Event: Race for the Presidency

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Event: Race for the Presidency
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Collect the Presidential Seal

Event: Race for the Presidency is a event in Fallout 76.


Although Secretary-come-President Thomas Eckhart is long dead, the hacked voting system he used to engineer his rise to the Presidency remains active and operational. The Vault 76 dwellers can elect to replicate the process and become the most powerful man on the cinder called Appalachia.


  • (Event not in current game version) The event is essentially a race across Appalachia, to collect ballots and endorsements from any active site. As expected, the player with the highest number of ballots deposited in the vote counter machines wins. The alterations made by Eckhart's men rigged the system to print ballots automatically, after all, and for the counters to accept any valid vote. The endorsements are a special element of the "election" - while they are located away from polling stations, they are worth a large number of votes.
Election results
  • The election terminates after the timer elapses and the player with the highest number of votes becomes the next President. At this point, all they need to do is to Collect the Presidential Seal.