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This page lists all skill magazines in Fallout: New Vegas.
  • The content is not described in full detail on this page. For details, please see the respective articles.
  • For skill magazines in other Fallout games, please see "Skill magazine".
  • For an overview of Fallout: New Vegas content, please refer to "Portal:Fallout: New Vegas".


Unlike skill books, magazines are a consumable item designed to temporarily boost a skill. Using a magazine provides a 10 point bonus to its corresponding skill for 60 seconds (1 minute). The bonuses do not stack; using the same magazine multiple times will not increase the bonus.

Their effectiveness can be modified with two perks:

  • Comprehension doubles the bonus, to 20 points per use.
  • Retention triples the duration of the bonus, to 180 seconds (3 minutes).

Skill magazines are a relatively commonplace item, with 213 items pre-placed in the base game. Additional copies can be obtained from various vendors, magazine vending machines on the Strip, or crafted using the Voracious Reader perk.


Name Weight Value Effect Base ID
Boxing Times 0 20 Unarmed +10 (+20 w/ Comprehension) (temporarily) 000ec4b0
Fixin' Things 0 20 Repair +10 (+20 w/ Comprehension)(temporarily) 000ec4ab
Future Weapons Today 0 20 Energy Weapons +10 (+20 w/ Comprehension) (temporarily) 000ec4a6
Lad's Life 0 20 Survival +10 (+20 w/ Comprehension) (temporarily) 000ec4af
¡La Fantoma! 0 20 Sneak +10 (+20 w/ Comprehension) (temporarily) 000ec4ad
Locksmith's Reader 0 20 Lockpick +10 (+20 w/ Comprehension) (temporarily) 000ec4a8
Meeting People 0 20 Speech +10 (+20 w/ Comprehension) (temporarily) 000ec4ae
Milsurp Review 0 20 Guns +10 (+20 w/ Comprehension) (temporarily) 000ec4ac
Patriot's Cookbook 0 20 Explosives +10 (+20 w/ Comprehension) (temporarily) 000ec4a7
Programmer's Digest 0 20 Science +10 (+20 w/ Comprehension) (temporarily) 000ec4b1
Salesman Weekly 0 20 Barter +10 (+20 w/ Comprehension) (temporarily) 000ec4a4
Tæles of Chivalrie 0 20 Melee Weapons +10 (+20 w/ Comprehension) (temporarily) 000ec4aa
Today's Physician 0 20 Medicine +10 (+20 w/Comprehension) (temporarily) 000ec4a9
True Police Stories 0 20 Critical chance +5% (+10% w/ Comprehension) (temporarily) 00135689


Random locations

These magazines can be found in containers such as mailboxes and the 12 red magazine boxes on the Strip. Some of these containers will be replenished over time.

Fixed locations

The following section is transcluded from the respective item articles. To modify, please edit the source pages.
NameClosest map markerLocation description
Boxing TimesBoulder CityBottom of the mining equipment.
Boxing TimesGoodspringsGoodsprings Gas Station, on a shelf.
Boxing TimesH&H Tool FactoryOn reception desk in entrance room.
Boxing TimesJacobstownJacobstown Lodge, in an upstairs room on a small table. Up the right hand staircase, back room on the left hand corner; on a small table on the left.
Boxing TimesLucky 38In an upstairs bar next to the Golden Gloves.
Boxing TimesSouth Vegas RuinsZapp's Neon Signs, along with Lad's Life next to Nuka-Cola Quartz in upstairs office on shelf.
Boxing TimesTechatticup MineOn a shelf in a cage with an NCR prisoner.
Boxing TimesThe King's School of ImpersonationThird floor, on the table in the bedroom.
Fixin' ThingsCamp McCarranIn one of the tents at the first row.
Fixin' ThingsCamp McCarranOn top of a footlocker in third tent from terminal building on the first row.
Fixin' ThingsGoodspringsIn a broken bathroom sink inside one of the Goodspring Homes (from the Saloon, head west towards the gas station, turn left at the rusted truck, first house on the left).
Fixin' ThingsGoodspringsProspector Saloon.
Fixin' ThingsJacobstownJacobstown Lodge, in an upstairs room, on a table along with a Programmer's Digest.
Fixin' ThingsNellis Air Force BaseNellis Workshop.
Fixin' ThingsNew Vegas Medical ClinicOn a table inside.
Fixin' ThingsPrimmOn a bedside table in the Mojave Express office, along with a Programmer's Digest.
Fixin' ThingsPuesta del Sol Dead MoneyGametitle-FNV DM.pngOne in the ruined room above the store and another on top of a desk when exiting the switching station via elevator.
Fixin' ThingsSierra Madre Dead MoneyGametitle-FNV DM.pngExecutive Suites, on top of a terminal.
Fixin' ThingsSouth Vegas RuinsZapp's Neon Signs, along with a ¡La Fantoma! on table next to couch.
Future Weapons TodayCamp GolfInside the Misfits' tent
Future Weapons TodayHouse ResortInside the storehouse
Future Weapons TodayCamp McCarranInside the storage tent in the parking lot
Future Weapons TodayCottonwood Cove male restroomsOn the floor
Future Weapons TodayFollowers SafehouseOn the left most bed in the safe house next to the advanced radiation suit
Future Weapons TodayGun Runners factoryInside a nightstand in the barracks
Future Weapons TodayLucky 38In the Presidential Suite
Future Weapons TodayLucky 38On a table in the Cocktail Lounge
Future Weapons TodayNipton HallOn the shelf behind the Mayor's desk, along with some lotto tickets
Future Weapons TodayPoseidon Gas StationTo the south, in a box on a shelf in Violet's makeshift fort
Future Weapons TodayBrooks Tumbleweed RanchOn the cupboard in the kitchen
Future Weapons TodayWhittaker FarmsteadOne at a shelf in the kitchen
Lad's LifeBroc Flower CaveOn the floor of the lower irradiated chamber, in the middle area near the skeletons.
Lad's LifeCamp McCarranInside a tent nearest to the two trucks and a trailer.
Lad's LifeCottonwood CoveOn a dead mercenary southeast across the river in a small cave.
Lad's LifeGoodsprings CemeteryJust east of the water tower down the hill where alot of radscorpions are hanging out. Also a dead mercenary with loot.
Lad's LifeGoodspringsInside the first house to north-east of Doc Mitchell's house, sitting on a step ladder.
Lad's LifeGoodspringsGoodsprings Schoolhouse, on the floor near the middle of the room next to the large group of ruined desks.
Lad's LifeJacobstownJacobstown Lodge, up the right hand staircase; first room on the left, on a bed with a shelf and surgical instruments piled on it. Doctor's bag on the floor in doorway.
Lad's LifeMountain Shadows CampgroundOn a picnic table just east of the campground.
Lad's LifeNCR Ranger safehouseIn a pool of green water near two skeletons east from the Ranger safehouse and North to north-east of Black Mountain.
Lad's LifePowder Ganger Camp SouthInside a crate of burnt books, just south of the NCR Correctional Facility.
Lad's LifeRanger Station AlphaInside the leftmost camp.
Lad's LifeRanger Station DeltaOn the table inside the tent.
Lad's LifeRed Rock CanyonNW tent around the fire, on the floor with/under a Programmer's Digest and Milsurp Review.
Lad's LifeSouth Vegas RuinsZapp's Neon Signs, along with Boxing Times next to Nuka-Cola Quartz in upstairs office on shelf.
Lad's LifeTechatticup MineRight of the entrance in the area with the 2 NCR hostages.
Lad's LifeThe Tops13th floor, on top of the fire place in Benny's suite.
Lad's LifeThe Tops13th floor, in the High Roller suite.
Lad's LifeYangtze MemorialIn the Abandoned shack to the northwest.
Lad's LifeZion Fishing LodgeBehind the couch.
¡La Fantoma!Bitter Springs Recreation AreaRecreation Office, underneath a few books on a table.
¡La Fantoma!Boulder CityBottom of the conveyor belt by the train station office. Another may be found in the second to last building (head due south) inside Boulder City Ruins. First floor, bottom of the stairs behind the chair.
¡La Fantoma!Camp McCarranIn one of the tents underneath a bunk bed along with several other magazines (from the middle doors into the terminal building head north, it is the second tent on the left).
¡La Fantoma!Crimson Caravan CompanyCaravaneer Barracks, on a desk.
¡La Fantoma!Executive suites Dead MoneyGametitle-FNV DM.pngOn a nightstand in the bedroom of Vera Keyes.
¡La Fantoma!Followers safehouseLaying on the left most bed in the safe house with an advanced radiation suit
¡La Fantoma!H&H Tool FactoryOn bookshelf in left of entrance room.
¡La Fantoma!Lucky 38Lucky 38 Cocktail Lounge, on a hard lock briefcase.
¡La Fantoma!Nellis Air Force BaseNellis Boomer Museum, on Pete's bed.
¡La Fantoma!Poseidon Gas StationWhere the player encounters Violet, it is in a wooden box on it's side in the tower over the campers. The box is on a metal shelf.
¡La Fantoma!Powder Ganger Camp WestTo the southeast, down in a radioactive puddle with part of a bus, a burnt out car and large stack of radioactive barrels (+2-3 rads per second throughout most of the area with little to no protection). Follow the road south past the camp to the first billboard on the left (corvega billboard, the back of it will be facing the player), turn left into a small ditch that leads right into the puddle.
¡La Fantoma!Sierra Madre Vault Dead MoneyGametitle-FNV DM.pngIn a garbage can.
¡La Fantoma!Villa Police Station Dead MoneyGametitle-FNV DM.pngIn the third cell in the row at the back of the station, behind a locked door.
¡La Fantoma!Zapp's Neon SignsNext to couch.
Locksmith's ReaderCamp GolfHouse Resort, on the second floor in the first room to the right on the right corridor, underneath the damaged shelf.
Locksmith's ReaderGoodspringsProspector Saloon, given to you by Sunny Smiles.
Locksmith's ReaderHoover DamPower Plant 01, found on a desk near a door labled "Hoover Dam offices".
Locksmith's ReaderMole Rat RanchIn a house on the very corner of outer Vegas, towards Nellis Air Force Base, there is a grenade bouquet trap, a sniper rifle with ammunition and a Locksmith's Reader at the foot of the stairs.
Locksmith's ReaderSierra Madre Dead MoneyGametitle-FNV DM.pngExecutive Suites, on a workbench.
Locksmith's ReaderThe TopsIn Benny's workshop on the 13th floor.
Locksmith's ReaderVault 3Next to the bed in the living quarters room which is locked by an average lock.
Locksmith's ReaderVault 3Maintenance wing, in the locked room left of the entrance.
Locksmith's ReaderVault 3Living Quarters, in the submerged room in the eastern section on the metal shelf to the left. Will be below the pillow on the top shelf.
Locksmith's ReaderWestsideCasa Madrid, on a table just after entering.
Meeting PeopleCamp GolfHouse Resort, upstairs, on the floor in bathroom; in the room with the chemistry set (the room next door to the one room with all the cutlery).
Meeting PeopleCamp SearchlightIn the Searchlight Home where you find Pvt. Kyle Edwards, on a table next to the bed.
Meeting PeopleGoodspringsProspector Saloon, on a Sunset Sarsaparilla crate near the side door closest to the entrance.
Meeting PeopleGoodspringsIn the metal camper trailer directly north of the Prospector Saloon under the shelf.
Meeting PeopleGoodspringsGoodsprings Schoolhouse, on the floor near the safe by the ruined school desk.
Meeting PeopleNew Vegas Medical ClinicCan be stolen from the desk on the left, next to the clinic guard. Taking it will result in the usual loss of karma, but apparently will not result in hostilities if you are detected.
Meeting PeopleNew Vegas Medical ClinicCan be bought from Dr. Usanagi inside the clinic.
Meeting PeopleResidential District Dead MoneyGametitle-FNV DM.pngUnder the first bench along the wall across from the first vending machine you see on the right when you first enter.
Meeting PeopleSierra Madre Dead MoneyGametitle-FNV DM.pngExecutive Suites, on a nightstand in Vera's bedroom.
Meeting PeopleSunset Sarsaparilla HeadquartersOn the southern-most picnic bench outside the west entrance.
Meeting PeopleThe Tampico Dead MoneyGametitle-FNV DM.pngIn Vera's Dressing Room.
Meeting PeopleThe TopsPresidential suite, on a table.
Meeting PeopleVault 3Living quarters, the door directly in front of where you enter, unlock and you will find one on the nightstand.
Meeting PeopleThink tank Old World BluesGametitle-FNV OWB.pngIn possession of Dr. 8, who is located on the bottom floor to the right of Dr. O.
Milsurp ReviewCamp McCarranIn a tent with a lot of shelves on top of some metal boxes on a counter next to ammunition boxes and some fission batteries (has to be stolen).
Milsurp ReviewCamp McCarranIn a tent below a bunkbed.
Milsurp ReviewExecutive Suites Dead MoneyGametitle-FNV DM.pngOn a suitcase in a bedroom.
Milsurp ReviewNipton General StoreOn the second floor, lying on the rug next to the overturned couch.
Milsurp ReviewPrimmOn the second level of the ruined building next to the Nash Residence. On a bedframe next to two ammunition boxes. Sometimes this one cannot be picked up and no "Take Milsup Review" will appear.
Milsurp ReviewRanger Station DeltaIn the cellar of the ruined building, hidden on the generator under the table in the pool room.
Milsurp ReviewRed Rock CanyonNW tent around the fire. On the floor with/under a Programmer's Digest and Lad's Life.
Milsurp ReviewVault 34Found next to a pile of rubber next to a first aid box and a 10mm submachinegun
Milsurp ReviewVilla Police Station Dead MoneyGametitle-FNV DM.pngIn the basement level, in the first room with the terminal, on top of the crates with the stairway behind them.
Milsurp ReviewZion Ranger Station Honest HeartsGametitle-FNV HH.pngTo the left of the entrance, behind the knocked down chair in the corner.
Patriot's CookbookCamp GolfInside Misfits' Tent.
Patriot's CookbookHorowitz farmsteadIn the bedroom of a house south-east of Horowitz farmstead.
Patriot's CookbookNellis Air Force BaseNellis Boomer Museum, on a shelf above Pete's bed, with ¡La Fantoma! and Tæles of Chivalrie.
Patriot's CookbookNellis Air Force BaseSchoolhouse, inside the teacher's desk (very easy lock), with a Lad's Life and Today's Physician.
Patriot's CookbookNellis Air Force BaseMen's Barrack, on a set of shelves next to bunk.(must be stolen)
Patriot's CookbookNCR Sharecropper FarmsIf you go out of the farm (East gate) there is a mailbox down the road (to your left),also there is a Salesman Weekly in the mailbox straight in front of the gate.
Patriot's CookbookNew California Republic Correctional FacilityCell block A, behind the closed cell door.
Patriot's CookbookNew Vegas SteelOn a desk in the first room.
Patriot's CookbookNiptonIn a safe inside a house, along with a low condition grenade rifle.
Patriot's CookbookSierra Madre Dead MoneyGametitle-FNV DM.pngExecutive Suites, on a suitcase in a bedroom.
Patriot's CookbookZion Fishing Lodge Honest HeartsGametitle-FNV HH.pngFishing Lodge, on an end table next to a cabinet with two pre-War books.
Patriot's CookbookTechatticup MineOn the bottom of shelf of a supply cage.
Patriot's CookbookVault 34In the collapsed room with a doctor's bag, skeleton, and first aid box.
Patriot's CookbookVault 34In the room directly after the room with an inaccessible door and 3 vault dwellers in it.
Programmer's DigestBroc Flower CaveIn the upper chamber with the rest of the medical loot. One is on the table with the chemistry set; the other is on the table near the dummy computer terminal (along with a Today's Physician).
Programmer's DigestCamp Guardian cavesIn the bottom right corner of the map. Behind a large group of lakelurkers and inside a duffle bag within their cave.
Programmer's DigestFollowers safehouseOne is found on the middle bed of the safehouse next to a copy of Today's Physician.
Programmer's DigestGoodspringsGoodsprings Schoolhouse. May also appear randomly in Mailboxes
Programmer's DigestHoover DamPower Plant 01, on a desk upstairs just outside the door to Hoover Dam Offices.
Programmer's DigestHoover DamHoover Dam Offices, in an eastern room, on a desk with the inventory terminal.
Programmer's DigestHoover DamIn the northeastern Hoover Dam Tower (ladies room), in one of the stalls upstairs.
Programmer's DigestHunter's farmIn a mailbox.
Programmer's DigestJacobstownIn the lodge in an upstairs room. Take the hallway on the left, then take the first right. It should be in the third room from the right on a table along with a Fixin' Things.
Programmer's DigestMatthews Animal Husbandry Farm(3) located in a duffle bag on the second floor of the east-most barn.
Programmer's DigestMick and Ralph'sOn the second floor next to a non-working terminal. (Must be stolen.)
Programmer's DigestNipton HallOn the third floor, next to the Mayor's terminal. There are actually two magazines here, stacked as one object.
Programmer's DigestPoseidon Gas StationJust south of the station, on a shelf in Violet's makeshift fort.
Programmer's DigestPrimmJohnson Nash's house, on a table next to the bed, along with a Fixin' Things.
Programmer's DigestPuesta del Sol Switching Station Dead MoneyGametitle-FNV DM.pngOn a console to your right before descending the stairs.
Programmer's DigestRed Rock CanyonNW tent around the fire. On the floor with/under a Lad's Life and Milsurp Review.
Programmer's DigestThe Tops13th floor, in the southern middle room behind an Average locked door, on a desk.
Programmer's DigestVault 22Beside the mattress upon first entering.
Programmer's DigestVilla Police Station Dead MoneyGametitle-FNV DM.pngIn a small room with a reloading bench, on the closest shelf to the right as you enter.
Salesman WeeklyAerotech office parkOn the reception desk on the top of the date planner, inside Aerotech Suite 300.
Salesman WeeklyBitter SpringsOn the straw mattress bedding in the northeast shack, in the refugee camp.
Salesman WeeklyBitter SpringsInside the small, eastern tent (Gille's tent) on a table.
Salesman WeeklyBroc flower caveOn the floor in front of the courier after he enters the cave, between some clutter.
Salesman WeeklyCamp McCarranInside the small tent, just west of the Mess Hall tent, in the Tent City parking lot.
Salesman WeeklyCasa Madrid ApartmentsUnderneath the copy of Locksmiths Reader, on the lobby table, left as you walk in.
Salesman WeeklyGomorrahGomorrah Suites, in Nero's suite, on the mezzanine area, top of the corner bookcase.
Salesman WeeklyGoodspringsOn the bottom shelf of the bookcase, on the left side of the General store interior.
Salesman WeeklyGoodspringsGoodsprings schoolhouse, in the back on the right of the wall with the chalkboard.
Salesman WeeklyGoodspringsProspector Saloon, in the small office on a crate next to the door.
Salesman WeeklyGrub n' Gulp rest stopOn one of the picnic tables, just to the side (north) of the shack.
Salesman WeeklyNCR Sharecropper Farms(East) gate out of the farms there is a mailbox.
Salesman WeeklyNiptonNipton general store 1st floor on the wooden shelf to the right of Boxcars.
Salesman WeeklyPrimmOn a table at the west end room in the Vikki and Vance Casino.
Salesman WeeklyThe TopsOn the 13th floor, room 1301 (first door on your right), on the dresser by the bed.
Salesman WeeklyThe TopsOn the 13th floor, Benny's room, on the top of the low bookcase to the right of Benny's bed.
Salesman WeeklyWestside Co-opInside the co-op, on the corner of the counter near Clayton Ettienne.
Tæles of ChivalrieAllied Technologies officesOn a bookshelf in the Western room.
Tæles of ChivalrieCamp GolfUpstairs in first bedroom off of north stairs.
Tæles of ChivalrieGoodspringsIn a mailbox south of Doc Mitchell's house. Right before the 4-way crossing.
Tæles of ChivalrieMick & Ralph'sOn a table upstairs.
Tæles of ChivalrieNellis Air Force BaseNellis Boomer Museum, on a shelf above Pete's bed (with ¡La Fantoma! and a Patriot's Cookbook).
Tæles of ChivalrieNCR Correctional FacilityVisitor Center, on a shelf.
Tæles of ChivalrieThe Tampico Dead MoneyGametitle-FNV DM.pngBy the projector.
Tæles of ChivalrieVilla Police Station Dead MoneyGametitle-FNV DM.pngIn the basement level, in the first room with the terminal, on top of the crates with the stairway behind them.
Today's PhysicianAerotech Suite 300On a side table in the main lobby.
Today's PhysicianBroc Flower CaveIn the upper chamber with the rest of the medical loot, on the table near the dummy computer terminal.
Today's PhysicianExecutive Suites Dead MoneyGametitle-FNV DM.pngNext to a chemistry set in Vera's suite.
Today's PhysicianFollowers safehouseOne is found on the middle bed of the safehouse next to a multiplas rifle
Today's PhysicianFreesideOld Mormon Fort, in the room in the upstairs tower (same room as Snow globe - Mormon Fort).
Today's PhysicianGoodspringsOn the desk directly in front of the player when you first wake up with Doc Mitchell.
Today's PhysicianGun RunnersInside the building, make a left under the bathroom stall.
Today's PhysicianJean Sky DivingOn the highway northeast in a Powder Ganger-occupied camper, near a Sunset Sarsaparilla billboard.
Today's PhysicianLucky 38Presidential Suite, on a table in the master bedroom.
Today's PhysicianLucky 38Presidential Suite, on a desk in the northwest room with the bathtubs.
Today's PhysicianMick & Ralph'sOn the bed upstairs.
Today's PhysicianMountain Shadows CampgroundOn a table.
Today's PhysicianNew Vegas Medical ClinicOn a small desk inside.
Today's PhysicianNellis Air Force BaseOn a table as you enter Nellis Children's Barracks.
Today's PhysicianNellis Air Force BaseSchool House, in the teacher's desk
Today's PhysicianVault 3Recreation Area, on a desk in the medical room.
Today's PhysicianVault 34After walking down to the main floor (in the first room), there's a hallway to the right. Follow the hallway to the next room. Directly after entering, the magazine is located to the right, lying in a pile of trash next to a first aid box.
True Police StoriesAllied Technologies OfficesOn the small corner table inside the entrance foyer.
True Police StoriesBitter Springs recreation areaIn the Bitter Springs recreation office, in a table to the right of the door.
True Police StoriesBoulder CityBoulder City Ruins, on the upper floor bookcase of the blown-out store building, across from the Great Khans.
True Police StoriesCalifornia Sunset Drive-inLocated on the picnic table at the "scenic overlook".
True Police StoriesCrimson Caravan CompanyMain Office, on the floor inside the first restroom stall.
True Police StoriesGomorrahGomorrah Suites, on the small table by one of the round beds on the upper floor of Clanden's suite.
True Police StoriesLucky 38On one of the small tables in the cocktail lounge (middle-tiered section).
True Police StoriesMole Rat RanchRuined Building to the east with locked cache, inside the locked storage room.
True Police StoriesPoseidon Gas StationIn the police car in the middle of some radiation barrels. May fall through if not taken first.
True Police StoriesThe Basincreek BuildingOn the small corner table inside the entrance foyer.
True Police StoriesThe TopsOn the small bedside table in the bedroom of the Presidential Suite.
True Police StoriesVault 34Reactor level, inside the ruins of the security room. On the rubble near the doctor's bag
True Police StoriesVilla Police Station Dead MoneyGametitle-FNV DM.pngNext to the cosmic knife in the kitchen.


Behind the scenes

I am 99% sure all of them were drawn by Brian Menze, who drew reference from a wide variety of sources.

Joshua Sawyer on the Frog Helms Fan Club responding to a question of who drew New Vegas's skill magazine covers

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