Event: Jail Break

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Event: Jail Break
Event data
LocationEastern Regional Penitentiary
  • 300 experience points
  • 40 caps
  • Random armor mod
  • Random weapon, item, mod, plan, ammo, or consumable
  • 15% chance for a legendary item
Editor IDTW008
Base ID003df3ff

Event: Jail Break is a event in Fallout 76.


Mad Dog Malone's Gang is trying to break him out of Eastern Regional Penitentiary. The dwellers are asked to help keep the monstrous mobster menace contained.


  • In order to protect the prison, players will have to repair turrets located on the prison's rooftops to prevent Mad Dog Malone from escaping and then withstand five waves of attackers. If any manage to detonate the bomb, the event fails.