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Game tile Fallouit Shelter.png

The exploration log.

Exploring is an assignment you can give in Fallout Shelter. It sends out the selected Vault dweller out into the hostile wasteland to scavenge for supplies.


Sending Dwellers on excursion to the Wasteland will allow them to find outfits, weapons, and, of course, caps. The longer a Dweller survives in the Wasteland, the better gear they will find.

Dwellers with high SPECIAL stats have a much better chance of surviving and finding helpful items out in the Wasteland. Before you send a Dweller on an excursion, make sure you equip them adequately with outfits and weapons and items. Outfits increase their statistics and ability to survive, weapons improve their chance to defeat enemies, while Stimpaks and RadAway ensure that they can heal damage and remove any radiation they absorb. If a dweller dies while on an excursion, you can revive him at a significant cost in caps.

Dwellers sent outside of the Vault to explore the Wasteland, are removed from the current Vault roster and made for assignment until they return. The Vault dweller logs their travels and experiences as they go, allowing you real time monitoring. You can recall the dweller at any time, though they will take half the time they were exploring to return to the Vault and bring back the spoils of their excursion. Dweller does not suffer damage or radiation when returning from the Wasteland.

How S.P.E.C.I.A.L Attributes Affect Exploring

In Fallout Shelter, each SPECIAL attribute has a unique positive effect on how each vault dweller performs while exploring the wasteland. The following list contains the effects that come with each attribute.

Attribute Effects
S Strength Increased Strength gives a dweller a better chance to open locked things and inflict more damage.
P Perception Increased Perception increases the chance of a dweller finding better items.
E Endurance Increased Endurance results in your dweller taking less damage in fights, and able to sustain more radiation.† It is also a necessary statistic for working in the Nuka-Cola room.
C Charisma Increased Charisma increases the chance of your dweller being able to meet non-hostile people in the wasteland who can give them free supplies.
I Intelligence Higher Intelligence increases the chance of your dweller being able to help people and be rewarded.
A Agility Increased Agility increases a dwellers chance of running away from enemies that are too strong to fight, resulting in less damage taken. It also indicates how quickly they return fire when in combat of any kind.
L Luck Increased Luck results in dwellers finding caps more frequently and in larger quantities, as well as increasing the number of critical hits.

† An Endurance level of 11 or higher (by using gear) results in negative radiation levels and thus removes the need of RadAway.

Fixed-time events

Certain events occur only after exploring for a certain amount of time. These events occur within a 15 minutes window of their trigger time.[1]

Time Event Success
00:00 Fugitive Slave 10 25 1
00:00 Broadcast Tower 25 norm 1 1
00:15 Raiders 35 norm 1 1
00:30 Wounded Sheriff 20 30 2
00:30 Refrigerator 55 norm 3 2
00:45 Abandoned Shack 45 norm
01:15 Travelling Goul 30 40 3 1
01:15 Locked safe 65 norm 4 3
02:30 Wandering Merchant 1 40 50 4 1
02:30 Super Duper Mart 75 rare 5 3
05:00 Talon Company Mercs 50 65 4 2
05:00 Escaped Slaves 85 rare
10:00 Hunter Help 60 80
15:00 Liberate Slave Camp 95 norm
20:00 Drunken Drifter 70 100
20:00 Gas Station 105 rare
30:00 Abandoned Diner 115 rare
40:00 Lost Farmer 90 155
60:00 National Guard Depot 125 rare
75:00 Wandering Merchant 2 80 125
75:00 Mr. Handy 100 195