Event: Primal Cuts

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Event: Primal Cuts
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LocationThe Forest
Editor IDE02A_Meat_Hunt
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Event: Primal Cuts is a seasonal event in Fallout 76, organized by none other than Grahm and Chally. It's paired with Event: Grahm's Meat Cook.


Everyone’s favorite wandering vendor, Grahm, has prepared a Meat Week, a celebration of meat and its dishes. As this is Grahm, humans are invited as guests, rather than the prime course. To get the party started, the Vault 76 dwellers have to first get some meat for Grahm to cook.


  • The quest stars at Grahm's meat spot every 15 minutes, appearing in three separate locations across Appalachia:
    • The Forest: Northeast of the Green Country Lodge.
    • Toxic Valley: North of the Black Bear Lodge.
    • The Ash Heap: North of Welch.
    • Savage Divide: East of Pleasant Valley Station.
    • The Mire: South of Mosstown.
    • Cranberry Bog: Northeast of Watoga, between the Veiled Sundew Grove and Cranberry Glade.
  • Once players reach the spot, they can gather Prime Meat from giant creatures. The first step is to make noise to attract Prime Beasts.
  • Once the beasts start coming, players will have to defeat a total of four waves, culminating in the appearance of a giant Prime Beast. The beasts are:
    • Forest: Wolf and Yao Guai
    • Toxic Valley: Radtoad and Snallygaster
    • Ash Heap: Radscorpion and Cave Cricket
    • Savage Divide: Yao Guai and Honey Beast
    • Mire: Radtoad and Glowing Gulper
    • Cranberry Bog: Radscorpion and Fog Crawler
  • The final beast needed to complete the hunt is a:
    • Forest: Deathclaw, rewarding 3 Prime Meat
    • Toxic Valley: Grafton Monster, rewarding 3 Prime Meat
    • Ash Heap: Sheepsquatch, rewarding 4 Prime Meat
    • Savage Divide: Hermit Crab, rewarding 4 Prime Meat
    • Mire: Mirelurk Queen, rewarding 5 Prime Meat
    • Cranberry Bog: Behemoth, rewarding 5 Prime Meat
  • Once the hunt is over, the player simply has to drop the meat received as a reward for completing the event off at Grahm's cooking spot during Event: Grahm's Meat Cook in return for legendary scrip.