Event: One Violent Night

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Event: One Violent Night
F76 One Violent Night.png
Event data
LocationSavage Divide
Wendigo was killed with regular weapons
Wendigo was killed unarmed
Editor IDMTNS04_Misc
Base ID0030e9e8

Event: One Violent Night is a event in Fallout 76.


The Sons of Dane Paramilitary Compound was besieged by a beast they call the Nightstalker every night, until it wiped them all out. They seemed to know how to draw it to them. Dwellers could follow in their footsteps, draw the beast out, and set up an ambush to try to kill it.


  • Players can lure out the Nightstalker with loud music and kill it. Killing it without weapons provides a greater reward across the board. As the Nightstalker is a high level wendigo, this is easier said than done.