Event: Distant Thunder

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Event: Distant Thunder
Event data
LocationCranberry Bog
  • 350 experience points
  • 25 caps
  • Random weapon, ammo, aid item, plan, mod, or weapon
  • Random power armor crafting recipe
  • 15% chance for a legendary item drop
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Base ID0031307f

Event: Distant Thunder is a quest in Fallout 76.


The Artillery Battery at Fort Defiance is online and has Scorched targets available. A forward observer needs to go and use a recon scope to mark the targets for the artillery.


  • The quest is available at any time in the Cranberry Bog. Despite the fact that it states the player should mark the targets with a recon scope, completing it doesn't require any special gear and can be done manually: Just wipe out the horde of scorched monsters using whatever methods are available. The artillery simply makes completion faster.

Behind the scenes

  • In early versions, the event required that the player craft a special Brotherhood Recon Rifle at Fort Defiance. At the present, it can be completed using any recon scope.