Event: Project Paradise

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Event: Project Paradise
F76 Arktos Pharma Underground 4.png
Event data
LocationArktos Pharma
If one animal survives
If two animals survive
If three animals survive
Editor IDSFS09_Habitat

We're using Formula Q, my all-natural solution to Project Paradise. No one was harmed in the making of this formula!

Event: Project Paradise is a event in Fallout 76.


The cavernous artificial biomes beneath Arktos Pharma are full of challenges and dangers, will the dwellers be able to brave them and safely come out with loot? More importantly, will they aid the apparently rogue AI in completing the pre-War Project Paradise and come up with a new formula to fulfill its original mission? There's only one way to find out!


  • This is a high level event available in the underground of Arktos Pharma, featuring high level robots, critters, and other enemies. The area is accessible at the back of the Arktos Pharma lobby, in the right-hand elevator.
  • The first step is to initialize the experiment when prompted by ARIC-4. When initialized, the event requires players to fill each of the feeding troughs in each of the three habitats with something "appropriately tasty". That means:
  • Players have five minutes to fill the feeding troughs (pipe-like contraptions roughly in the center of each habitat, in Arktos' ocean green and white livery). Each of the creature types will continue to spawn incessantly, allowing players to amass dozens of units. It's recommended to pack the troughs chock full, as the more feed is deposited, the stronger the creatures attracted. Once the time elapses, a creature will spawn in each of the biomes:
    • Yao guai in habitat A.
    • xx in habitat B.
    • xx in habitat C.
  • Now comes the difficult part. The friendly creatures will come under attack from three successive waves of aggressive animals trying to kill the attracted friendly creature (a little side-effect of the formula). Players need to keep them alive as long as possible. The Event culminates in a single alpha predator spawning. Once killed, the event ends successfully.
  • Due to the nature of the objectives in the event, it's best to bring a team along, to meet all the objectives and pack the troughs with food.