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Fallen Rock cave
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Map MarkerFallen Rock Cave
Cell NameNVDLC02EasternVirginSurvivalistCave (interior)
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Fallen Rock Cave is a location in Zion Canyon. It is found across the shallow river from Angel Cave.


Fallen Rock Cave was the first cave inhabited by Randall Clark directly following the Great War. He stayed in the cave for three months before the fallout outside fell to acceptable levels.[1]


One entrance to the cave starts as a small, circular room. There are mines and trip-wires connected to shotgun traps throughout the cave. There are also some boxes of ammunition lying around, often near the rigged shotguns. The traps extend through the entire cave, so be cautious.

Going towards the central Survivalists room at the split leads to more mines and shotgun trip wires; be especially careful of a mine hidden behind a teddy bear as you enter the central room. In boxes and crates are aid items and ammunition. There is also a Compliance Regulator in a crate, a workbench crate and one of the six survivalist hidden caches. There is a terminal with two lengthy diaries on. Going east are more mines and a skeleton with a recharger pistol.

To the very east is an exit to Eastern Virgin with a tripwire and grenade bouquet just before the water. Both exits are close to Angel Cave.

Notable loot

  • The Compliance Regulator located in the Survivalist's main room.
  • One of the six survivalist hidden caches is here.
  • A recharger pistol at a dead end, near the 2 mines and tripwire trap.
  • A workbench crate which has a small random chance of containing up to four skill books.
  • Above at the entrance of the Fallen Rock Cave, a skeleton is lying with duffle bag containing random loot (the skeleton cannot be seen if you look up). To reach that section you need to travel up in the cliffs where you will meet the last pack of bighorners by turning northeast. You will see a hole going down exactly at the entrance of the cave marked on the map.
  • Hollowed-out rock up the slope to the left after crossing the 2nd bridge on way to above description.


  • This is probably one of the first survivalist locations you'll come across. Once cleared of traps, the cave makes a good base of operations while you're playing Honest Hearts, with all three crafting platforms placed right next to each other, and a few containers for storage. However, as with other caves, items stored or dropped here may be deleted on your first trip back to the Mojave after completion of Honest Hearts, so you'll need to clear it out before traveling there.


Fallen Rock Cave appears only in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Honest Hearts.