Event: Always Vigilant

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Event: Always Vigilant
F76 Rover.png
Event data
LocationAny relay tower
Editor IDFSS02_Vigilant
Base ID000a73dc

Event: Always Vigilant is a quest in Fallout 76.


One of Abbie's pre-recorded alerts went off, notifying the dwellers that the communications uplink repair robot known as Rover has been damaged. They need to find and repair him at the Relay Tower, then protect it while it finishes his work repairing the communications uplink for the Scorched Detection System.


  • The event becomes available after activating the SDS. The defense quest requires players to defend Rover for about five minutes. It will say seven lines in total, before completing the quest (helps keep track of time passage).
  • Afterwards, rebooting the system at the relay station's main console completes the event.