Event: Grahm's Meat Cook

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Event: Grahm's Meat Cook
Event data
LocationThe Forest
  • Caps and experience
Bad performance
Good performance
Random spawns for good and best
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Event: Grahm's Meat Cook is a seasonal event in Fallout 76, organized by none other than Grahm and Chally. It's paired with Event: Primal Cuts.


Everyone’s favorite wandering vendor, Grahm, has prepared a Meat Week, a celebration of meat and its dishes. As this is Grahm, humans are invited as guests, rather than the prime course. Notably, Grahm doesn't have a lot of experience with social gatherings, but the dwellers can help him throw a great party by keeping the camp clean, the guests fed, and the mood festive.


  • This event focuses on the cookout itself. As Grahm is working the grill - haphazardly so - players will have to help him keep it clean and welcoming.
  • The event begins every hour on the hour and is announced by a server-wide notification. The cookout spot is just north-west of Moonshiner's shack and close to Vault 76.
  • Completing the event requires the players to:
    • Add Prime Meat received during Event: Primal Cuts to the fires near the cooking station (1 legendary scrip per piece of meat).
    • Craft food for Chally using Recipe: Chally's Feed and add it to the feed pile near the platform.
    • Cleaning up leftovers (rotten leftovers), Chally's dump piles (Chally's stinky piles), and extinguishing brush fires caused by Grahm's cooking. These are as simple as interacting with them.
    • Playing instruments (the three drums) continuously. Players can AFK while doing it.
    • Rotating the three meat spits continuously (AFK permitted as well).
    • Adding items to the various interactables at the camp:
      • Critter chunks to the snack cart.
      • Greens to the cooler (in the tent marked Give; the greens can be found by the drums).
      • Wood scraps to the woodpile near the cooking station. Stocking up before the event is recommended.
  • The better the players perform, the greater the chance for them to receive special loot. Depending on their performance (tracked on the HUD, showing a chicken drumstick, a ham, and a steak, indicating the three different performance levels).
  • Adding Prime Meat to the fires will result in the Meat Sweats special effect: Hunger does not decay, maximum hit points are increased by 1, and damage taken may result in gaseous discharge.