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Event: Heart of the Swamp
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Event data
LocationThe Mire
Editor IDSFS08_Heart
Base ID00093187

Attention! This here's Raleigh Clay on a priority message recording. A Strangler Heart's been picked up in the vicinity and its vine-infested creatures won't be far behind. To anyone listening, take down that Heart before it controls too many creatures and things get out of hand!

Raleigh Clay

Event: Heart of the Swamp is a event in Fallout 76.


The dwellers have received a priority message about a Strangler Heart being detected in the Mire. They need to do what they can to destroy it before it can overwhelm the area with its vine-infested creatures.


  • A difficult type of assault event. Destroying the Strangler Heart is a challenge, as not only does it periodically clam up, it will summon waves of reinforcements and once its health drops low enough, it will promptly retaliate by summoning a special mirelurk queen. Bring plenty of healing items and high damage weapons to keep hammering the monster. The event is not over until both the heart and the queen have been eliminated - permanently.