Event: Back on the Beat

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Event: Back on the Beat
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Event: Back on the Beat is a quest in Fallout 76.


To cope with the deteriorating situation, the Responders have rebuilt a Protectron to serve as the law in Morgantown. Although the Responders are gone, the Vault 76 dwellers can power up Steelheart and help him patrol the streets of Morgantown and gain access to Responder stash rooms.


  • The event takes place in the streets of Morgantown. Steelheart recharges in the bot shop set up by Kumar and an automated radio broadcast announces that it is ready for its patrol routine. The players simply have to keep the bot alive as it completes its rounds around the three stash locations and defend it from attacks by local ornery wildlife. Steelehart will also open the stash rooms, allowing players to pilfer the contents within.