Fallen skybridge

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Fallen skybridge
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Map MarkerFallen Skybridge
Part ofFinancial District
Super mutant
Cell NameGoodneighborExt02
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The fallen skybridge is a location in the Commonwealth.


Gunners and super mutants are battling through the towering office buildings of the Theater District to win the remains of this skybridge.[1] The locale is normally difficult to reach, but the overpass can be accessed through the Ticker Tape Lounge, Hub 360 or Pinnacle Highrise.


This highway overpass hosts a small super mutant camp; on the south side is a structure that leads up to Hub 360, and the north side has another structure leading up to the Pinnacle Highrise. Between the two structures is a lift that leads down to a fire escape between two buildings west of Postal Square.


The fallen skybridge appears only in Fallout 4.


  1. Fallout 4 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide Collector's Edition p.491: "[15.07] FALLEN SKYBRIDGE
    Gunners and Super Mutants are battling through a towering office building for the remains of a skybridge. Reaching this vantage point requires skill, good judgment, and topographical smarts. You’re free to approach from Secondary Location 16: Hub 360 (Theater District), but an easier route is to find one of the following locations:"
    (Fallout 4 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide Map)