Event: Dogwood Die Off

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Event: Dogwood Die Off
F76 Aerosolizers.png
Event data
LocationBecker Farm
Editor IDTWZ09
Base ID00088a9a

Event: Dogwood Die Off is a event in Fallout 76.


Grafton's mayor has asked the Vault 76 dwellers to save the bleach dogwoods by spreading fertilizer using the farm aerosolizers.


  • The event requires players to find and repair three aerosolizers around the farms in the Toxic Valley (Becker farm, Graninger farm, and Smith farm) , to save the plants from succumbing to the polluted environment. If damaged, aerosolizers need to be repaired first (4 aluminum, 5 gear, 2 spring, and 1 circuitry) and then loaded with the fertilizers. Note that the event only accepts junk fertilizer, not raw fertilizer. Spare bags are provided at marked locations in the Toxic Valley (eg. on top of the lookout tower at the Pioneer Scout camp).