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Excavated muck holes
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Map MarkerNone (nearest: trash heap, flooded sinkhole, and jet crash site)
QuestsAntique Land
Cell Name00hole01
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The excavated muck holes are unmarked locations in the Fallout 3 add-on Point Lookout.


The excavated muck holes are the result of the pre-War Bysshe Company research team researching the energy potential for bio-gas. Each muck hole is abandoned, with gas pockets and mild radiation, and contains the soil sample holotape. Be advised if you are partial to flame based weapons, merely stepping into a pocket of gas while equipped with the flamer, Shishkebab, or various other flame weapons, with it drawn, will cause the gas to ignite, setting you on fire. Likewise, drawing such a weapon while standing in gas will also cause it to ignite.


Muck hole #1

The first excavated muck hole is north of the trash heap. Inside there is a desk with a few items on it, notably soil survey tape #1, 2 bio-gas canisters, a fission battery and a advanced radiation suit. Outside the muck hole is a destroyed shack surrounded by a muck pool.

Muck hole #2

The second excavated muck hole is southeast of the flooded sinkhole. Inside there is soil survey tape #2, a fission battery and a footlocker containing three bio-gas canisters and a stimpak. Outside the muck hole there is a desk, a couple feral ghouls and a muck pool.

Muck hole #3

The third excavated muck hole is northwest of the jet crash site. Inside there is soil survey tape #3, an axe, two bio-gas canisters, and 2 stimpaks. Outside muck hole 3 is a destroyed shack with a table and a ham radio.


The excavated muck holes appear only in the Fallout 3 add-on Point Lookout.