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F. Scott Key Trail & Campground
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The F. Scott Key Trail & Campground is a camping ground located south of Girdershade and northwest of the Dunwich Building in the Capital Wasteland.


The campground isn't much more than a couple park benches and a small tow-camper, but is of note because it is one of the places where the deathclaw gauntlet schematics can be found. Around the edges of the camp are a few mole rats, robobrains, yao guai, and a couple of deathclaws.

There is not much loot in the camp. What can be seen however are many human remains, most of which are bones. There is a rather rare sight of an infant's remains on the ground by the picnic table right to the east of the trailer next to the scenic overlook sign. This suggests that either a deathclaw or nuclear bombs caused their deaths (which is most likely, as they are charred). West of the trailer are what seem to be deathclaw eggs. Other than that, there are only bits of clutter such as plates, cooking pots, pans, and tin cans.

A wastelander lives in the camper van from where the schematics may be acquired. They will be attacked by the nearby deathclaw and will almost certainly be killed by it, unless the player intervenes. Even then, the wastelander has a very low chance of survival as they only carry a low-leveled melee weapon. Saving them unlocks no dialogue choices, as all they will say is "I have nothing to say to you" upon interaction.

There is a small patch of green grass on the outside of the camp. Whether or not this is intentional is unknown, but it would be one of the few if not only places in the game outside of Oasis where green vegetation can be found. A few steps to the north lie the remains of a small house. The house is hidden behind some rocks and is lying in a hole.

Notable loot

  • Inside a small camper, there is one of the deathclaw gauntlet schematics.
  • One Duck and Cover! skill book can be found in the camp. It is a short way downhill from the camper on top of the central picnic table in the picnic area.



The F. Scott Key Trail & Campground appears only in Fallout 3.

Behind the scenes

  • The name is a reference to Francis Scott Key, the man who wrote the lyrics to The Star-Spangled Banner. Although there is a bridge in Washington D.C. and numerous schools named after him, the campground exists only in Fallout 3.