Event: Fly Swatter

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Event: Fly Swatter
F76 Fly Swatter.png
Fly, swatted
Event data
LocationThe Ash Heap
  • 150 experience points
  • 30 caps
  • 3 counts of random aluminum count
  • Random weapon, item, mod, plan, ammo, or consumable
  • 15% chance for a legendary item
Editor IDFFZ16_Swatter
Base ID00029183

Callin' all Fire Breathers! Larkin here, and I've got a priority alert for you. We picked up another one of them automated Survey Vertibots out in the Ash Heap. Those things are great for salvage, but you'll need to hit it hard an' fast if you're goin' to knock it down. The noise also tends to attract unwanted attention, so watch your backs. Good luck, an' try not to get killed.

Melody Larkin

Event: Fly Swatter is a event in Fallout 76.


An automated survey Vertibot has been spotted in the Ash Heap region. If the dwellers can destroy it before it leaves the area, they can claim valuable salvage from the wreckage.


  • Fancy taking down a Vertibot? Bring some high damage weapons with armor piercing magazines or legendary effects for this big game hunting event.