Event: Breach and Clear

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Event: Breach and Clear
F76 Breach and Clear.png
Event data
LocationThe Ash Heap
Editor IDMTR05_Mother_Breach
Base ID0006a378

Event: Breach and Clear is a quest in Fallout 76.


Clear enemies from the work site, then loot. However, an old friend may make an appearance...


  • A timed smash-and-grab event. The Motherlode makes an appearance at a Hornwright test site and will start opening containers for collection. Enemies - typically mole miners - will also start attacking the great machine, seeking the bounty. As players fight off the attackers, they gain access to more lockers. Generally available ones will have a green light, while those reserved for players who completed The Motherlode will have an orange light and require Hornwright's executive ID to unlock. After opening all containers, the Motherlode will signal a last call for collection and then retreat underground.