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Icon cut content.pngThe following is based on Fallout 3 cut content and has not been confirmed by canon sources.

Fallout 3 cut content refers to content in Fallout 3 which was cut from the final version of the game. Most of it can still be found in the game files but is inaccessible within the game itself. The equipment can still be obtained by use of console commands.

Cut quests

  • Infiltration
  • Last Rites - According to its numbering, it was supposed to take place after Take it Back!. It might have later been used as the basis for the Broken Steel add-on.
  • The Wasteland Survival Guide - At some stage in development, the Wasteland Survival Guide contained another quest stage. The player's objective would have been to print the books at Hubris Comics and return them to Moira (who at this point was apparently still called "Lea") as part of the work on the last chapter. This makes Moira's remark in the final game that it's cynical of the player to assume she would require such a dangerous task of him/her doubly ironic. Judging by its editor ID, the mirelurk bait grenade was also intended to be part of this quest. It was most likely to be used for the mission at Anchorage Memorial.

Cut radio

Cut characters

Cut creatures

Cut holodisks and notes

Cut terminal entries

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Cut image notes

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Cut items

Armor and clothing

Name Base ID DR Weight Value Health Base Armor Bonus Notes
Apocalypse gladiator armor 000cb5f6 36 30 460 1200 Metal armor Agility -1
Apocalypse gladiator helmet 000cb5f7 5 3 70 75 Metal helmet
Army power armor 00061a72 40 45 739 1000 T-45d power armor Strength +2
Agility -2
Radiation Resistance +10
Blast Off helmet 0007494c 1 1 30 100 Blast Off pajamas Doesn't appear in inventory
Commando Armor 000cb544 24 15 160 150 Leather armor
Composite recon armor 000cb5fa 28 20 180 600 Recon armor Sneak +5
Composite recon helmet 000cb5fb 4 3 40 70 Recon helmet Perception +1 Used in Broken Steel
Defender Armor 000cb543 24 15 160 150 Leather armor
Doctor Li's glasses 0005c9a0 1 0 6 100 Glasses
Enclave Shocktrooper Armor 000cb5f3 40 45 899 1500 Enclave power armor Strength +1
Agility -1
Radiation Resistance +15
Enclave Shocktrooper Helmet 000cb5f4 7 5 150 125 Enclave power helmet Charisma -1
Radiation Resistance +5
Hand-Me-Down raider armor 000cb5fe 15 15 180 100 Raider sadist armor
Handyman jumpsuit 000bf6fd 2 1 6 100 Repairman jumpsuit Repair +5 Used in Point Lookout
Hat of the People 000cb604 1 1 30 20 Chinese commando hat Small Guns +5 Used in The Pitt
Makeshift gas mask 000c111a 3 2 40 25 Raider blastmaster helmet Bugged (see article)
Lab Goggles xx00d5bd 1 1 25 10 Biker goggles +10 Energy Weapons Cut from Point Lookout
Power-Suit Armor 000cb60c 3 2 12 100 Grimy pre-War businesswear Speech +5
Pyro Helmet 000cb600 3 3 20 15 Raider blastmaster helmet
Road Rascal leather armor 000cb5f5 24 15 160 150 Leather armor
"Robo-Thor" Armor 000cb5f9 40 45 819 3000 Tesla armor Strength +1
Agility -1
Radiation Resistance +15
"Robo-Thor" Helmet 000cb5f8 8 5 120 125 Tesla Helmet Charisma -1
Radiation Resistance +5
Sharp-dressed raider's armor 000cb5fc 15 15 180 100 Raider painspike armor
Shellshocked combat armor 000cb5ef 32 25 390 400 Combat armor
Shellshocked combat helmet 000cb5f0 5 3 50 50 Combat helmet
Sleepwear 000cb60e 1 1 10 100 Sexy sleepwear Charisma +1
Talon combat armor 000cb5f2 32 25 390 1000 Talon combat armor
Talon combat helmet 000cb5f1 5 3 60 50 Talon combat helmet
Tenpenny security helmet 0005b6eb 4 1 50 25 Combat helmet
Tesla Resonance Armor xx002480 43 45 820 1500 Tesla armor Energy Weapons +10
Radiation Resistance +20
Cut from Broken Steel
The Devil's Pigtails 000cb5fd 3 3 20 15 Raider psycho-tic helmet
The Peepers xx003473 1 1 6 10 Biker goggles Night Vision effect Cut from Operation: Anchorage
Vault 87 jumpsuit 000340ed 1 1 6 100 Vault jumpsuit Melee Weapons +2
Speech +2
Vault 92 jumpsuit 000b73f3 1 1 6 100 Vault jumpsuit Melee Weapons +2
Speech +2
Wastelander's Gear 000cb545 12 2 50 100 Wasteland Legend Outfit Melee Weapons +2
Small Guns +2


Name Base ID Damage Ammo Cap. Weight Value Base Weapon Comment
Black Bart's Bane 0006b535 8 100 2 60 BB gun
Breaker 000cb546 12 - 4 30 Nail board
Clover's cleaver 000c80b8 15 - 3 100 Chinese officer's sword
Cryo grenade xx002a71 1 (Frozen for 7 sec.) - .5 50 Frag grenade Readded in Mothership Zeta
Cryo mine xx006fc0 1 (Frozen for 7 sec.) - .5 50 Frag mine Readded in Mothership Zeta
Cryolator - - - - - - Cut from the GECK as well, not available through console commands
Curse Breaker 000c80bb 13 - 3 75 Baseball bat
Discharge hammer xx0088bf 25 - 20 180 Super sledge cut from Broken Steel
Excalibat 000c80bc 13 - 3 75 Baseball bat
Gauss rifle (Beta) xx001616 24 5 8 500 AER9 laser rifle

cut from Operation: Anchorage (beta version of the real Gauss rifle)

Grenade launcher xx00adc8 (explosives)
xx00a502 (small guns)
39 + 50 AoE (explosives)
55 + 100 AoE (small guns)
3 7 200 Combat shotgun cut from Broken Steel
Law Dog 0006b532 9 5 2 210 .32 pistol
Lightning gun xx003580 73 24 8 1000 AER9 laser rifle cut from Broken Steel
Love Tap 000c80b9 8 - 1 20 Brass knuckles
Mirelurk bait grenade 00030664 0 - 5 60 Frag grenade Not implemented, does not bait mirelurks
O'Grady's Peacemaker 0007843d 6 - 2 100 Police baton
Pa's fishing aid xx00d5b3 80 2 6 350 Double-barrel shotgun cut from Point Lookout
Smoke grenade xx008236 1 + 100 AoE - 0.5 25 Frag grenade cut from Operation: Anchorage, can be found off the map
Spanner xx003c52 17 - 2 70 Wrench cut from Mothership Zeta
Tesla cannon (Beta) xx0026ff 100 1 20 500 Missile launcher developer test weapon included in Broken Steel (beta version of the Tesla cannon) which can be found off-map
Wanda 0006b533 12 30 7 500 Assault rifle


  • Super stimpak
  • Big Book of Science: An oversized copy of the science skill book. Its internal prefix associates it with the quest Wasteland Survival Guide. It weighs five pounds. 2d3a4
  • Motivational Secrets of the Stars: Preliminary version of the Lying, Congressional Style speech skill book. Uses the world mesh of the green pre-war book. Unlike the used skill books, it weighs three nonspecific weight units. 2d3a3
  • Wasteland Survival Guide: Finalized version of the Wasteland Survival Guide. Classified as a book, rather than a misc. item like the one accessible in game. c5634
  • You're SPECIAL!: An item version of the book used to allocate stat points. ab2ef


  • Ant resin
  • Chandelier: Its internal name prefix associates it with the quest Tranquility Lane. There is infact a chandelier in the simulation which can be used to commit an assigned act of murder, but, unlike this one, it is a world object, and not an item. 291d7
  • Computer Password Module: Related to the quest "Stealing Independence". 5b5a9
  • Constitution of the United States: One of many cut documents related to "Stealing Independence". 8c214
  • Control Collar: Called RRControlCollar internally. The 'RR' prefix is used exclusively for Reilly's Rangers, so perhaps they were to snap a collar around your neck at some point. 6c55a
  • Empty Sap Container: Quest item related to "Oasis". The player might have been supposed to show this to Tree Father Birch after completing the quest for his side as proof. 504d7
  • Garden Gnome: Identical to the Damaged Garden Gnome. 3407a
  • Emancipation Proclamation: See Constitution of the United States. 8c215
  • Monroe Doctrine: Another cut document. See Constitution of the United States. 8c217
  • Museum Token: Related to "Stealing Independence". 6eee7
  • (Pre-War Book): There are seven unused pre-war books skins. None of them have names. The skins all returned and were used in Fallout: New Vegas for junk items. 199b3-199b5, 199b9-199b2, 199c2
  • Survival Guide Manuscript: An item from a cut segment of the quest "The Wasteland Survival Guide". At one point you were given a manuscript and had to go to Hubris Comics to print out copies but this was not implemented in the final game. 2d3b2
  • U.S. Declaration of War on China: See Constitution of the United States. 8c219
  • U.S. Declaration of War on Germany: See Constitution of the United States. 8c218

Point Lookout


  • Scar: 40110d4
  • Lab Goggles: 400d5bd


  • Pa's Fishing Aid: 400d5b3
  • Muck Lobber: 400e015


  • 10 Indisputable Rules On Ghouls: 400fc30
  • Marsh Hunting Tips Vol IV: Mirelurks: 400fc2f


  • Security Clearance: Alpha: 400d5e1

Miscellaneous items

  • The Great House of Lod: 400a88a
  • Safari Membership Card: 400ecf8

Non-player characters

  • Dead Pilot: 400c2b7
  • Twigbag: 400f795


  • Gray Matters: 400d1fd
  • Mirelurk Ecology: 400fc2e
  • Punga Power (alternate): 4011097
  • Swing For The Fences: 400d1fb


  • Note to Nadine: 400a868
  • New Plague Pamphlet: 400e755

Mothership Zeta

Non-player characters

  • Andrew Endicott: 5009a08
  • Dr. Morrison Rand: 5009a0a
  • Madeline Wallace: 5009a0b
  • Vin: 5009a09

Miscellaneous items

  • Appliance: 500a856
  • *Contraption: 500a858
  • Crystal: 500a9e5
  • Device: 500a85a
  • Doodad: 500a852
  • Gemstone: 500a9e0
  • Gizmo: 500a84e
  • Imager: 500a9e3
  • Large Gemstone: 500a9ed
  • Mechanism: 500a85e
  • Small Gemstone: 500a9ed
  • Thingamabob: 500a854
  • Tool: 500a850
  • Unidentified Material: 500a85c
  • Widget: 500a84c


  • Katana: 50080b5
  • Portable Cover: 1003326
  • Spanner: 5003c52
  • Unused Weapon Copies: The drone cannon, alien Atomizer, disintegrator, and the shock baton all have unused identical copies, possibly intended as unique weapons at some point. Atomizer: 100a9a8, 100a9a9 Drone Cannon: 100a9ac, 1009a9ad Alien Disintegrator: 100a9aa, 100a9ab Shock Baton: 100a9a6, 100a9a7


  • Astronaut Helmet: 500bb63
  • Colonel Autumn's Uniform: 500c96d


  • Death Ray: 50049fa

Actor Effects

  • Face Smash: 5003c55
  • Paralyze: 5001f4b
  • (no name): Editor ID: FaceSmashEffect. 5003c56