Event: Battle Bot

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Event: Battle Bot
Event data
LocationMount Blair Trainyard
Editor IDMTR10_Battle
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Warning. Warning. Unauthorized presence detected near Mount Blair Trainyard. Rioting will not be tolerated. Hornwright Mining company protection protocols have been engaged; security units on site. All unauthorized personnel are advised to immediately leave the area or else risk dire consequences. This will be your only warning.

Event: Battle Bot is a quest in Fallout 76.


The Dwellers found a pre-war bunker used for housing the Hornwright Mining company's security robot. If they want to shut this all down, they'll need to get the keycards off Mr. Gutsy Robots...


  • The players encounter a Hornwright sentry bot guarding one of the storage bunkers. Taking care of it can be achieved in two ways: Destroying it outright or tracking down and taking out two Mr Gutsies, which carry the keycards to the master shutdown panels. After the panels are activated, hitting the shutdown button deactivates the sentry bot.