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Experimentation lab
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Part ofMothership Zeta
Connects toBiological research
Weapons lab
QuestsThis Galaxy Ain't Big Enough...
Cell NameDLC05ExLab03
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The experimentation lab is a location on board Mothership Zeta.


The experimentation lab is located between the weapons lab and the biological research areas of Mothership Zeta. It mostly contains harmless alien workers who will simply run from you, a few hostile aliens, and abominations.

Based on the name of this area, the captive recordings found here, the odd machinery, and the number of abominations in holding cells at the end, this must be where the aliens are creating the abominations as part of some scientific experiment on human anatomy.

This level is easily navigated and completed. For the most part you will be heading northwest and west. Eventually you enter a room with a generator. The forcefield impeding your way to biological research will dissipate if you destroy the generator. You may then continue westward to biological research.


A healing archway is located in the room to the left, just before you enter the generator room.

Notable loot


  • This is one of many areas of the ship that will not be accessible after the player has completed This Galaxy Ain't Big Enough....
  • It's possible to lock yourself in one of the side rooms by opening the door using the door controls, going through, and using it to close the doors. If you try to re-open the doors, you'll get a message "This object is activated from somewhere else". Somewhere else being on the other side of the door.


Experimentation lab only appears in the Fallout 3 add-on Mothership Zeta.