Event: Uranium Fever

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Event: Uranium Fever
F76 Event Uranium Fever.png
Event data
LocationBlackwater Mine
  • 300 experience points
  • 40 caps
  • Six counts of nuclear material
  • Random weapon, item, mod, plan, ammo, or consumable
  • 15% chance for a legendary item
Editor IDMTNS06_Uranium_Misc

Event: Uranium Fever is a event in Fallout 76.


There's an Auto-Foreman at Blackwater Mine waiting for someone to report for duty at the Uranium Extractor facility. The Blackwater Mine extractor system is up and running, but it has stirred up the mine's inhabitants into a frenzy. The extraction units need to be protected while they do their job.


  • A defense event where players face off against waves of mole miners! The rewards received depend on the amount of uranium extracted by the miners before the event either ends or the timer elapses. The rewards in the infobox are if players successfully complete the event with the maximum amount of uranium extracted. As the three extractors are spread out around the mountain and are under constant attack by miners, the players are best served by working in teams or by ensuring they have a lot of steel stockpiled, as damaged extractors require 10 steel to be repaired.