Event: Line in the Sand

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Event: Line in the Sand
F76 Event Line in the Sand.png
Event data
LocationFort Defiance
Editor IDBoSr01

Event: Line in the Sand is a event in Fallout 76.


The Brotherhood in Appalachia may have failed and Defiance may have fallen, but the automated systems continue to wage the seemingly losing battle against the scorchbeasts. The Vault 76 dwellers can continue the fight, maintaining the sonic generator and ASAM to kill the scorchbeasts and save Appalachia.


  • The event takes place in the Fort Defiance courtyard and focuses on killing scorchbeasts and Scorched who rush to attack the sonic generator and ASAM. To start the event once it's active, players need to access the control computer on the back of the ASAM and initiate pre-op checks. Once they're complete, the event starts. The ASAM will be the target of swarms of Scorched supported by a scorchbeasts in each wave. The goal is to kill all attackers - and survive.
  • The ASAM is the single most powerful asset the players have and it should be kept online around the clock. It fires accurate high explosive missiles in volleys that are enough to clear out both scorched and their masters (despite the name, it's an equal opportunity devastator). Particularly on lower levels, as it's the single best bet of taking down the scorchbeasts. Kills made by the ASAM are credited to all players, so looping around and checking both the generator and the ASAM is recommended.
  • The event completes once every target is dead. If it doesn't, there are likely scorched hiding behind the pillars or fortifications.
  • Notably, the event is a reliable way of gathering commendations for Officer on Deck (one commendation per scorchbeast kill).