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Eyebot upgrade circuit board
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Eyebot upgrade circuit boards are a miscellaneous item in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on, Lonesome Road.


Circuit board can be found in broken eyebots through the Divide. These curcuit boards unlock hidden encrypted codes within ED-E. This gives the next rank of the Camarader-E perk to ED-E.

The Camarader-E perk has five levels and each circuit board you collect gives the Courier and/or ED-E a bonus upgrade. Each rank of this perk has a different effect;

  • Rank 1: Once a day, ED-E can repair your currently equipped weapon by 25%.
  • Rank 2: Once a day, ED-E can give a moderate amount of energy and microfusion cells to the player.
  • Rank 3: Both the player and ED-E gain a permanent +2 to Damage Threshold.
  • Rank 4: When using beam weapons (namely laser weapons), an additional 5 points of damage is added to each beam.
  • Rank 5: A raw 5% bonus is added to V.A.T.S. accuracy.


  • Hopeville missile silo bunker - After you return power to the silo, go through the newly opened door. The upgrade is inside of a damaged eyebot in the middle of the walkway.
  • Hopeville Missile Base Headquarters - In the room on the left (with many toppled lockers), in the eyebot under the desk.
  • Ashton missile silo - Inside the locked room along the catwalk from the Level 1 launch deck. To get there, stay on level 1 and go through the medical area. Go through the rear door of the medical area, and turn right. The locked terminal (Science 75) is to the side of the metal door. The circuit board is found in a damaged eyebot.
  • Sunstone Tower roof - Shortly before reaching the warhead blocking the entrance to the Cave of the Abaddon (the second warhead that must be destroyed in this area), look to the right and see the tip of another warhead blocking the top of a pipe. Destroy that, then from the top of the pipe the eyebot is a short distance North-NorthEast.
  • Municipal sewers - The eyebot is at the bottom of a hill in the sewers near the Third Street Municipal Building.


  • Finding all five upgrades for ED-E earns you the ED-Ecated achievement/trophy.
  • It doesn't matter in which order you acquire the circuit boards; each board upgrades the Camarader-E perk once.