Event: Patrol Duty

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Event: Patrol Duty
F76 Patrol Duty.png
Event data
LocationEastern Regional Penitentiary
  • 250 experience points
  • 30 caps
  • Random ranged weapon recipe (Toxic Valley)
  • Random weapon, item, mod, plan, ammo, or consumable
  • 15% chance for a legendary item
Editor IDTW043
Base ID0005a243

Event: Patrol Duty is a event in Fallout 76.


At Eastern Regional Penitentiary, an announcement said that a security patrol will be sent out soon. Dwellers should report to the warden if they want to join the patrol.


  • An escort quest. Players are expected to protect the patrol bot as it makes the rounds. There are two patrol routes:
    • Route 1 takes the bot through Cell Blocks A, B, and the yard.
    • Route 2 goes from the exercise yard, through solitary confinement, to Cell Block D.
  • Halfway through each route, the patroller will stop to download security data and activate a fleet of Police Protectrons to follow you.