Event: Fasnacht Day

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Event: Fasnacht Day
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Join the fun during the Fasnacht Day parade and earn a chance at a festive mask!

Event: Fasnacht Day is a event in Fallout 76. It is a time-limited seasonal event that takes place between March 19 and March 25 in Helvetia.


The traditional Fasnacht celebration in Helvetia is kept alive despite humans going locally extinct, by robots and the Vault 76 dwellers can help make it happen.

Fasnacht is the traditional celebration of the beginning of Lent, the last indulgence before fasting begins. It originates in Christian communities from the Swabian-Allemanic cultural circle, and was brought to Helvetia by the Swiss immigrants who settled the village.


  • This seasonal event is started by talking to the Master of Ceremonies floating through Helvetia while the event is active. It will direct players to help with the preparations for the parade by locating the Fasnacht marchers (Protectrons) and completing their tasks, so that they can take part in the parade.
  • There are five Protectrons needed for the parade, out of seven scattered in buildings around Helvetia:
    • Merry Woodsman stands before the church and requires 50 units of wood, so that the effigy of Old Man Winter can be set up by him.
    • Jubilant Decorator is found in the large red barn in the center and requires aid in decorating it. 4 decorations need to be hung up.
    • Joyous Musician can be found at the stage opposite of Freyja's Haus and requires simply playing an instrument at the stage.
    • Convival Librarian is found at the museum, the small barn-type building near the western end and will ask for 10 porcelain steins to be delivered for analysis.
    • Gleeful Butcher will require 12 intestines to fill out its ice box. These are dropped by critters that helpfully spawn all over Helvetia.
    • Happy Candlemaker is inside the post office and will require 10 beeswax from the hives of the Haus.
    • Cheerful Beekeper is inside the Honey Haus and will ask for wiping out the honey beasts that took residence among the hives.
    • Jolly Baker is inside Freyja's Haus restaurant and will ask for 20 eggs for the pantry, found by the stream.
  • Once a task is completed, the Protectron will move to the center of the town and replace its dome with a Fasnacht mask. After all five are gathered, the Master of Ceremonies will float over and start the parade. The parade moves down Pickens Road over to Freyja's Haus, where it is attacked by a swarm of radtoads. After these are dispatched, it moves over the wooden bridge towards the Cheese Haus, stopping in the center of the field as super mutants and suiciders swarm it. Finally, just as the parade reaches the church, a horde of stingwings and wolves attacks.
  • Players need to keep at least one marcher alive to be able to complete the event. The parade terminates before the church, where the final objective is to light the bonfire to shoo Old Man Winter away.
  • The event grants a random mask upon completion. Further masks can be obtained by completing it repeatedly or bartering with other players. All players also receive a randomised Fasnacht themed recipe or plan.


Additionally, players can also receive the Fasnacht Beret, Fasnacht Tyrolean Hat, and recipes for various Fasnacht-themed items.