Event: Tea Time

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Event: Tea Time
F76 Huge Teapot.png
Event data
LocationThe Giant Teapot
Editor IDFFZ17_TeaTime

Event: Tea Time is a event in Fallout 76.


Sweetwater, the robotic caretaker of the Giant Teapot, is preparing a tea party. Vault 76 dwellers are invited to participate (and defend it from ornery creatures who do not like the machines working and disturbing the peace).


  • This is a defense event. Players have to protect three locations: The water tower pipe, the secondary intake pipe, and the boilers, from three waves of monsters that spawn. Mines are recommended, as the low-level creatures spawn en masse and cluster around the targets, making them relatively easy to destroy. Once the water boils to the right level - as the third wave is eliminated - the event completes and grants delicious tea.