Event: It's a Trap

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Event: It's a Trap
F76 Event Its A Trap.png
Event data
LocationRandom location at The Mire, The Ash Heap, or Cranberry Bog
Editor IDFSS01_Trap
Base ID00304a39

Event: It's a Trap is a event in Fallout 76.


The Scorchbeast detector has gone off, reporting an attack. The dwellers need to lure the Scorchbeast to the marked location and trap it so that it is grounded, at least for a while.


  • The event requires players to first activate the lure, then kill the scorchbeast once it's on the scene and trapped. Notably, the trap will keep the beast grounded, making it easier to take out than fighting it as it flies above the ground. Killing the scorchbeast completes the event, although any additional scorched or scorchbeasts will remain for the player to deal with.