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Fallon's Department Store
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Map MarkerFallon's Department Store
FactionsFallon's Department Store (defunct)
Super mutants
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TerminalsFallon's Department Store terminals

Fallon's Department Store is a location within West Roxbury, Boston.


One of the largest department stores in Boston, the West Roxbury Fallon's has served a number of purposes throughout the years. From commercial sales, through survivor hideout, to super mutant stronghold in the late 23rd century.



The plaza of the departments store is adjacent to a parking structure that has been turned into a labyrinth of traps. A staircase on the northern wall of the department store has a bridge extending to the third floor of the parking structure, and also continues up to the rooftop of the store.

Ground floor

The departments store opens up to a main plaza with several defunct escalators leading to different floors. Straight ahead to the west is another plaza with a fountain; what used to be a multi-tiered clothing store is on one side, the ground floor of which has a tunnel under the stairs that leads out to the rest of the plaza. The second tier of this shop has a cooking station. On the other side of the fountain is a furniture store. The departments store continues north to some more escalators, some bathrooms and an exit from the store.


The basement is what remains of the jewelery department – a mess of ruined display cases and rubble. Behind the central counter is a Master-locked safe and against the eastern wall is a chemistry station. There is also a button underneath the counter that opens a bookcase on the south side of the room, revealing the vault with six safes (four Advanced-locked and two Master-locked), where an unfortunate woman was trapped and sent out a distress signal after the Great War.

Second floor

Just above the front entrance plaza is a kitchen. With a collapsed floor impeding progress, the floor curves around to the opposite side, past some telephone stations and to a shop dedicated to bathroom furniture. Adjacent to the shop is a Novice-locked storage room containing a Protectron pod, and a novice locked terminal controlling it. The floor continues to a cafe, flanked by some bathrooms are nearby.

Third floor

Above the kitchen on the second floor is what used to be a bar, long since raided for it's liquor supplies. Next to the bar is a smoking lounge. Directly behind the lounge is an "employee's only" area with a ladder leading to the roof.

Notable loot

  • The Megaton Hair addition of La Coiffe is on the center table in the smoking lounge on the third floor.
  • A fusion core is in the rooftop emergency generator.
  • A Stealth Boy is found in the Novice locked dressing room in the western most store on the ground floor.
  • Robot model kit (eyebot) - on a shelf in the "employees only" room containing the Protectron on the second floor.
  • Fallon's storage key in the toolbox in the basement jewelry department vault.


  • There is a dead peeper in the women's bathroom on the first floor.
  • There is a compass glitch when inside the building. If, for example facing west when entering within power armor, upon exiting the compass will point north.



Fallon's Department Store appears only in Fallout 4.