Event: AWOL Armaments

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Event: AWOL Armaments
Event data
LocationCranberry Bog, RobCo Research Center
  • 40 caps + 40 caps
  • Random ammunition, aid, armor, mod, or weapon.
  • Random Cranberry Bogrecipe.
  • Random armor mods.
  • 15% chance for a legendary item
Editor IDCBZ13_Robots
Base ID0052bdf7

Event: AWOL Armaments is a quest in Fallout 76.


A swarm of military grade robots is AWOL: Absent without leave. The Sergeant Gutsy needs them back and the dwellers can aid. Once the recall is initiated, the Sergeant Gutsy will power down to conserve energy. And they'll need to deal with the waves of returning military robots who are dangerous and hostile.


  • A typical survival scenario. Players face off against three waves of military-grade robots, with each wave captained by a boss robot. Pack weapons with extra anti-robotic power!