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This page lists all cut contents in Fallout: New Vegas.
  • The content is not described in full detail on this page. For details, please see the respective articles.
  • For cut contents in other Fallout games, please see "Cut content".
  • For an overview of Fallout: New Vegas content, please refer to "Portal:Fallout: New Vegas".


Cut content refers to content in Fallout: New Vegas which was cut from the final version of the game. Most of it can still be found in the game files but is inaccessible within the game itself. Much of the equipment can only be obtained by use of console commands.

Some cut content is simply Fallout 3 content that was never removed from the GECK. This content is referred to as legacy content.











Weapon Mods and Ammunition

Miscellaneous items



  • Corn Creek Dunes
  • Floyd Lamb State Park - Again another real life location found to the north west of Vegas.
  • Valley of Fire - Real life highway to the north east.
  • Sandy Valley - This is actually a real town comprised of what were once five smaller mining communities, of which one is Ripley, another ingame location.
  • Ripley - Location east of Sandy Valley. See above. Interesting that it would have been considered a seperate entity to Sandy Valley in the game.
  • Las Vegas Dunes - Found Just north-east of Vault 34, this is a real life "recreation area" which consists of little more than a series of bleak hills and vehicle tracks. Probably would have been an enemy encounter area in the game.
  • Devil Peak - A real life mountain south of Goodsprings.
  • Mummy Mountain - Another real life mountain North-east of Jacobstown. So named as it apparently kind of has the shape of an Egyptian mummy's sarcophagus.
  • Elephant Hill - Located across the Colorado river opposite Blue Paradise Vacation Rentals. A real but seemingly largely uninteresting hill overlooking the Colorado. Perhaps another Legion camp location?
  • Garnet - Located dead north of the Gypsum Trainyard. Another tiny real life town.
  • Calada - A location to the South west of Primm (in actuality it's kind of due west of where Primm is in real life). Not sure if this is a real place, but there are small towns in that area. Unsure on what the name says, but it begins with a C. Based on the above it probably is a real place.



These are all valid maps but there's nothing to see there except for endless black or gray voids.

  • DevArmory: "Armory"
  • GreenRoom: (no name)
  • HooverDamExt: "Hoover Dam Exterior Dummy Cell"
  • HooverDamInt: "Hoover Dam Interior Dummy Cell"
  • HooverDamIntPowerPlant: "Hoover Dam Interior Dummy Cell"
  • HooverDamIntArizonaSpillway: "Arizona Spillway Tunnel"
  • MS14MrGutsyVoice "Test Cell for Char progression"
  • NorthVegasGenericHouse01 (+02, 03, 04): "North Vegas House"
  • NVVendorChestsCell "New Vegas Buried Vendor Chests"
  • NVWildWastelandCell "New Vegas Buried Vendor Chests"
  • TheFortSum "TheFortSummitDummy"




Robots and computers