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Explosive collar
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The explosive collar is a piece of headwear in Fallout: New Vegas.


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Slave collars have a simple, but deadly design. Encased in five pounds of durable steel is a small explosive charge, a microphone/speaker and a radio wave receiver and transmitter. When remotely triggered, the receiver signals the detonation of the charge, obliterating everything above the neck of the wearer without damaging the surrounding area. The collar's transmitter constantly broadcasts its position and environmental input to the controller, meaning wearers can be constantly monitored and eavesdropped upon.[1][2][3] In addition, the collars are designed to detonate if they are removed without a disarming signal; it takes quite the expert in explosive circuits to get one off without such a signal.[1][4] The collars can even be adjusted to detonate if the outgoing signal of another nearby collar goes silent.[5] However, their simple design can be their downfall: the collars do not have selective radio wave jammers, meaning that rogue background electromagnetic waves can interfere with the receiver and set off the collar.[6][7]

After the war, they have found widespread use among the survivors, usually slavers. However, some also use it for simply ensuring cooperation, such as the Brotherhood of Steel[8] and Father Elijah, without the risk of hostilities.


The collar weighs five pounds and provides a damage threshold of 1. If the Courier wanders outside of Hidden Valley with the collar on, it will detonate and instantly kill them.


The Brotherhood of Steel in Hidden Valley will force the Courier to equip one when they first meet as a way to make sure the Courier does not reveal their location to the enemy (unless the Courier is accompanied by Veronica Santangelo). Mrs. Weathers and her two children, Kenny and Sammy in Cottonwood Cove are also equipped with them.


  • Spawning this item in the console then fast traveling to another location will cause your head to explode instantly after the loading sequence. This will happen even if you are not equipped with the collar.
    • Giving the collar to a companion will still kill you.


  • When the collar is equipped during Still In The Dark, the Jury Rigging perk can be used with the Explosive Collar to fully repair any amount of headgear without removing the collar.


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