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This page lists all named characters in Fallout: New Vegas.
  • The content is not described in full detail on this page. For details, please see the respective articles.
  • For characters in other Fallout games, please see "Character".
  • For an overview of Fallout: New Vegas content, please refer to "Portal:Fallout: New Vegas".


The characters are grouped by their initial location. All columns can be sorted to list the desired overview. Temporary followers have a brown checkmark instead of a green one.

DeadIcon dead.pngCharacter starts game dead.
SpawnedIcon spawn.pngCharacter only appears under certain conditions or as part of a quest.
EssentialIcon essential.pngCharacter is essential.
Plays caravanIcon cards.pngCharacter will play Caravan.
DoctorIcon doctor.pngCharacter provides doctor services, i.e. healing, cleansing radiation and curing addictions.
MerchantIcon merchant.pngCharacter can be traded with.
RepairIcon repair.pngCharacter can repair equipment.
CompanionIcon companion.pngCharacter is a companion.

Player character

Name DeadIcon dead.png SpawnedIcon spawn.png EssentialIcon essential.png Plays caravanIcon cards.png DoctorIcon doctor.png MerchantIcon merchant.png RepairIcon repair.png CompanionIcon companion.png Base ID Ref ID Location
Courier 00000007 00000014 Mojave Wasteland

Base game

Name DeadIcon dead.png SpawnedIcon spawn.png EssentialIcon essential.png Plays caravanIcon cards.png DoctorIcon doctor.png MerchantIcon merchant.png RepairIcon repair.png CompanionIcon companion.png Base ID Ref ID Location
10 of Spades 000f56f7 000f5710 Camp McCarran
President Aaron Kimball 0013002d 0012fcd2 Hoover Dam
Alerio 0013a5fe 00000000 New Vegas Strip
Doctor Alex Richards Yes 00120dcd 00120dd9 Camp Forlorn Hope
Alexander Yes 000e604f 000e686e 188 Trading Post
Alexus 001300ee 001300f2 Techatticup Mine
Alice Hostetler 000f6371 000f6373 Hostetler home
Alice McBride 000ccfc8 000ccfcd Novac
Alice McLafferty 000ec7a1 000ec7b8 Crimson Caravan Company
Engineer Allison Valentine 0014f279 0014f27a Hoover Dam
Anders 001413c2 001413c3 Cottonwood Cove
Sergeant Andrews 00137121 00137122 The Fort
Ranger Andy 0008f0ba 0008f0b8 Novac
Andy Scabb 000f6370 000f6372 North Vegas square
Angela Williams 000f2746 000e8f65 Camp McCarran
Anne 0015ec2c 00000000 NCR Sharecropper Farms
Antony 00120172 00136a1f The Fort
April Martimer 0015882b 0015882c Freeside
Arcade Gannon Yes Yes 0010c767 0010d8eb Freeside
Argyll Yes Yes 000ff265 000ff267 Nellis Air Force Base
Arms merchant Yes 000e6675 000e689a 188 Trading Post
Assassin 0011689c 0011689d New Vegas Strip (Ultra-Luxe)
Atomic Wrangler crier 0013ec2d 0013ef09 Freeside
Audaz 000cd22f 000cd22b Gibson Scrap Yard
Aurelius of Phoenix 0012b512 0012d6e2 Cottonwood Cove
Quartermaster Bardon Yes 001300a8 00134d05 Hoover Dam
Barton Thorn 00157c8d 00157c8f Goodsprings Source
Basura 000cd22c 0008e44c Gibson Scrap Yard
Beatrix Russell 0011fc07 00124aea Freeside
Benny 00101c9b 00101ca0 New Vegas Strip (The Tops)
Benny 001630cd 00000000 The Fort
Bert Gunnarsson Yes 000f839b 000f83a4 Aerotech Office Park
Beru 0016192d 00161988 Nipton
Corporal Betsy 000f56fb 000f570f Camp McCarran
Big Beard Temporary 001158b2 001258d1 Freeside
Big Sal 0010c6f4 0011267a New Vegas Strip (Gomorrah)
Billy Knight 0011f9ba 0011f9bf New Vegas Strip
Blake Yes 000f1863 000f1866 Crimson Caravan Company
BoneGnash 000efb26 000efb28 Vault 3
Boomer chef Yes 00106623 00106616 Nellis Air Force Base
Boomer munitions manager Yes 0015d78f 0015d782 Nellis Air Force Base
Boxcars 00134972 00134973 Nipton
Bruce Isaac 0011f9b8 0011f9c0 Novac
Bryce Anders 000ef3aa 000ef3e9 Vault 3
Button Man 0011e752 00000000 New Vegas Strip (Gomorrah)
Cachino 0010c6f5 0011118d New Vegas Strip (Gomorrah)
Caesar 00121fef 00121ff0 The Fort
Calamity Yes Yes 0013d831 0013d832 Jacobstown
Caleb McCaffery 00116e22 0010d8ea Freeside
Cannibal Johnson Temporary 001010b7 001010cb Cannibal Johnson's Cave
Canyon Runner 0012b514 0012fcb3 Cottonwood Cove
Captain Parker 000f839a 000f83a3 Aerotech Office Park
Carlitos Wayne 0011f862 0011f87a New Vegas Strip
Carlyle St. Clair III 00127dcc 00127dd7 Carlyle St. Clair's house
Lieutenant Carrie Boyd 000e8993 000f0678 Camp McCarran
Carter Yes 000cef3b 000cef3c NCR Correctional Facility
Carter 000f47aa 000f47b1 Vault 3
Comm Officer Castillo 0010f700 0010f701 Ranger Station Alpha
Chauncey 0010d4ea 0010d4ee New Vegas Strip (Ultra-Luxe)
Chavez 000e32a2 000e32a3 NCR Correctional Facility
Chet Yes 00104c78 00104c79 Goodsprings
Cheyenne Temporary 0010588d 0010588e Goodsprings
Chomps Lewis 000e5958 000e5a68 Sloan
Chris Haversam 000810e9 000840c8 REPCONN Test Site
Private Christina Morales 000e8f6d 000e8f64 Camp McCarran
Clanden 0010c6f9 0011267b New Vegas Strip (Gomorrah)
Clayton Ettienne Yes 000fa877 000fab0b Westside
Cliff Briscoe Yes Yes 0008cd27 0008cd28 Novac
Colmillo 000cd22d 0008e44d Gibson Scrap Yard
Cook-Cook 000f5700 000f5704 South Vegas Ruins
Sergeant Cooper 001258e0 00125c1a Camp Forlorn Hope
Corporal Sterling 000f56f9 000f570e Camp McCarran
Craig Boone Yes Yes 00092bd2 00096bce Novac
Crandon 000eddcf 000f3dd0 North Vegas square
Crusoe Yes 00116892 001656da New Vegas Strip (Ultra-Luxe)
Cursor Lucullus 0012b515 0012fcb4 Cottonwood Cove
Daisy Whitman 00133958 0015a373 Novac
Dale Barton Yes Yes Yes 0011fbc3 0011fbc4 The Fort
Daniel 000f512d 000f5143 Vault 3
Sergeant Daniel Contreras Yes 000e5518 000e5517 Camp McCarran
Daniel Wyand Yes 000a59e6 0015bc9e Primm
Davey Crenshaw 000f8298 000f829a Camp McCarran
Davison 0007f8e1 0007f8c0 REPCONN Test Site
Dawes 0008f13a 000d6f51 NCR Correctional Facility
Dazzle 000f43d5 000f43d7 New Vegas Strip (Gomorrah)
Dead Sea 0011f90f 00131e7b Camp Nelson
Decanus Severus 0012b513 0012fcb2 Cottonwood Cove
Amb. Dennis Crocker Yes 00112640 00116840 New Vegas Strip
Dennis 000f47a9 000f47af Vault 3
Deputy Beagle Temporary 000d7f57 000d7f59 Primm
Dermot 000f889a 000f889c Westside
Major Dhatri 000f56f8 000f5712 Camp McCarran
Diane 00140e6d 00140e6e Red Rock Canyon
Dixon Yes 00117e11 00117e10 Freeside
Ranger Dobson 000acd6b 000acd6b Hidden Valley
Doc Sawbones Yes 00155a03 00155a04 Camp Golf
Doctor Alvarez 0015a359 0015a82c Follower's Outpost
Don Hostetler 000f271c 00133047 Crimson Caravan Company
Dr. Ada Straus Yes Yes 000ce88c 000ce94e Novac
Driver Nephi 000f56ff 000f570a South Vegas Ruins EA
Duke 000fea1d 000fea1e Zapp's Neon Signs
Dusty McBride 000b8fa0 000b8fa6 Novac
Easy Pete 00104c7f 00104c80 Goodsprings
ED-E Yes Yes 0010c769 001694e2 001694e0 001732d1 001732d0 001732cf Primm
Eddie 0008d0e9 000d7036 NCR Correctional Facility
Major Elizabeth Kieran 0010c764
Emily Ortal Yes 0011904e 0011904f New Vegas Strip
Ethel Phebus 0011eb5b 0011eb8e New Vegas Strip
Ezekiel 00148c26 00148c27 188 Trading Post
Fantastic 000e07d3 000e07d7 Helios One
Farris 00113647 0011365f Freeside
Festus 001043d1 00104893 Sunset Sarsaparilla HQ
Fiel 000cd22e 0008e447 Gibson Scrap Yard
First Sergeant Astor 0013fe78 0013feab Camp Searchlight
Fisto 0011e4c2 0011ed50 Freeside
Fitz Yes 000f0b31 000f0b33 Grub n' Gulp Rest Stop
Francine Garret Yes 0010c680 0010d8e8 Freeside
Frank Weathers 000f839d 000f83a6 Aerotech Office Park
Gabban 001547bb 00000000 Nipton
Genaro Yes 0013ec2c 0013ef05 Freeside
George 000ff803 00107af5 Fields' Shack
GhashBone 000efb25 000efb27 Vault 3
Captain Gilles 0012ac9e 00133044 Bitter Springs
Gloria Van Graff Yes 0010c67d 0010d8e7 Freeside
Gomorrah floor manager 00160800 00160801 New Vegas Strip (Gomorrah)
Lieutenant Gorobets 000f56fe 000f5711 Camp McCarran
Gourd 001558d7 001558d8 Brewer's beer bootlegging
Greasy Johnny 000f52ab 000f52b0 North sewers
Great Khan armorer Yes 0014edbe 0014edbf Red Rock Canyon
Grecks 0010fd31 00000000 Freeside
Comm Officer Green 0011324d 001132ca Ranger Station Echo
Hadrian 0011f9b9 0011f9c1 Freeside
Lieutenant Haggerty 000e07d5 000e07db Helios One
Private Halford Temporary 0013f323 0013f31b Camp Guardian caves
Chief Hanlon 00104310 00106d79 Camp Golf
Hannigan Yes 000d71b6 000d71b7 NCR Correctional Facility
Head Paladin Hardin 000e2f85
000e2f88 Hidden Valley
Harland 00080771 00080770 REPCONN Test Site
Lieutenant Hayes 000e2c94 00099cfe Primm
Heck Gunderson 0010d4eb 0010d4ef New Vegas Strip (Ultra-Luxe)
Hector Yes 000ed50d 000f0a48 Westside
Henry Jamison 000ff1b8 000ff1b9 Freeside
Doctor Henry Yes 00133957 0013395c Jacobstown
Mister Holdout Yes 0014efb2 00000000 New Vegas Strip (Gomorrah)
Horowitz Yes 0015e9e6 0015e9eb Aerotech Office Park
Ignacio Rivas 000e07d4 000e07d8 Helios One
Ike Yes 0010c6ea 0010c6eb Boulder City
Initiate Stanton 0010a6fe 000e2809 Hidden Valley
Irate Ida 0016336c 00163367 Freeside
Isaac Yes 000ed4e2 000f8b13 Gun Runners
Jack 000ff264 000ff268 Nellis Air Force Base
Jack Yes 00140e6b 00140e6c Red Rock Canyon
Jacklyn 0010596d 00106515 Nipton
Private Jake Erwin Yes 00112642 0011683a New Vegas Strip
James Garret Yes 0010c67e 0010d8e6 Freeside
Colonel James Hsu 000e8992 000eea78 Camp McCarran
Private James Sexton 00126d47 00127212 Camp Forlorn Hope
Jane 00116a50 00116a52 New Vegas Strip (Lucky 38)
Janet 000feb3c 000fe245 Crimson Caravan Company
Jas Wilkins Yes 000e595b 000e5a69 Sloan
Jason Bright 001428ed 000834c0 REPCONN Test Site
Jay Barnes Yes 00116580 00116894 New Vegas Strip (Ultra-Luxe)
Jean-Baptiste Cutting 0010c681 0010d8e5 Freeside
Jeannie May Crawford 0008d749 0008d74c Novac
Private Jeremy Watson 001300a6 0012fcd6 Hoover Dam
Jerry the Punk 001413bd 001413bf Red Rock Canyon
Jessup 0010c0be 0010c0bf Boulder City
'Sweet' Jill Yes 00147405 0017935f East central sewers
Jimmy 000f624f 000f6254 Westside
Joana Temporary 0010c6f6 00112471 New Vegas Strip (Gomorrah)
Joe Cobb 00104c67 00104c68 Goodsprings
Johnny Yes 00171b38 00171b39 Goodsprings Source
Johnson Nash Yes Yes 000da729 000e2882 Primm
Judah Kreger 00133956 0013395a Westside
Jules Yes 0013e307 0013e30a North Vegas square
Julie Farkas Yes Yes 0010c682 00115c5f Freeside
Karl 00140e60 00140e71 Red Rock Canyon
Kate 001228db 001228ef New Vegas Strip
Keely 000e8f6c 000e8f66 Vault 22
Keene 0013f70d 0013f70e Jacobstown
Keith Yes 000f839c 000f83a5 Aerotech Office Park
Keller 000f1864 000fbc4b Westside
Doctor Kemp Yes Yes 000f3bce 000f3bd5 Camp McCarran
Kenny Weathers 001364c7 001364c4 Cottonwood Cove
Sergeant Kilborn 00136fd3 001370c9 Mojave Outpost
Klamath Bob Yes 000f839e 000f83aa Westside
Knight Torres Yes 000e27e5 000e280f Hidden Valley
Ranger Kudlow 00120183 0015362c Ranger Station Foxtrot
Private Kyle Edwards 0013fe79 0013fe89 Camp Searchlight
Private Kyle Edwards 0013fe79 0013fe89 Ranger Station Echo
Lacey Yes Yes 0013d6a7 00140da9 Mojave Outpost
Lady Jane 0010fd2f 0010fd33 Freeside
Legate Lanius 001300aa 00137a9d Legate's Camp
Layla 000e8d1a 00000000 Primm
Lee Yes 000e5299 000e529a NCR Correctional Facility
General Lee Oliver 001300a9 00134db4 Hoover Dam
Comm Officer Lenk 00116b40 00152e90 Ranger Station Foxtrot
Lieutenant Monroe 0010c6dd 0010c6de Boulder City
Lily Bowen Yes 0013d834 0013d830 Jacobstown
Senior Scribe Schuler Yes Yes 000e27e6 000e2808 Hidden Valley
Lindsay Yes 00103869 00104a39 Nellis Air Force Base
Little Beard Temporary 001258b3 001258d2 Freeside
Little Buster Yes 000f56fc 00127ecb Camp McCarran
Liza O'Malley 0010c6fa 00117e7a New Vegas Strip
Logan Temporary 0013fe7a 0013fe8a Camp Searchlight
Loyal 000fed42 000ff26a Nellis Air Force Base
Lucius 0011fc9d 0011fc9e The Fort
Lucullus 0012b515 0012fcb4 The Fort
'Blind' Luke Yes 00147404 00179357 Central sewers
Lupa 001252bf 0012b4a8 The Fort
Lupe Yes 000ef468 000efb4e Grub n' Gulp Rest Stop
Luria Yes 0015a028 00000000 Followers Safehouse
Mags 00104315 0010431a Camp Golf
Major Knight Yes 0013d6a4 00140da7 Mojave Outpost
Malcolm Holmes Yes 0010596b 0010651a Mojave Wasteland
Malefic Maud 00163369 00163364 Freeside
Manny Vargas 000941dc 0009649b Novac
Marco 000f624e 000f6257 Westside
Marcus 0013a7eb 00000000 Jacobstown
Marie Pappas 00112641 00116838 New Vegas Strip
Marjorie 0010d4e7 0010d4f1 New Vegas Strip (Ultra-Luxe)
Lieutenant Markland Yes 0012ac9f 00133043 Bitter Springs
Martina Groesbeck 0011e496 00000000 New Vegas Strip
Maude 000f6250 000f6255 Westside
Quartermaster Mayes Yes Yes 00120dce 00120dd8 Camp Forlorn Hope
Sergeant McCredie 00104313 0010b908 Camp Golf
Sergeant McGee 000e2c93 00099d00 Primm
McMurphy 00101c9d 001770e6 Boulder City
Elder Nolan McNamara 000e2f84 000e2f87 Hidden Valley
Mean Sonofabitch 000f83a2 000f83ab Westside
Melissa Lewis 000e595c 000e5e51 Red Rock Canyon
Apprentice Melissa Watkins 000e2f82 000e2f86 Hidden Valley
Melody Yes 00122b97 00122b98 The Fort
Meyers 0008d0e7 0008d501 NCR Correctional Facility
Michael Angelo 0011253e 0011253f New Vegas Strip
Michelle Kerr Yes 000e5f17 000e6825 188 Trading Post
Mick & Ralph's crier 0013ec2e 0013ef0a Freeside
Mick Yes Yes Yes 0010c761 0010d8e3 Freeside
Miguel Yes 000e8f96 000f18bd Westside
Head Engineer Mike Lawson 001300a7 00134d03 Hoover Dam
Ranger Milo Temporary 001300ed 001300f5 Camp Nelson
Doc Mitchell Yes Yes 00104c0c 00104c0f Goodsprings
Colonel Cassandra Moore 001206fc 001206fe Hoover Dam
Morgan Blake 0015a245 0015a246 NCR Sharecropper Farms
Mortimer 0010d4e8 0010d4f2 New Vegas Strip (Ultra-Luxe)
Motor-Runner 000ef3ab 000ef3ad Vault 3
Mr. House 00000000 00000000 New Vegas Strip (Lucky 38)
Mr. New Vegas 0011e496 0011e497 New Vegas Strip
Mr. Soren 0012411c 00000000 Freeside
Mrs. Hostetler 000eddd0 000f53aa Hostetler home
Mrs. McBain 000a59b0 00000000 Primm
Mrs. Weathers 00130bb9 00130b99 Cottonwood Cove
Neil Temporary 000e60f0 000e61a3 Black Mountain
Nero 0010c6f3 00112dc9 New Vegas Strip (Gomorrah)
No-bark Noonan Yes 0008cd23 0008cd24 Novac
Norton 00148a32 00000000 Jacobstown
O'Hanrahan 00104312 00104319 Camp Golf
Old Ben 0015968a 0015968b Freeside
Old Lady Gibson Yes Yes 00084206 00084207 Gibson Scrap Yard
Oliver Swanick 00134985 001349b6 Nipton
Orion Moreno 00133955 00133959 Orion Moreno's house
Orris Temporary 00115c38 00115c60 Freeside
Private Ortega 000f3bf8 000f3bf9 NCR Sharecropper Farms
Oscar Velasco 0012aca0 001376e7 Bitter Springs
Otho 00122b95 00137125 The Fort
Owen 0016192c 00161969 Nipton
Pacer 0010e037 0010e0ce Freeside
Papa Khan 00140e53 00140e54 Red Rock Canyon
Ranger Pason 0011ebdd 0011ebdc Ranger station Delta
Pauline Wins 000e2dce 000e2dbf Wins hideout
Pearl 000fed43 000ff26b Nellis Air Force Base
Pete Yes 000fed41 000ff26c Nellis Air Force Base
Philip Lem 0013e4d7 0013ec01 Vault 19
Philippe 0010d4e9 00118343 New Vegas Strip (Ultra-Luxe)
Poindexter 00104311 0010431b Camp Golf
Major Joseph Polatli 00120dcc 00120dd7 Camp Forlorn Hope
Pretty Sarah 000f6252 000f6253 Westside
Primm Slim 000e2886 000e288c Primm
Private Ackerman 0010eb2b 0010eb29 Boulder City
Private Gilbert 0010fa83 0010fa82 Boulder City
Rachael 000f47ac 000f47ae Vault 3
Ralph Yes 0010c760 0010d8e2 Freeside
Head Paladin Ramos 00164604 000e2807 Hidden Valley
Rancorous Ruth 0016336b 00174983 Freeside
Ranger Erasmus 0011fb7c 0011fb7b Ranger Station Echo
Ranger Ericsen 0011e4fc 0011e4fb Ranger Station Bravo
Ranger Ghost 0013d6a2 00140dac Mojave Outpost
Ranger Grant 0013721e 0013721f Hoover Dam
Ranger Jackson 0013d6a1 00000000 Mojave Outpost
Raquel 000ff262 000ff269 Nellis Air Force Base
Raul Tejada Yes Yes Yes 000e60ef 000e6105 Black Mountain
Razz 00104314 00104318 Camp Golf
Ranger Rebecca Lineholm 0011baee 0011baf0 Ranger Station Alpha
Red Lucy Yes 001347d9 00134830 Westside
Regis 00140e70 00140e73 Red Rock Canyon
Reina 000cd231 00084226 Gibson Scrap Yard
Private Renolds 001300f0 00134b9c Techatticup Mine
Rex Yes Yes 00118e71 0010d8df Freeside
Rey 000cd230 00084204 Gibson Scrap Yard
Tech Sergeant Reyes 0010d23d 00120dda Camp Forlorn Hope
Rhonda Temporary 000e84a2 000e84a4 Black Mountain
Rick Lancer 000f47ab 000f47b0 Vault 3
Ringo Yes 00104c7c 00104c7d Crimson Caravan Company
Ringo Yes 00104c7c 00104c7d Goodsprings
Roller 000ece21 000efb52 Monte Carlo Suites
Lieutenant Romanowski 000f05e2 00000000 NCR Sharecropper Farms
Ron the Narrator Cut contentIcon cut.png 00161eb2 00161eb1
Captain Ronald Curtis 000e8994 000f6283 Camp McCarran
Rose of Sharon Cassidy Yes Yes 00133fdd 00135f19 Mojave Outpost
Rotface 0010c683 0010d8e1 Freeside
Doctor Rotson Yes 0015f072 00000000 Hell's Motel
Roy 00113649 0011365d Freeside
Ruby Nash 000e2881 000e2883 Primm
Saint James 000f889b 000f889d Westside
Sammy Weathers 001364c8 001364c5 Cottonwood Cove
Sammy Wins 000e2dcf 000e2f3f Wins hideout
Samuel Cooke 0013e4d6 0013ec00 Vault 19
Samuel Kerr Yes Yes 000e5f36 000e6822 188 Trading Post
Santiago 0010fd30 0010fd34 Freeside
Sarah Weintraub Yes 00116597 00116598 New Vegas Strip
Paladin Sato Yes 00159a9c 00159aa2 Brotherhood of Steel Safehouse
Comm Officer Scheffer 00116b3f 001199a4 Ranger station Delta
Scrambler 0008d0eb 000d7037 NCR Correctional Facility
Scribe Ibsen 0010af1b 000e3488 Hidden Valley
Senior Knight Lorenzo 000a41a3 000a41db Hidden Valley
Sergeant Bitter-Root 000f56fa 000f570d Camp McCarran
Sheriff McBain 000a59ae 00000000 Primm
Silus 000ee688 000f2def Camp McCarran
Silver Rush crier 0013ec2f 0013ef04 Freeside
Simon 00118374 001185d4 Freeside
Siri Yes 0011f9d0 0011fbbd The Fort
Snuffles 000e5e4f 000e5e50 Sloan
Squatter Bill 000f3b86 000f3b8b North Vegas square
Ranger Stella 00137123 00137124 The Fort
Comm Officer Stepinac 0011324e 001271d7 Ranger Station Charlie
Ranger Stevens 00137acf 00137ad0 Hoover Dam
Private Stone 00123cc6 00123cc7 Camp Forlorn Hope
Sunny Smiles Temporary 00104e84 00104e85 Goodsprings
Swank 00113456 00115f07 New Vegas Strip (The Tops)
Sweetie 000f6251 000f6256 Westside
Tabitha 000e60f1 000e61a2 Black Mountain
Head Scribe Lars Taggart 000e2f83 000e2f89 Hidden Valley
Tapper 00123c91 00123c8c Freeside
Ted Gunderson Temporary 0010d4ec 0010d4f0 New Vegas Strip (Ultra-Luxe)
Testacles Cut contentIcon cut.png 00139b8b 00000000
The Forecaster 000e604c 000e684b 188 Trading Post
The King 0010c762 0010d8e0 Freeside
The Lonesome Drifter 0011f9be 0011f9c2 El Dorado Gas & Service
The Tops cashier 00144f32 00144f33 New Vegas Strip (The Tops)
The Tops floor manager 00145f8a 00151ee0 New Vegas Strip (The Tops)
Thomas Hildern 000e8f6b 000e8f67 Camp McCarran
Comm Officer Tilden 00110d89 0015362b Ranger Station Bravo
Tom Anderson 000f1095 000f36ea Westside
Tomas 0010596c 00106516 Nipton
Tommy Torini 001164fc 00000000 New Vegas Strip (The Tops)
Trash 001544b5 00154612 Old Nuclear Test Site
Trent Bascom 000f04ad 000f0a3f NCR Sharecropper Farms
Troike 0010c6f7 0011267c New Vegas Strip (Gomorrah)
Trudy Yes 00104c6c 00104c6d Goodsprings
Private Tyrone 000e7c1b 000e7c1c Primm
Ultra-Luxe floor manager New Vegas Strip (Ultra-Luxe)
Ulysses Cut contentIcon cut.png 00000000 00000000
Doctor Usanagi Yes Yes 000ec7a3 000ed4dd New Vegas Medical Clinic
Vagrant 0014e83c 0014e83d Freeside
Vendortron Yes 000edc34 000f2eaa Gun Runners
Veronica Santangelo Yes Yes 000e32aa 000e32a9 188 Trading Post
Victor Yes Temporary 00103dfd 00103dfe Goodsprings
Violet 000f56fd 000f570b Violet's trailer fort
Violetta 0013e5b9 0013e5bb Violet's trailer fort
Vulpes Inculta 00122b99 001229ba The Fort
Vulpes Inculta 001300e2 0013bf5b Nipton
Vulpes Inculta 00131f77 00131f78 New Vegas Strip
Corporal Walter Hornsby 000fa749 000fb327 Camp McCarran
Walter Phebus 0011e6b6 0011e6b9 New Vegas Strip (Ultra-Luxe)
Wayne 00113648 0011365e Freeside
White Glove greeter 0012baae New Vegas Strip (Ultra-Luxe)
Corporal William Farber Yes 000e8f69 000e8f68 Camp McCarran
Yes Man Yes 001164f9
New Vegas Strip (The Tops)
Yvette 000ed4e9 00000000 Monte Carlo Suites

Dead Money

Name DeadIcon dead.png SpawnedIcon spawn.png EssentialIcon essential.png Plays caravanIcon cards.png DoctorIcon doctor.png MerchantIcon merchant.png RepairIcon repair.png CompanionIcon companion.png Base ID Ref ID Location
Christine Yes xx0012ff xx001307 Sierra Madre
Dean Domino Yes xx0012fe xx001309 Sierra Madre
Dog and God Yes xx001301 xx00e413 xx001306 xx000000 Sierra Madre
Father Elijah xx001300 xx001308 Sierra Madre

Honest Hearts

Name DeadIcon dead.png SpawnedIcon spawn.png EssentialIcon essential.png Plays caravanIcon cards.png DoctorIcon doctor.png MerchantIcon merchant.png RepairIcon repair.png CompanionIcon companion.png Base ID Ref ID Location
Follows-Chalk Temporary xx0094d0 xx0094d1 Angel Cave
Joshua Graham Yes Yes Temporary xx008a39 xx0093be Angel Cave
Two-Bears-High-Fiving xx00f8a9 xx00f8a6 Angel Cave
Ghost of She xx0094ba xx0094bf Ghost Den
Jed Masterson Yes xx009e7b xx009e7c Northern Passage
Ricky xx00f19d xx00f1a5 Northern Passage
Stella xx00f19e xx00f1a4 Northern Passage
Randall Clark Yes Red Gate
Dancing Flame xx00b4d0 xx00b4da Sorrows Burial Mound
Daniel Yes xx008a38 xx0093c2 Sorrows Camp
Waking Cloud Temporary xx009665 xx009666 Sorrows Camp
Salt-Upon-Wounds xx008a3a xx0093d7 Three Marys
White Bird xx0094b9 xx0094c0 White Bird's Cave

Old World Blues

Name DeadIcon dead.png SpawnedIcon spawn.png EssentialIcon essential.png Plays caravanIcon cards.png DoctorIcon doctor.png MerchantIcon merchant.png RepairIcon repair.png CompanionIcon companion.png Base ID Ref ID Location
Dr. 8 xx006874 xx003d43 Big MT
Dr. Borous Big MT
Dr. Dala Big MT
Dr. Klein Big MT
Dr. O Big MT
The Custodian Big MT west tunnel
Construction drone foreman Construction site
Dr. Mobius Forbidden Zone Dome Entrance
The Courier's Brain Yes Forbidden Zone Dome Entrance
Stripe Higgs Village
Super Ego Near Higgs Village
Number 27 Little Yangtze
Number 34 Little Yangtze
Sparks Saturnite alloy research facility
010011110110111001100101 Securitron de-construction plant
Biological research station Yes The Sink
Blind Diode Jefferson Yes The Sink
Book Chute Yes The Sink
Muggy Yes The Sink
Light Switch 01 Yes The Sink
Light Switch 02 Yes The Sink
Sink Yes The Sink
Sink Auto-Doc Yes Yes The Sink
Sink Central Intelligence Unit Yes Yes Yes The Sink
Toaster Yes The Sink
RY-589 Ultimo Bot X-7a "Left Field" artillery launch
Roxie Yes Temporary X-8 research center
Gabe X-8 research center
Dr. Calis Yes X-13 research facility
Ironbelly X-17 meteorological station
Doctor Orderly MD PHD DDS Y-17 medical facility
Shadis Z-9 Crotalus DNA Preservation Lab

Lonesome Road

Name DeadIcon dead.png SpawnedIcon spawn.png EssentialIcon essential.png Plays caravanIcon cards.png DoctorIcon doctor.png MerchantIcon merchant.png RepairIcon repair.png CompanionIcon companion.png Base ID Ref ID Location
Bonesaw Ashton silo control station
Gaius Magnus Yes xx00clf8 Dry Wells
Beast xx0086f3 High Road
ED-E Yes Yes Temporary xx004cda xx004d16 Hopeville Missile Silo Bunker
Royez Yes Long 15
Blister xx00d99a Marked men base
Blade Near Ulysses' Temple
Ulysses Temporary xx003e40 Ulysses' Temple
Bill the tax collector Cut contentIcon cut.png
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