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This page lists all addictions in Fallout: New Vegas.
  • The content is not described in full detail on this page. For details, please see the respective articles.
  • For addictions in other Fallout games, please see "Addiction".
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See? Pretty addictive, right? You do it once, it just makes you want to do it more.

Veronica Santangelo

A variety of new chems were introduced in Fallout: New Vegas. Addiction in Fallout: New Vegas works very similarly to addiction in Fallout 3 in that addiction does not go away after quitting cold turkey. Fallout: New Vegas also makes use to the "usage monitor" system (or UMON), which tracks successive uses of a chem and raises the chance of addiction in accordance. A UMON value of 75 infers an addiction chance by 1%, and a value of 175 raises addiction chance to 100%.

However, addictions may be handled by paying a doctor to remove them or by using the Sink Auto-Doc with the Old World Blues add-on. Alternatively, a new chem called Fixer will provide temporary relief from the symptoms of withdrawal.

Types of addiction


  • Risk is a base chance of addiction per use for alcohol only.
  • UMON is an accumulating chance of addiction for chems. See above for a detailed explanation.
  • Duration is the length of time required to pass without consuming the drug for the accumulated UMON value to be reduced.
Item Class Risk Duration UMON Withdrawal effects
Absinthe Alcohol 10% N/A N/A -1AG, -1CH
Ant nectar Chems 5% 1 hour 20 -2ST
Beer Alcohol 5% N/A N/A -1AG, -1CH
Buffout Chems 10% 30 hours 30 -1EN, -1ST
Coyote tobacco chew Chems 10% 30 hours 30 -1PE, -1CH
Dixon's Jet Chems 50% 30 hours 30 -1AG, -1CH
Dixon's whiskey Alcohol 50% N/A N/A -1AG, -1CH
Hydra Chems 10% N/A N/A -3EN
Irradiated beer Alcohol 5% N/A N/A -1AG, -1CH
Irradiated Scotch Alcohol 10% N/A N/A -1AG, -1CH
Irradiated whiskey Alcohol 10% N/A N/A -1AG, -1CH
Jake Juice Alcohol 10% N/A N/A -1AG, -1CH
Jet Chems 20% 30 hours 30 -1AG, -1CH
Med-X Chems 10% 30 hours 30 -1AG, -1IN
Mentats Chems 5% 30 hours 30 -1IN, -1PE
Moonshine Alcohol 10% N/A N/A -1AG, -1CH
Party Time Mentats Chems 15% 30 hours 30 -1IN, -1PE
Psycho Chems 10% 30 hours 30 -1EN, -1PE
Rebound Cut contentIcon cut.png (uses jet addiction) Chems 20% 30 hours 30 -1AG, -1CH
Rocket Chems 30% 30 hours 30 -1AG, -1CH
Scotch Alcohol 10% N/A N/A -1AG, -1CH
Slasher Chems 20% 30 hours 30 -1EN, -1PE
Steady Chems 80% 30 hours 30 -1ST, -1AG
Turbo Chems 20% N/A N/A -2AG
Ultrajet Chems 20% 48 mins 12 -2AG, -1PE, -1ST
Vodka Alcohol 10% N/A N/A -1AG, -1CH
Whiskey Alcohol 10% N/A N/A -1AG, -1CH
Wine Alcohol 5% N/A N/A -1AG, -1CH


  • Fixer can permanently remove addictions in an unpatched game.
  • Ant nectar addiction used to be incurable due to a bug, but this was fixed in Fallout: New Vegas patch The console command Player.RemoveSpell 0006DC6E will immediately remove the addiction on the PC version.
  • If you attempt to cure hydra addiction, sometimes it will not work.