Event: The Path to Enlightenment

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Event: The Path to Enlightenment
F76 Landview Path to Enlightenment.png
Event data
LocationThe Forest
  • 200 experience points
  • 30 caps
  • Nuclear material
  • Random weapon, item, mod, plan, ammo, or consumable
  • 15% chance for a legendary item
  • Wisdom of Mothman: +5% XP for an hour (after communing)
Editor IDFFZ10_Light
Base ID00187531

Event: The Path to Enlightenment is a event in Fallout 76.


Brother Moncrief tried to summon the Mothman by lighting the Old Lighthouse lamp. His plan to use the bioluminescent fluid from the fireflies might have succeeded had he not succumbed to his wounds.


  • To start the event, go to Landview Lighthouse
  • You will be required to collect bioluminescent fluid. It can be found on the corpses of fireflies and radtoads which will spawn in great numbers around the immediate area
  • transport the bioluminescent fluid to the lighthouse to complete the event
  • upon completion, the player will find a wise Mothman perched outside the lighthouse which they can “commune (interact)” with to receive the Wisdom of the Mothman perk for a short time.