD MQ01SupermutantsGNR Supermutants at GNR battle
000BD692 MQ03RobobrainFaction MQ03 Robobrain Faction Yes Yes
0002B8FC MQ04ChineseFaction ChineseSoldierFaction Yes Yes
000286D8 MQ04SlasherFaction Pint-Sized Slasher
0001F1F6 MQ05AutumnFaction
0001F1F7 MQ05JaniceFaction
0007E635 MQ07CapturedLamplighterFaction MQ07 Captured Lamplighter Faction Yes
000B4023 MQ07RoryMaclarenFaction Rory Maclaren Faction Yes Yes
0006A42A MQ08FawkesFaction Fawkes Faction Yes Yes
00076D9B MQ08Vault87Faction Vault 87 Super Mutant Yes
0003A38C MQ09EnclaveGuardFaction Enclave Guard Faction Yes Yes
0001A7F8 MQ09EnclaveNeutralFaction MQ09EnclaveNeutralFaction
0003A38D MQ09EnclaveRobotFaction Enclave Robot Faction Yes
0007E2CE MQ09SentryBotGuardFaction Yes Yes
0003D7E4 MQ11AutumnFaction Yes Yes
00056BEB MQNPCFaction Main Quest NPC Faction
000410B5 MQPlayerBOSAllyFaction Main Quest Player BOS Ally Faction Yes
000929BD MS01BigTownMutantFaction Yes
0002AB91 MS01KitchenFaction Yes
000251D9 MS01RescueFaction Faction for MS01 rescue sequence Yes
000785A0 MS01ShortyPrisonerFaction
00044530 MS01TemporaryFriends Yes
0009467C MS02AntFaction Yes
000CC840 MS02AntSidekickFaction Yes
000AB2DB MS02BattleAntFaction Yes
000B2934 MS02BattleRobotFaction Yes
0009467D MS02RobotFaction Yes
000CC83F MS02RobotSidekickFaction Yes
000AB2DC MS02SuperFaction Yes
0009467E MS02TemporaryFriends Yes
0003181F MS04AntFriend MS04 Ant Friend
000B22EB MS04DoctorLeskoFaction Doctor Lesko's Faction Yes Yes
0001B1A8 MS05NukaColaRobot Nuka-Cola Robots Yes
0005A7D4 MS06DoorFaction Temple of the Union Door Yes
00028ED8 MS06Supermutants MS06 Supermutants Yes
00047CC8 MS08NoteOwnerFactionCutter Yes
00047CC6 MS08NoteOwnerFactionDocChurch Yes
00047CC5 MS08NoteOwnerFactionDoctorBanfield Yes
00047CC7 MS08NoteOwnerFactionDoctorBarrows Yes
00047CCA MS08NoteOwnerFactionDoctorPreston Yes
00047CD1 MS08NoteOwnerFactionEulogyJones Yes
00047CD5 MS08NoteOwnerFactionFatherClifford Yes
00047CD2 MS08NoteOwnerFactionGrouse Yes
00047CD6 MS08NoteOwnerFactionHerbertDashwood Yes
00047CCC MS08NoteOwnerFactionKnickKnack Yes
00047CC9 MS08NoteOwnerFactionLucy Yes
00047CD4 MS08NoteOwnerFactionManya Yes
00047CCD MS08NoteOwnerFactionMoiraBrown Yes
00047CCB MS08NoteOwnerFactionRed Yes
00047CCF MS08NoteOwnerFactionScribeBowditch Yes Yes
00047CCE MS08NoteOwnerFactionSeagraveHolmes Yes
00047CD3 MS08NoteOwnerFactionSister Yes
00047CD7 MS08NoteOwnerFactionTulip Yes
00047CD0 MS08NoteOwnerFactionWinthrop Yes
00095B64 MS09IanWestFaction Ian West's Little 'Ole Faction of Love Yes Yes
000C9CFE MS09SenecaFaction MS09SenecaFaction Yes Yes
00020F5E MS09TheFamilyFriendly The Family Friendly Yes Yes Yes
00020365 MS09TheFamilyHostile The Family Hostile Mode Yes Yes
0007C722 MS09VanceHollyFaction Vance and Holly's Faction Yes Yes
0004DECA MS10OasisFaction Oasis Faction Yes Yes
000581F9 MS10OasisFactionEnemy Oasis Faction - Player is Enemy Yes Yes
000854D2 MS11BurkeSimmsCombatFaction
000854D3 MS11SimmsBurkeCombatFaction
0001C670 MS12FeralGhoulFaction Yes
00085ECA MS12GhoulsHostileFaction MS12GhoulsHostileFaction Yes
000718BB MS12RoyPhillipsFaction Yes
0003D1FC MS13AlwaysMez MS13 Always Mez with Mesmetron Yes
000448D1 MS13CanMez MS13 Can be Mezzed with Mesmetron Yes
000448D2 MS13CantMez MS13 Can't Be Mezzed (overrides other MS13 factions) Yes
0006B1E5 MS13CollarFaction MS13CollarFaction Yes
0009AA8A MS13HatePlayerFaction MS13TestFaction Yes
0009A80E MS13MezzedFaction MS13MezzedFaction Yes
0006E793 MS15ButtonFaction Button Gwinnett's Robot Army Yes
0006E794 MS15SydneyFaction Sydney Faction Yes Yes
000B22EC MS15SydneyFactionPlayer Sydney Faction Player Companion Yes Yes
0007E0B5 MS16AmbushFaction Enemy faction to Vault 101 Security
000B8D50 MS16Vault101Faction Vault101 crime tracking faction Yes
000872A0 MS16Vault101RebelFaction Vault 101 Rebel Yes
000872A1 MS16Vault101StatusQuoFaction Vault 101 Old Guard Yes
00074EF6 MS17MechanizedFaction Vault-Tec Administrative Robots Yes
000AB490 MS18SuperMutantFaction
0001F009 MuddyRudderFriends Friends of the Muddy Rudder Yes
00071EE4 MuddyRudderWork
0007F505 MysteriousStrangerFaction Mysterious Stranger Faction Yes
0001F0F4 NoCombatFaction Put people you don't want to fight in here Yes
000179D8 ParadiseFallsResidentFaction ParadiseFallsResidentFaction Yes Yes
000389DE ParadiseFallsSlaveFaction
00037135 ParadiseFallsSlaverFaction Yes Yes
000710BA ParadiseFallsSlaverHOSTILEFaction Yes Yes
0006F21F PerkContractKillerLocationFaction
0006F21E PerkLawgiverLocationFaction
0001B2A4 PlayerFaction Player Faction Yes
00021478 RadRoachFaction Radroaches
0002147A RadscorpionFaction Radscorpions
00021476 RaiderFaction Raiders Yes Yes
00087352 RaiderFriendFaction Used for Very Evil players Yes
000B87B3 RaiderHumanVoiceFaction Human raider voice faction
0001FFB5 RCCityCouncil Rivet City Council Yes
000ABFEE RCGenericVoiceFaction RC generic human voice types
000179D9 RCResidentFaction RivetCityResidentFaction Yes Yes
0001F1D6 RCSecurityFaction Rivet City Security Yes Yes
000B0298 RCWeatherlyChairEast
000B0297 RCWeatherlyChairNorth
000B0296 RCWeatherlyChairSouth
000B0299 RCWeatherlyChairWest
0003E53F RegulatorFaction
000295A3 ReillysRangersFaction Reilly's Rangers Yes Yes
000A3600 ReillysRangersFactionHostile Reilly's Rangers Hostile Yes Yes
0002B895 RepublicOfDaveFaction Republic of Dave Yes Yes
0002DD9D RobcoPests Robco Pests Yes
0002DC01 RobcoRobots Robco Robots Yes
0002DD9E RobcoRobotsHacked Robco Robots Hacked Yes
0001FFB6 RobotFaction Robots Yes
00033583 RobotServantFaction Robots Yes
0007E712 RRShareBed Yes
0001F00A SaintMonicaFriends Friends of Saint Monica Church Yes
000CADC1 SDOFaction Sudden-Death Overtime Faction Yes Yes
000B4221 ShakesVendorFaction For making Shakes a robot
00034773 ShalebridgeBlackAntFaction Shalebridge Black Ants Yes
0002F560 SlaveFaction Faction for generic slaves Yes
0002FA2A SlaverEnemyFaction Put enemies of slavers into this faction
00028D95 SlaverFaction Yes Yes
00027FA6 SlaverMemorialFaction Yes Yes
000BC4BC SmilingJackFaction Yes
000711A4 SmokerFaction Faction for NPCs that smoke
0001EA9F StaleyFamily Staley Family Yes Yes
0001D1EB SuperMutantFaction Supermutants Yes Yes
00061F9D SurpriseRaiderFaction Raiders Yes Yes
0004443B TalonCompany Talon Company Yes
00046312 TeammateFaction
00027FA5 TempleUnionFaction Temple of the Union Yes Yes
000CADF7 TenpennyApparelVendorFaction Yes
000CADF8 TenpennyBoutiqueVendorFaction Yes Yes
000BE793 TenpennyGenericResidentFaction TenpennyGenericResidentFaction * Yes
00019018 TenpennyGuardFaction Guards Yes Yes
0000311A TenpennyHostileFaction Add actors that you want to the guards to attack Yes
00078C9F TenpennyTowerAllResidents TenpennyTowerResidentFaction Yes Yes
000179EA TenpennyTowerResidentFaction TenpennyTowerResidentFaction Yes Yes
00065374 TraderFaction Trader Faction Yes Yes
000244A4 TranquilityLaneFaction Tranquility Lane Faction Yes
00046940 TrapFaction Put booby-trapped NPCs into this faction for dialogue Yes
00018E52 TurretFaction Turret Faction Yes
00031422 UnderworldCarolAndGretaFaction Yes
00031423 UnderworldCarolsPlaceFaction Yes
000C8690 UnderworldCerebusFaction
00030727 UnderworldGhoulFaction
000179EB UnderworldResidentFaction Yes
0002A4E4 Vault101ButchFamilyFaction Butch's family
0001CFB6 Vault101Faction Vault 101 Resident
0002AE26 Vault101SecurityEnemyFaction Enemy faction to Vault 101 Security
000214B6 Vault101SecurityFaction Vault 101 Security
0001CE2C Vault101TunnelSnakesFaction Tunnel Snakes
0007086D Vault106LunaticFaction Yes Yes
0007086A Vault108GaryFaction Yes Yes
000B1610 WarringtonGhoulsFaction WarringtonGhoulsFaction * Yes Yes
0009715E WastelandCaptiveFACTION
00041E7D WastelanderFaction Wastelander Faction
000942BE WastelanderForceGoodbye Override generic greetings with force goodbyes Yes
000A86E1 WastelandFreedCaptiveFACTION Yes
0003A584 WastelandHunterFaction Faction for wasteland hunters Yes
000542F3 WastelandScavengerDogFaction Faction for wasteland scavenger dogs
000406A7 WastelandScavengerEnemyFaction Enemies of wasteland scavengers
000302C8 WastelandScavengerFaction Faction for wasteland scavengers Yes
000C6E8F WaterBeggarFaction Yes
0001F00B WeatherlyHotelFaction Weatherly Hotel Faction Yes Yes
00019017 WellingtonFaction Wellingtons Yes
0002147C YaoGuaiFaction Yao Guai
0001F006 YoungFamily YoungFamily Yes Yes
0001F005 YoungParents Young Parents
0001F008 ZimmerFriends Friends of Zimmer Yes Yes


Some factions have ranks set up internally. These are not visible to the player and matter little in actual gameplay.

Ranked factions
Rank 0 Rank 1 Rank 2 Rank 3 Rank 4 Rank 5 Rank 6 Rank 7
Lyons' Brotherhood of Steel Scribes
Initiate Apprentice Journeyman Scribe Scribe Senior Scribe
Lyons' Brotherhood of Steel
(BrotherhoodofSteelFaction, BrotherhoodSteelGenericFaction, BrotherhoodMQ11Faction)
Squire Knight Knight Sergeant Knight Captain Paladin Star Paladin Sentinel Elder
Arefu Faction
Enclave Guard Faction
Enclave Robot Faction
Ewers Family in Arefu
Girdershade Faction
Ian West's Little 'Ole Faction of Love
LamplightSouvenirtFaction KnickKnack
Main Quest Player BOS Ally Faction
MS09SenecaFaction Seneca Dude
Oasis Faction
Oasis Faction - Player is Enemy
Pint-Sized Slasher
Player Faction
Reilly's Rangers
Reilly's Rangers Hostile
Rivet City Security
Officer Chief
Silver's Faction
Sudden-Death Overtime Faction
Grunt Taskmaster Spinebreaker Monstrosity Behemoth
Sydney Faction
Sydney Faction Player Companion
The Family Friendly
Friend of the Family
The Family Hostile Mode
Family Member
Trader Faction
Caravan Trader
Tranquility Lane Faction
Resident Omnipotent Deity
Vance and Holly's Faction
Family Leaders
Vault 87 Super Mutant
MQ08FawkesFaction Fawkes
MegatonClinicFaction Doc Church
MegatonChurchOfAtomFaction Leader
MegatonCratersideSupplyFaction Moira
MegatonLucasSimmsFaction Lucas
Factions in Fallout 3